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Thinking of Jing Yan, Qiao Xi began to flutter in the chair again.

By the way, what type did Jing Yan like?

Qiao Xi recalled the painting that he saw at the beginning, and the people in the painting were immortal.

Qiao Xi thought of his human form subconsciously, but he had only transformed twice in total, so he didn’t have a deep understanding of what his human form looked like, and his memories were vague at this time.

What did he look like…?

Qiao Xi thought deeply.

Just thinking about it seriously, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

A familiar force emerged from the depths of his body, and his body and limbs began to look strange…

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened – was he going to transform?!

Qiao Xi was taken aback, jumped out of the chair quickly, rushed straight to the corner in front, slid into the men’s toilet, and locked himself in a small cubicle.

The change in his body came very fast. Qiao Xi took off the small burden on his back, groaned, and leaned against the wall. His limbs became slender, his body began to change, and his head was even more chaotic.

In the chaos, his ears were “buzzing”, and in addition to his rapid gasping and heartbeat, he also heard a soft “puff”.

Before going out, a transforming ball that he hung under his wings and the smart rope that was automatically untied, had now fallen off. During the fall, the clothes inside were ejected…

Seeing the clothes, Qiao Xi’s eyes widened.

Jing Yan always arranged more guards for Qiao Xi than Qiao Xi expected.

In addition to the guards who were watching the situation outside the restaurant, there were also several people in the restaurant who were disguised as guests and scattered in various directions. These guards were unknown to Qiao Xi and would not reveal their identities in front of Qiao Xi unless there were special circumstances, because Jing Yan was afraid that Qiao Xi would think he was too aggressive.

Qiao Xi entered the toilet very quickly, and the several guards were stunned.

After looking at each other, one of them got up and planned to follow.

However, someone was one step ahead of him. A man twisted his butt and walked in front of him, as if the situation was very urgent.

The other party rushed into the toilet hurriedly. Seeing that the only two small compartments were closed, his heart collapsed immediately.

He stepped forward and knocked on the door of the first room, wanting to cry without tears: “Is there anyone in there?!”

The guard followed up to take a look, but did not see Qiao Xi outside, guessing that one of the two compartments should contain Qiao Xi, he was a little hesitant to speak, but also felt that it was too cruel to let the man endure his urgency just not to disturb the person in the cubicle, but he was also worried that the man would disturb Qiao Xi in order to solve the major issue of life.

As a result, the person in the first compartment quickly shouted: “Shit, don’t rush!”

It was not His Highness Qiao Xi in this room!

The guard immediately turned his attention to the second compartment.

The man also hurriedly turned to the second compartment, and the guard stepped forward to stop it, but before the man could knock down, Qiao Xi’s weak voice came from inside: “Wait a minute, I’ll be out soon…”

The guard paused and glanced at the man.

The man heaved a sigh of relief, and his body curled up. He propped himself against the wall, covered his ass with one hand, and cried, “Brother, I’m sorry to trouble you, brother, I can’t stand it anymore!”

Qiao Xi had successfully transformed into a human.

But he just stared stiffly at the suit on the ground.

Blue and white, short top, short skirt.

…that’s right, skirt!!!!!!

It was a sailor suit!!!!


Qiao Xi clearly remembered taking a look at the packaging before opening the transformation ball. The set printed on it was a bathrobe!!! Did he, did he encounter a ball in which the manufacturer had put in the wrong clothes?! But why womenswear!!! Why!!! Why let him encounter such a thing, woo!!!

Hearing the cry of the man outside, Qiao Xi took a deep breath, spit it out, took another deep breath, spit it out, wanting to cry without tears, he finally bent down to pick up the clothes while trembling.

People were waiting outside, and it was too late to call someone to bring the clothes over. It was better to put them on first. He couldn’t let people s**t in their pants…

Qiao Xi bit his lower lip, closed his eyes, and started getting dressed, ashamedly.

Seeing that Qiao Xi was silent, the guard didn’t know if Qiao Xi was comfortable, but since Qiao Xi had already responded to this man, he couldn’t say anything, so he went to urinate and pretended to be a normal passerby.

Halfway through, the sound of the door of the compartment behind him opening sounded.

The man hurriedly said, “Thank you, bro – what the hell?!”

The guard turned back quickly, only to see the shadow of  the corner of the skirt flying out of the toilet, and he was so shocked that he urinated outside: “What the fuck!”

Qiao Xi rushed out of the toilet and arrived at the restaurant and stood there panting.

The waiter who passed by glanced at him subconsciously, and surprise in his eyes flashed, but the next second he noticed his Adam’s apple, and his whole body became still: “?”

…Women, women’s clothing boss!?

Qiao Xi blushed, feeling panicked and ashamed, he took two steps to the seat before him. Thinking about it, his little friends were coming soon, and they must not be allowed to see him wearing women’s clothes, so he walked a little fast. Turning around, he hurriedly went out to the gate again, desperately trying to find the bodyguards that Jing Yan had arranged for him and also took out his mobile phone while walking quickly.

However, at this time, the captain of the bodyguards, who was squatting across the road, had already received the news.    

“Fuck, contact His Highness Jing Yan, His Highness Qiao Xi seems to be dressed as a woman!!!”

Messages came one after another.

“The one in the blue and white sailor suit seems to be the one!”

“Shit, I haven’t seen the human figure of His Highness Qiao Xi, is the one wearing women’s clothes really him?”

“Wait, it should be, the voice is similar to His Highness Qiao Xi!”

“His Highness Qiao Xi seems to be looking for someone. Shall we go up… But if he’s not looking for us, will we disturb His Highness when we go up?! What should we do?!”

“Is this a special situation or a normal situation? Did His Highness Qiao Xi bring these clothes himself?!”

“Mom boss, you must send a message to His Highness Jing Yan first, this is definitely not right!!!” Stunned, he quickly sent a message to Jing Yan.

“His Royal Highness!!! His Royal Highness Qiao Xi has transformed!!! Wearing women’s clothes!!!”

Qiao Xi was so embarrassed that his whole body had become red. Just as he was about to call Jing Yan, he saw four people push open the door of the restaurant and walk in. At this time, the restaurant’s automatic induction system said enthusiastically: “Welcome!”

Two of them walked in front, talking and laughing.

A tall man with his hands in his pockets glanced indifferently around the restaurant.

His friend followed him, looking bored.

When Qiao Xi saw the person coming, he was startled, his head crashed, he stopped subconsciously and froze in place, while one of the people walking in front was saying, “Call Qiao Xi.”

And the other one replied, “Yeah!” Then he took out his phone and nodded.

Also at this moment, the little friend beside him and the two men behind him also noticed Qiao Xi.

Light brown long hair, panicked peach blossom eyes, wearing a sailor suit, pure and innocent, it was a very beautiful… man???

At the same time, the mobile phone that Qiao Xi held in his hand received the signal and began to vibrate, making a “buzzing” sound.

Qiao Xi: “…”

He was scared stiff and didn’t answer.

The three looked at him suspiciously.

The boy who was on the phone raised his head and was about to look around the restaurant. Seeing that his friends were all looking at one person, he followed their gaze, and was surprised by Qiao Xi, as he muttered at the same time, “Qiao Xi is not answering the phone… “

Qiao Xi looked back stiffly.

Calm down.

So, he calmly rejected his friend’s call, and the phone stopped vibrating.

The boy who called was taken aback: “Ah, I was hung up on.”

As soon as the words came out, the four of them suddenly realized something, and their eyes all focused on Qiao Xi.

They: “…?”

Qiao Xi: “…”

At this moment, the air seemed to be drained, and Qiao Xi was about to suffocate.

The next second, a familiar figure rushed to the door of the restaurant.

Seeing the other party, Qiao Xi took a step calmly, and then— suddenly exerted force, rushed over in tears, and threw himself into the arms of the man at the door of the restaurant: “—Jing Yan!!!”

The author has something to say: Jing Yan: What day is today?

Everyone looked at him silently.

Jing Yan covered his chest: Today is the heavenly day!!! The fairy has descended!!!

T/N: God, I wish I was good at art, I would really have loved to drawn a pic of QX wearing a sailor suit and I’m sure JY would have loved that…..

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