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RNMG Ch. 35


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Si Huang was driving when the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.

She took it out with one hand and looked at it, only to realize that it was Dou Jun’s cell phone, which had not been thrown away. The caller ID on the phone turned out to be Dou Wenqing.

The vibration ended after three beeps, and then a message jumped out.

“You’re not Dou Jun, who are you.”

Two seconds later, another message came.

“Let’s talk.”

The phone vibrated again, Si Huang’s response was to open the car window, and then Dou Jun’s phone became a parabola and fell into the river below the overpass.

She didn’t expect Dou Wenqing to call at this time, but it didn’t affect her mood. As for why Dou Wenqing knew that the mobile phone was not in Dou Jun’s own hands, she also knew – she had seen Dou Jun’s reaction to Dou Wenqing in her previous life, and he didn’t dare to neglect Dou Wenqing at all. If the other party called, he would answer in seconds for sure.

The phone rang again.

Si Huang parked the car in the suburbs and took out her cell phone. She thought it was Yu Xi calling to urge her to go home, but…

Seeing the display of the word ‘brother’ which she had not had time to change, Si Huang silently pressed the answer button, with a corner of her mouth raised.


“Where are you?”

“What’s the matter?”

“I’ll pick you up.”

Si Huang looked outside, this place was already outside the suburbs, and there were no taxis here at all on weekdays. She reported her location without hesitation after two seconds. Qin Fan’s still calm and low voice came through her mobile phone, “Wait, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Si Huang heard him say these words, and they were accompanied by the restless sound of the engine, “No hurry, drive carefully.” This sentence was blurted out, and even Si Huang was stunned for a while, but then she felt that the other party seemed to be stunned and silent as well, so she laughed out loud.

In an army green off-road vehicle a few kilometers away, Qin Fan’s ears were shaking, and his face was a little unnaturally tense. The kid’s laughter… Really, he didn’t know what to say.

If he hadn’t been driving, he would have wanted to scratch his ears. Hearing the laughter made his ears ticklish, and it went all the way to his heart.

“Don’t worry.” He switched hands to drive.

“Yeah.” Si Huang replied lightly. Then put down the phone, went to adjust the car seat, and lied on her back.

“What are you doing?” A subtle voice came out of the phone, and if it wasn’t for Si Huang’s enhanced hearing, she probably wouldn’t have been able to hear it. She picked up the phone again in surprise, “You didn’t hang up?” Under normal circumstances, it was time to hang up.

The man who put on earphones to prepare for a long chat was silently injured.

Si Huang smiled dumbly, put the phone next to her ear and continued to lie down, as she said lazily, “What do you want to say?”

“I want to hear you.”


Qin Fan’s next explanation came, “Listening to you, I’m comfortable.”

Fortunately, Si Huang understood what he meant, if others listened to what he said, they would only slander him more and more.

“How about a reward for letting me chat?” Si Huang said indifferently.

“What do you want?” Even though his voice was as low and crisp as always, Si Huang seemed to hear a hint of doting in it, so she chuckled to herself and thought that she was thinking too much, “I registered a company, but I am still a minor, so the process is a bit slow.”


Qin Fan agreed too quickly, Si Huang did not suspect that he was perfunctory, and smiled faintly: “What else do you want to talk about?” If you get paid, you should be dedicated.

However, when she asked this question, there was no sound from over there, nor did he hang up the phone. Qin Fan didn’t take the initiative to hang up, and Si Huang just hung with him but didn’t take the initiative to pick up topics. It was clear that there was nothing to say, and the sound of another person’s breathing could be heard faintly in his ears, but there was no one really around him. It was a wonderful experience.

“Dong Dong——”

Si Huang opened her eyes in confusion and saw Qin Fan’s cold face outside the window.

His face softened after meeting Si Huang’s eyes, and he mouthed, “Open the door.”

Si Huang realized that she had just fallen asleep, and rolled down the window, “So fast.”

Qin Fan frowned, “If you want to sleep, you should open the window to let some air out, and don’t sleep in the car in the suburbs when you are alone.”

Si Huang also knew that she had done something wrong, and that she was careless, so she said casually, “I knew you were coming. Ah.”

Qin Fan: “…” His heart seemed to be pierced again, and it was stuffy and itchy.

Si Huang didn’t notice the change in his expression, and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll take care of this car.” After getting out of the car, she used the car key to control the expensive sports car to rush to the riverside not far away.

“I said, don’t do bad things at night.” Qin Fan said from behind.

Si Huang turned back, looking innocent and roguish at the same time, as she looked at him with bright eyes, “It’s done.”

Qin Fan forgot all about education and punishment. He strode up in front of Si Huang, rubbed her hair with his big palms, and sighed loudly, “He’s obviously a bad boy, how can he be so pitiful!”

Si Huang was rubbed twice so he avoided his hand, with an inexplicable expression.

This little white tiger looked snow-white and had a soft appearance, but his eyes were fierce and vigilant, making Qin Fan’s heart beat a few times, and his hands became more and more itchy.

“Get in the car, I’ll take you back.” It was too difficult to wait for a taxi in such a place, and Si Huang didn’t want others to know what he had done, so he could only go with Qin Fan.


“Dou Jun…is the man you met in the toilet in Xiangyuan during the day, did he do anything to you again?”

Qin Fan asked while driving in the car.

Si Huang just sat in the passenger seat and didn’t speak. She was too lazy to explain and didn’t want to lie.

“He’s a scumbag. If you kill him, you can kill him. You shouldn’t do it by yourself.” He didn’t mean to blame at all, instead… “This was very dangerous.”

Si Huang tilted her head and stared at his profile for a few seconds. “I wanted to do it.” There was no extra explanation for why she wanted to do it, and the understatement seemed to be worthless. If Si Huang in this appearance was seen by the girls, they would definitely shout that his villain aura was exploding, and he was so handsome. In Qin Fan’s eyes, it looked like willfulness.

Underage boys, they would always act on their own terms. Who didn’t have such a state of mind back then? It’s just that the bear children in their compound were taught by his fists, this child… Qin Fan quietly glanced at Si Huang, turned around, and found a difficult problem again: he couldn’t beat him!

“Do it if you want.” Qin Fan finished speaking, but afraid of making people crooked, he still exhorted: “But it depends on the person.”

Si Huang chuckled lightly. Did he really notice the rebellious bear child inside her?

When Qin Fan heard the laughter, his mood was also infected, and he asked, “How do you know those things?”

Si Huang: “What?”

“The way you taught Dou Jun a lesson.

“On the internet.”

A certain man who usually didn’t surf the Internet frowned, “Let’s watch these things less in the future.”


Qin Fan heard her perfunctory response but had nothing to say. For him, who was not involved in the world of netizens, he had no idea what kind of large scale it had.

T/N: QF, this is not way you teach a child… QF is literally a doting father who is willing to condone anything his child does…..

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