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AROEDM Ch. 24.1


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It was so easy for him to be shy, this made Fu Yuanzhou feel a little uncomfortable. Everyone was a man, so what was there to be shy about? Was the gender of Omega so influential?

But this was the reality, there was indeed a difference between being an Alpha and an Omega, and Fu Yuanzhou had been slowly adapting to the changes brought about by it recently, although he was reluctant.

He was about to reach out to take the materials and exchange a few friendly words with Ran Shutang by the way, but at this time the class time was approaching, so the students came back one after another, and when they saw the two of them standing at the door, they all cast a surprised look towards them.

Everyone knew that the two of them had always been at odds, and a few words between them could often make the atmosphere stiff. Seeing the information in Ran Shutang’s hand, no one would think that he had sorted it out for Fu Yuanzhou.

Seeing that there were more and more people, Ran Shutang pursed his lips slightly, pushed the information into Fu Yuanzhou’s arms, turned around and left. Fu Yuanzhou thought about it and felt that he couldn’t let him go like this, so he quickly chased after him and blocked the person at the corner of the corridor.

“What else?”

Ran Shutang asked with an indifferent tone, but with his back against the wall, he refused to look at him and kept his eyes down, which made Fu Yuanzhou almost have the illusion that he was persecuting a young boy from a good family.

It seemed that in front of Ran Shutang, he was more like an Alpha?

Fu Yuanzhou felt a little proud and a little cool, although he was no longer hostile to Ran Shutang, but in the face of his former nemesis, he instinctively had these emotions.

“I have something to do.” He thought about it for a while, and felt that he still had a lot to say to Ran Shutang, so he didn’t say it at all, and instead mentioned the tutoring this weekend, “Do you have time to tutor me this weekend?”

Hearing him talking about business, Ran Shutang finally raised his head and said to him, “Saturday or Sunday morning.”

“Saturday then.” Fu Yuanzhou also wanted to invite him to dinner, “This time it’s just the two of us. All alone, with no one else.”

What happened last weekend was still fresh in his memory, and it was about to become a shadow on his mind, so he didn’t want to do it again.

He didn’t know what Ran Shutang thought, but his eyelashes trembled slightly, and he replied: “Okay.”

“The location will be fixed later, class is about to start.” Fu Yuanzhou said, then the two said goodbye and he returned to the classroom. Yuan Ye had also come back and had returned to his general casual expression, teasing Fu Yuanzhou, until the class finished.

After school that day, Fu Yuanzhou went to the playground nervously, for fear of seeing Shen Xigou there again. Fortunately, this bad thought did not come true.

On Saturday morning, Fu Yuanzhou went out on time. After discussing with Ran Shutang, they finally decided to do it at Ran Shutang’s house. It was inconvenient to go to other places. If he came to Fu Yuanzhou’s house, he would definitely have to contend with Xie Lin and Yu Fei again. He didn’t want to have that situation occur again.

It was also out of this consideration that Fu Yuanzhou did not tell Xie Lin and Yu Fei that he was going out in advance, and quietly took a taxi to Ran Shutang’s house.

Ran Shutang’s house was very close to the business district, basically in the city center. It was on the 20th floor of a high-end apartment building, overlooking the busy traffic below.

Fu Yuanzhou thought that he would meet Ran Shutang’s parents this time, and he specially prepared some gifts, but after entering the house, there was actually only Ran Shutang at home. His parents were very busy with work, and they had to go to work even on Saturdays.

“What do you drink?”

Fu Yuanzhou was changing his shoes at the door. Ran Shutang asked him this, and he answered casually, “Coke.”

“No Coke.”

“What about lemonade? Coffee? Juice?”

“None.” Ran Shutang said, “Only tea.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…Then I’ll drink water, thank you.”

Ran Shutang’s home was decorated in a modern and simple style. The windows were bright and clean, the ground was clean and reflective, and the furniture was neatly arranged.

It fit his temperament quite well. Fu Yuanzhou thought to himself and took the water that Ran Shutang handed him.

He also wanted to say a few more words to Ran Shutang, but the latter did not have the habit of chatting, so he went straight to the topic and began to help him with his homework.

Last time Ran Shutang didn’t talk much, and Fu Yuanzhou felt that he did a good job. This time, it was even more obvious. Ran Shutang could explain everything to him in a few words. Of course, Fu Yuanzhou’s mind was also fast, but he just forgot a lot. But that didn’t mean he was not smart.

Today, the two were alone, so Ran Shutang lost the unease and shyness of the previous days and remained calm. Fu Yuanzhou observed his expression and speculated unkindly whether he had done psychological construction for several days in order to maintain the current situation.

He hadn’t looked at Ran Shutang well before, but now he realized that his eyelashes were so long and dense… Those eyes were also beautiful, and the skin was white. He was quite delicate in appearance, and he looked more youthful.

Fu Yuanzhou looked at Ran Shutang with his chin propped up, and unconsciously his mind began to wander. He remembered the photos in the album. The boy-like Ran Shutang in it was also very cute. Although he had grown up a lot now, he could still see the shadow of his childhood.

What would the future Ran Shutang look like?

He recalled his past life. Two years after graduating from high school, he met Ran Shutang at an alumni meeting.

At that time, he was studying abroad, and not long after he came back from vacation, Xie Lin and Yuan Ye were not free, so he didn’t want to go, but Yu Fei wanted to go, so in order to accompany her, he had to go.

As a rookie actress, Yu Fei had already debuted in the entertainment industry and gained a certain reputation. She was surrounded by classmates who wanted to talk to her, so Fu Yuanzhou had to walk aside, but he did not expect to meet Ran Shutang.

It had only been two years, but they didn’t recognize each other. His first reaction was unpleasant, because he found that Ran Shutang had grown taller. He was a little shorter than him in high school, but now he was several centimeters taller.

Not only that but Ran Shutang’s facial features had also become more mature, and his temperament was calm. When he looked at Fu Yuanzhou, he had an aura that made Fu Yuanzhou take a half step back unconsciously.

“Long time no see.”

Ran Shutang nodded to him, actually taking the initiative to greet him, which made Fu Yuanzhou quite surprised.

“Ah… hello.” Although the two had a lot of unhappiness in the past, they had both graduated two years ago. At least on this occasion, Fu Yuanzhou would not make trouble with him, so he responded politely and unfamiliarly.

“I heard that you are studying abroad?”

“Yes, the three-year course.”

Fu Yuanzhou said that his grades were too poor to be able to go to a good university in China, so he was sent abroad by his family. This was in line with his heart, because he went to the country where Shen Xigou was.

In fact, in the past two years, he didn’t study hard at all, but was taken by Shen Xigou to play around, and his schoolwork had suffered. It was done, anyway, it didn’t affect him, so he continued to be happy.

Ran Shutang nodded and asked about Fu Yuanzhou’s experience abroad. Fu Yuanzhou responded absentmindedly, thinking that Ran Shutang had taken the wrong medicine, and that no one was paying attention. He actually talked with him for so long, what did the two of them have to talk about?

Realizing that Ran Shutang didn’t seem to want to end the conversation, Fu Yuanzhou wanted to find an excuse to slip away, but his cell phone rang. It was Shen Xigou who had called him and as soon as he picked up, he heard: “Seven.

“Gu, you haven’t slept yet?”

Fu Yuanzhou was very surprised for a moment, and immediately said to Ran Shutang, “My friend called me, I’ll go out to answer the phone first.”

“Who are you talking to?” Shen Xigou asked.

“A classmate, I told you, I came to the class reunion today, but you, why haven’t you slept, it’s late at night over there.”

Shen Xigou chuckled: “I can’t sleep as I’m thinking about you.”

“Come on, my flesh went numb. Fortunately, you are a man, otherwise if Xiao Fei heard this, how should I explain it to her?”

“Then don’t explain it.” Shen Xigou said lightly, “What’s wrong?”

“Fuck you.”

Fu Yuanzhou walked out with a smile. The moment he turned around, he seemed to see a look of disappointment flashing across Ran Shutang’s face, but his mind was all on Shen Xigou, so he did not think much about it.

Later, he didn’t go in again, and waited for Yu Fei at the door, and the conversation with Ran Shutang came to an abrupt end. That was their last connection in their previous lives.

At that time, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t feel any guilt, he just thought it was the end of a nutritious conversation, but now in retrospect, he felt a little sorry for Ran Shutang.

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