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If Zu Qi remembered correctly, it was after he gave birth to the child that he interacted with Yu Meitong for the first time.

However, now, the timeline had obviously moved forward.

Could it be that his appearance changed the original plot of the novel?

At this moment, Zu Qi was in a state of confusion, and at the same time, a deep sense of powerlessness suddenly surged in his heart.

He thought that by staying in his own small circle and carefully avoiding contact with outsiders, he would be able to avoid meeting other characters in the novel, or even directly change the fate of the original owner.

Unfortunately, it turned out that his idea was still too naive.

Maybe even if he hid at the ends of the earth, the established destiny of this world could still make the male and female protagonists become inextricably linked to him.

While Zu Qi was in a daze holding his mobile phone, the number of comments and reposts on Yu Meitong’s Weibo were increasing.

So some people jumped out and questioned whether Yu Meitong had received advertising fees from Zu Qi, or if there was any shady deal with Zu Qi.

Yu Meitong did not give any explanation for this and continued posting photos of her life and work as usual. She seemed not to be affected by those remarks. However, some sharp-eyed fans discovered that Zu Qi’s name appeared among the people Yu Meitong had been following most recently.

Of course Zu Qi also found out. He thought about it for a long time and finally compromised and sent Yu Meitong to the back of his mind.

Due to the sudden appearance of Yu Meitong, Zu Qi’s mood suddenly became very bad.

Coupled with the fact that he was about to give birth and his belly was getting bigger and bigger, it had now become more and more inconvenient to move. Zu Qi had to give up the plan of making Jingxin Body powder for the time being.

Moreover, all the wild chrysanthemums in the resort garden were almost plucked out by Xiaoya and others. For this reason, the manager went to Butler Zhang to cry and complain many times. Butler Zhang could only express his sympathy and helplessness.

Mrs. Xue wanted to pick flowers, what else could they do?

Let him pick it.

The manager was extremely sad: “But if he continues to pick it off, the land will really be bald!”

Butler Zhang said: “I have a good idea.”

Hearing this, the manager’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly said: “Quickly tell me, what can I do?”

Butler Zhang said seriously: “Next year, you can plant more wild chrysanthemums, and don’t give our wife a chance to pick them all.”

Manager: “…” That’s what he said.

After he left with a despairing face, Butler Zhang found Zu Qi immediately and conveyed the manager’s wishes to him.

“Oh, I know.” Zu Qi put up a blanket and lay sideways on the sofa indoors, replying vaguely.

Butler Zhang had visited Zu Qi many times before, and every time he saw him holding the script in his hand and reading it with great concentration and taking notes from time to time. How could he look so depressed like now?

Butler Zhang thought Zu Qi was suffering from prenatal depression and wanted to find a doctor to come and take a look, but before he could leave, Xiaoya quietly pulled him aside.

Xiaoya asked in a low voice: “Uncle Zhang, do you know Yu Meitong?”

Butler Zhang shook his head inexplicably.

“She was the heroine who became famous last year when she starred in “Strategy of the Qing Dynasty”. She made her debut when she was still a third-year student at a film school. She hasn’t had any scandals and is now quite famous.” Xiaoya briefly talked about Yu Meitong’s situation, and then changed the topic, “A few days ago, Yu Meitong stood up for our mistress on Weibo, but she was besieged by black fans. I guess our mistress may be in a bad mood because of these things.”

Butler Zhang, who had no reaction at first, suddenly frowned when he heard the following words and frowned.

After pondering for a long time, Butler Zhang ordered: “Pay more attention to your mistress’ condition and try to make him happy. If he continues like this, it will be bad for the child.”

Xiaoya nodded like pounding garlic.

After a few more careful instructions, Butler Zhang turned and left. As soon as he walked out of the door, he picked up his mobile phone and made a call.

The call was quickly answered: “Brother Zhang.”

“Go check out the actress named Yu Meitong. It’s best to find out her interpersonal network.” Butler Zhang said.

“Okay.” The man responded. He had been paying attention to the dynamics on the Internet. Naturally, he knew that Yu Meitong’s repost of Zu Qi’s Weibo had caused some controversy.

“And how is that matter going?”

The man replied: “It’s ready. I will send the video out at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Butler Zhang responded, then hung up the phone and went to work. Other things needed his attention.

In less than half an hour, he received an email from the hacker. The content was very simple. In just a few words, he clearly stated what Butler Zhang wanted to know.

In fact, there was nothing unusual about Yu Meitong.

She was born in a well-to-do family with both parents being civil servants. She passed the art exam and entered the most famous film school in the city. She was spotted by the director of “Strategy of the Qing Dynasty” a year ago and became famous overnight after starring as the heroine in the series.

Yu Meitong didn’t know many people in the circle. Most of them were superficial friends she met through filming and appearing on programs. She and Zu Qi had no communication at all – because when Yu Meitong became famous a year ago, Zu Qi had already climbed up to Xue Jue, however he was indifferent.

If they had to find out some connection between them, it should be that the old customer who had bought meditation powder several times from Zu Qi introduced by Bai Guangjian was a distant relative of Yu Meitong.

Half a month ago, Yu Meitong attended a family dinner and received a gift from her relatives, which was the unpackaged meditation powder in a plastic bag.

Anyone who followed Yu Meitong knew that she didn’t sleep well, and her experience of staying up late to film often made her habitually suffer from insomnia. Perhaps the calming powder really worked, and Yu Meitong kindly advertised for Zu Qi.

Just because Yu Meitong didn’t have any thoughts about Zu Qi, it didn’t mean that Zu Qi had the same mentality.

When Butler Zhang glanced at the last few lines of words, his brows that had been slowly relaxing suddenly frowned.

The next morning.

After Zu Qi got up and washed up, he lazily sat at the dining table and ate breakfast, when he saw Xiaoya running in excitedly like a cannonball.

“Madam, have you read Weibo?” Xiaoya opened her eyes as bright as light bulbs and said excitedly, “You are on the hot search again!”

Zu Qi: “…” When did he get off the hot search??

Seeing that Zu Qi was unmoved, Xiaoya took out her mobile phone to search for a video and played it for Zu Qi to watch.

The video was posted by a Weibo marketing account and lasted no more than five minutes. It contained a conversation between two people. The video displayed the conversation in white text on a black background.

Zu Qi felt something was wrong just after hearing the beginning.

Wasn’t this the recording of the conversation between Shi Hao and Chen Meixin that he secretly recorded? But he remembered that the two people didn’t seem to have spoken so calmly.

Xiaoya seemed to see Zu Qi’s confusion and explained: “The recording you gave me has not been sent out yet. I had people process the voices of Shi Hao and Chen Meixin. I originally planned to send it out tonight.”

She didn’t expect to see this video when she woke up in the morning, and the person who posted the video did even more ruthless things. They didn’t process the voices of the two parties at all, let alone blur the names of some of the people they mentioned.

For example, when Shi Hao persuaded Chen Meixin to give Tang MoNing a role that belonged to someone else, it was clearly audible in the video.

The video producer also highlighted Tang MoNing’s name in bold red font in a playful way, making it difficult for people not to pay attention.

The comment section of this Weibo post had already been set abuzz.

[This is already the second reversal. I beg you, those of you who put the melons out, why don’t you release all the melons at once, okay? As a result, we melon-eaters are always on the wrong team.]

[Let me just say that Shi Hao and Tang MoNing had an adulterous affair. Tang MoNing’s dirty stuff has long been exposed by the big guys in the rabbit area, but the idiot fans on Weibo are still deceiving themselves and others. That pretty boy is still regarded as an ancestor.]

[Vomit! This melon really exudes a stench. When I think of Tang MoNing selling his butt to cut off my male idol’s endorsement, I feel sick and want to vomit.]

[Come in and get beaten! Tang MoNing]

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