KHSW Ch. 350

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Li Ming’s eyes were fixed on Ling Xi on the stage. He saw that Ling Xi was wearing a black simple fashion outfit and a pair of black boots. She was as “handsome” as he thought.

There was an uninhibited and charming beauty that became the focus of the entire stage.

“You are against the wind, I am stepping on the rain, at the end of the world, I am looking at you ~ the endless desert island, the roar of courage, your heart is occupied by me, maybe I will say I love you, the taste of rainbow is so sweet Like Love Island…”

Ling Xi sang and danced on the stage, attracting everyone’s attention, and they even forgot about the scandal about Ling Xi.

Li Ming was also distracted for a moment. Sister Xi always brought surprises to him. Now he could no longer take his eyes away from her.

“What kind of song is this? Why have we never heard it before?”

“Wow, her movements are so cool and her voice is so beautiful.”

People who watched the online live broadcast immediately changed their tune and said, “It sounds so good. Does anyone know the title of the song? I want to listen to it.”

The artists in the audience seemed to be stunned when they saw the sparkling spirit on the stage! They couldn’t bear to miss her any move.

Yao Ru’s hand that was gently placed on her leg clenched into a fist involuntarily, and even the smile on her face became stiff.

After all, the live broadcast had now moved to the venue, and there were so many cameras here. A slight expression would reveal her emotions. Although she was extremely unhappy looking at Ling Xi, she still kept smiling.

Ling Xi sang three songs in a row, each with a different style.

After her opening show ended, the host came up to the stage and said, “It seems that we have met a brand new Ling Xi today. She can not only act, dance, but also sing. She is indeed an all-round artist who is good at singing, dancing, and acting, let us once again give applause to our Ling Xi and thank her for bringing us this wonderful opening show.”

When everyone’s applause stopped, the host continued: “Ling Xi, please do something for the friends who are watching the live broadcast. What are the names of these songs? Because everyone has been asking in the comments, saying that you sing these songs are all very nice, but they can’t find them.”

The corners of Ling Xi’s lips curled up slightly. She didn’t expect the host to ask this question.

But after a little thinking, the matter was straightened out. In fact, she was also wondering why she was invited to perform the opening show.

First of all, opening shows like this were usually performed by professional singers or dancers. Although she could dance, she was still labelled as an “actor”.

Secondly, the “fraudulent donation” incident involving her had not yet been clarified, and they actually invited her.

These two doubts lingered in Ling Xi’s mind, but now they could be answered.

She was afraid this was another trap dug by someone who was bored, but she knew her tricks too well.

However, that person is going to make a mistake…

“These are all songs I wrote before. I named the first song “Desolate Island of the Soul,” the second song is “Color of the Sky,” and the third song is “Listen, Love Is Here”.”

The host was a little surprised, “Oh my god, I didn’t expect these songs to be original. It really is amazing…”

At this moment, the barrage of the live video had “exploded” the screen, “What should I do? I am a fan of Ling Xi, will you scold me?”

“Well, I have to say that Ling Xi sings her songs very well sincerely, but what’s wrong with her character?”

“Get out of here, what right does a hypocritical actor have to sit here?”

“We’re just discussing the matter.”

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