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Outside the restaurant, the sunset was brilliant.

The black-haired man opened his arms and firmly caught the person who had jumped into his arms. He was knocked back a step, and his whole person was a little dazed.

The boy in his arms was a little thin, as he hugged him tightly, and was still shaking slightly.

The tips of the two ears protruding from the light brown hair were as red as if they could drip blood.

Fragrant and soft.


Yes, Beauty, People, Qiao!!!!!

It was not Chicken Qiao, it was Beauty Qiao, Beauty Qiao was giving him a hug ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!

Jing Yan regained his senses, and finally started to scream in a frenzy in his head, but his body was frozen in place and he did not dare to move.

There was also a sailor suit, the guard was right, it was really a sailor suit! Sailor suit ah ah ah!!!

Fortunately, he didn’t go far just now, he was right next to him, and he could reach here in less than a minute!

——The moment he saw the message, he was really stunned!!

He bought a lot of branded transformation balls for Qiao Xi at the beginning. Which brand of transformation balls were these clothes ejected from? He wanted to send pennants to that brand! To commend! He wanted to invite them to the palace to attend the royal banquet!!!!

“Jing Yan…” Qiao Xi cried aggrievedly, “The wrong clothes were in the transformation ball!”

Jing Yan took a deep breath, took off his long windbreaker and put it on Qiao Xi’s body, and suppressing the shameful excitement to the bottom of his heart, he said solemnly: “Which brand’s transformation ball is it? We’ll complain to him!”

Qiao Xi hurriedly pulled up the jacket and continued to complain: “It’s really outrageous to put women’s clothes in!”

“That’s it! It’s outrageous!” Jing Yan shared his hatred!

The two seemed to be seriously denouncing the brand when a voice suddenly came from behind: “…Qiao Xi?”

Qiao Xi shook and turned around.

…The women’s clothes were still seen by them!

Qiao Xi wanted to cry.

He turned around in shame and looked at the four people behind Jing Yan.

One of them was still holding up his mobile phone, and the one next to him was dumbfounded, namely Qiao Xi’s two good friends, Lin Chu and Ji Yang.

At this time, the person who called Qiao Xi was Yu Xiuran, and the friend beside him was the one who was always inseparable from him.

Yu Xiuran looked at Qiao Xi fixedly and the look in his eyes made Jing Yan frown.

Jing Yan asked Qiao Xi: “Your friends?”

“…Yes,” Qiao Xi said embarrassedly, and said to the four of them, “I’m sorry…”

“Qiao Xi? Are you really Qiao Xi?” Lin Chu finally reacted, then he grabbed the phone and pushed Yu Xiuran’s friend aside, looked at Qiao Xi up and down excitedly, and said excitedly, “Wow, your human figure is too good-looking?! Speaking of which, pfft, what’s the matter with your women’s clothes? Hahahahahahaha, it’s pretty good looking! If you weren’t a man, you would be my favorite type!”

Jing Yan’s eyes sharpened immediately.

Qiao Xi blushed and glared at him: “It’s because the company put the wrong clothes in the transformation ball! There were so many people in the toilet at that time that I had no choice but to wear it!”

He didn’t want to wear it!

“Hahahaha!” Lin Chu laughed to death, “No wonder you just now—hahahahaha! Did you really want to pretend that you don’t know us?!”

Unfortunately, his body’s reaction was too honest, and Qiao Xi was depressed!

Ji Yang also said with bright eyes: “Qiao Xi, when did you become able to transform, you didn’t tell us!”

“It hasn’t stabilized yet…” Qiao Xi said weakly, “I didn’t expect that this time I suddenly transformed.”

Qiao Xi’s first transformation did happen during school, but it happened at night, and Qiao Xi lived in an apartment outside, so no one in the class really saw it.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang were completely amazed by Qiao Xi, and even snickered and encouraged Qiao Xi to take off the coat, so that they could appreciate it, but Qiao Xi resisted and held on to his coat tightly.

Jing Yan suddenly felt that Qiao Xi’s women’s clothing was not good. It could make people fall in love, it would be best to let him see it alone!

He thought of protecting Qiao Xi seriously.

“I asked someone to buy clothes for you, and we’ll change them later.” Jing Yan whispered to Qiao Xi.

“Okay,” Qiao Xi was very dependent on Jing Yan at the moment, and had been dragging him close to him, “Where are Chris and Jing Yi?”

“They are still walking around, they don’t know what happened to you here.” Jing Yan noticed Qiao Xi’s actions, his heart softened, and his eyes became extraordinarily gentle.

“Qiao Xi, let’s sit down and talk, anyway, your friend has already sent someone to buy clothes, so you can change it later,” Lin Chu said enthusiastically, “Your friend will also stay with you?”

Jing Yan quickly took a look Qiao Xi, could I?

Qiao Xi nodded naturally now, anyway, he wanted to stick to Jing Yan.

A few people walked to their seats with a smile, and Yu Xiuran suddenly asked, “Can we sit together?”

The few people stopped.

His friend took his dull eyes away from Qiao Xi, swallowed and looked at Yu Xiuran.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang were hesitant to say anything and looked at Qiao Xi.

On the way here, they tactfully expressed their intention to sit apart. At that time, Yu Xiuran agreed, so why had he changed his mind?

…Because of Qiao Xi?

Speaking of which, when they first met Yu Xiuran and his friend on the street, it seemed that when the two of them were walking ahead and chatting about Qiao Xi, then only they were stopped by Yu Xiuran from behind.

What happened between Qiao Xi and Yu Xiuran?

Yu Xiuran looked at Qiao Xi and asked, “Is it okay, Qiao Xi? We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Jing Yan narrowed his eyes slightly – among these four people, this was the one he really needed to pay attention to.

He glanced at Qiao Xi and said nothing.

Qiao Xi hesitated for a while, the other party had said so, and he couldn’t refuse. After thinking about some things in the past, he sighed and said, “Then the waiter will have to change to a large table.”

Finally, the waiter changed their seating. Their table had a sofa seat that could seat ten people.

Chris called Jing Yan – this guy finally learned from the guards what happened, he yelled and asked Jing Yan how he couldn’t call them, just perfunctorily treat them and run away! They were still nearby, they could be there in four or five minutes, and they also wanted to see Qiao Xi in women’s clothes!

Then they were reprimanded by Jing Yan righteously, but it was of no use. Chris and Jing Yi didn’t believe that this guy was so serious, and only said that they would bring the clothes later.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang knew that Qiao Xi still had other friends hanging out, and quickly said that the two friends could sit down together later.

“I’m sorry.” Qiao Xi apologized.

“It’s okay, your friends are our friends,” Lin Chu said with a big grin, “By the way, are all your friends from the wolf clan?”

Qiao Xi looked back at Jing Yan and smiled, “He is of the wolf clan, another one is from the wolf clan and the last one is from the leopard clan.”

“Wow,” Ji Yang sighed and said warmly, “Lin Chu and I were still worried that you will not be comfortable in the wolf clan, but you seem to have a lot of friends, that’s great, you look much more cheerful than before, Qiao Xi.”

Qiao Xi was surprised, was he?

Jing Yan looked at him with one hand on his chin and said, “You are indeed different from when you first came.”

Qiao Xi turned his head and whispered, “Really? Have I changed so much?”

Jing Yan’s eyes observed Qiao Xi’s appearance and nodded with a smile on his face.

He still remembered that when they first met, Qiao Xi also turned into a human figure then. Although he was very beautiful, most of the time he had his head lowered slightly or would lower his eyes, lacking energy and being a little timid.

After changing back to his animal form, the little chick didn’t say much.

But it was different now.

Chicken Qiao would laugh a lot, play wildly with Chris and Jing Yi, and sometimes act like a spoiled brat with him.

Beauty Qiao raised his head and his chest. Even though he was wearing women’s clothes, cough, in addition to being ashamed, his face was rosy and looked very energetic.

It seemed that he had successfully broken off some shackles and become relaxed and free.

Qiao Xi thought for a while and smiled sweetly at Jing Yan: “Thank you!”

“…” It was really good-looking, when he smiled like a little flower, Jing Yan couldn’t help but move his eyes from side to side and blush.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang looked at them, a little surprised, then exchanged tacit glances and laughed ambiguously.

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