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The food was brought to her mouth, and she would be at a loss if she didn’t eat it. Gu Anxin felt that she was enjoying just smelling the taste. She hadn’t eaten such exquisite food in a long time. Although she was not a top foodie, she did not dislike delicious food either.

Ling Yue smiled as he watched her eating enthusiastically.

When Gu Anxin lay down on the sofa to digest her food with a round belly, Ling Yue put down his chopsticks and looked deeply at her bulging belly, “Are you full?”

“Yeah! I’m full!” Gu Anxin smiled sheepishly, “Third brother, why did you remember to order food?”

He wasn’t so particular when he lived here before. He ate whatever she gave him. It was easier to raise than a pig.

Ling Yue smiled slightly, “Don’t worry!”

“Huh?” Spreading on the sofa, holding the remote control in his hand and looking for his favourite program, this was a relatively comfortable meal they ate in peace. Not only was the food delicious, but after eating, she didn’t have to clean the pot and wash the dishes. It was just too comfortable.

“I won’t go to work this afternoon!”

“Well! Although Xiao Yishan has a bad character, he is quite good to you!”

Regardless of her summary of Xiao Yishan’s character, Ling Yue only considered his own interests, “I didn’t sleep well last night!”

Gu Anxin blushed slightly after hearing this, and secretly blamed him. Who should be blamed for not sleeping? Who kept fussing over it to no end?

Ling Yue sat in the wheelchair and watched Gu Anxin’s face flush with redness. His Adam’s apple moved, his eyes deepened, and after calming down, he said, “Come with me…to get some sleep!”

“Huh!” Gu Anxin looked at Ling Yue in disbelief, her face getting redder and redder.

The girl with red lips and white teeth, and black hair like a waterfall, was shocked and dizzy by his words, showing a look of cuteness.

Ling Yue’s heart skipped a beat, and regardless of the wheelchair, he stood up and took the person away, “You’ve eaten a lot, it’s heavy!”

The hoarse voice made Gu Anxin tremble, “Third… Third brother, you…”

“Don’t be afraid!” Ling Yue looked at her frightened little face and felt happy in his heart, “I will take it easy!”

Take it easy?

His eyes were glowing green, and Gu Anxin bit her lip in grievance, “Third brother, I…”

Before she finished speaking, she was already thrown onto the bed, still trembling. Ling Yue leaned over and pressed on her, with a meaningful look on his face, “Don’t be afraid, we are just trying out the bed!”

Try the bed?

“Third brother, Alice said…”

“I don’t want to hear anyone else’s name in bed, whether it’s a man or a woman!” Ling Yue lowered his head and took her mouth with his mouth, “Just enjoy it!”

Gu Anxin felt like crying but had no tears, enjoying it? Or was it that she enjoyed everything at the moment?

It wasn’t until three o’clock in the afternoon that Gu Anxin came out of the quilt with a groan. It turned out that the bed was very strong, and it also confirmed that the third brother was really making great progress in this matter.

Last night, he only knew how to go wild, but this afternoon he was able to torment her in all kinds of ways.

Of course Gu Anxin didn’t know that Ling Yue, who had just tasted meat for the first time, had no resistance at all to this matter, especially when he saw Gu Anxin, so he took some time to look up the eighteen adult martial arts moves in the morning.

“Want to drink some water?”

Ling Yue hugged her from behind and asked in a dumb voice.

Gu Anxin no longer had the strength to lift her arms, so she could only roll her eyes.

Ling Yue chuckled, raised his hand to help her up and gave her water, “Drink slowly, you just used a lot of energy!”

Gu Anxin glared in anger, wasn’t this person aloof? Why had he become a gangster now?

The two of them chatted until the night was dim. Gu Anxin thought about the pile of vegetables she bought and couldn’t help but secretly complain, how could she have the strength to cook now?

Ling Yue had already had food delivered to her.

The same exquisiteness, the same deliciousness, but Gu Anxin felt a little scared. This was obviously the last meal before execution.

Thinking about that lunch meal, it seemed as if she was being eaten by someone else after eating it!

Ling Yue was very attentively picking up food for her, Gu Anxin frowned, it seemed to be the same rhythm as noon…

Gu Anxin looked at Ling Yue in horror, and Ling Yue laughed, “Don’t worry, even if you want to, I don’t have the ability anymore!”

Gu Anxin’s face suddenly became hot, and she coughed and changed the subject, “Don’t always order food from now on, I bought vegetables…”

“You are my woman, not my nanny!”

Ling Yue looked displeased. How could he possibly let the person he loved most work so hard?

Gu Anxin coughed with a weird expression and said deliberately, “I charged you 300,000 yuan in nanny fees!”

Ling Yue chuckled, “You can be a nanny if you want, show me when you change into a maid outfit!”

Gu Anxin’s face suddenly turned purple. Although she had just lost her virginity, she drew comics and had naturally read a lot of them. Was there anything dirtier than a maid costume?

Ling Yue chuckled, “Eat quickly!”

Gu Anxin lowered her head to eat. She had to say that although her third brother was becoming more and more roguish, he was really kind to her. It felt like he was taking care of his daughter!


Gu Anxin’s expression changed, and she quickly reached out to find her bag, took out the medicine she bought in the morning, and swallowed it without water.

Ling Yue frowned and reached out to grab the medicine, his face getting greener and greener.

Gu Anxin’s heart trembled and she said dryly, “Third brother, I…we are just in love…”

The implication was that they hadn’t reached the point where they had to have each other, they hadn’t met the parents, and it was not suitable to have children now.

Ling Yue knew that what Gu Anxin said was right. Apart from anything else, it was not appropriate for his identity to be exposed right now. Even though he was the serious third young master of the Ling family, but there was a pack of wolves eyeing him around. If he had a child, he would only give them another weakness to target.

However, seeing that Gu Anxin was unwilling to conceive his child, Ling Yue still felt angry. It took him a long time to bear it down, then he threw the medicine into the trash can. “I know how to use contraception. Don’t take this medicine. It’s not good for your health!”

Ling Yue’s livid face looked angry no matter how Gu Anxin looked at it, and she explained, “Third brother, I…”

“I understand!” Ling Yue couldn’t help but hug her into his arms.

For some reason, Gu Anxin felt that the third brother suddenly felt sad, “Third brother, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay!” Ling Yue held her harder. Gu Anxin didn’t know anything. If she knew there were dangers around him, would she still stay with him?

Inexplicably, Ling Yue felt a little sad and a little sorry for Gu Anxin.

Gu Anxin let him hold her. Although it hurt a little, the feeling of pain and happiness was still very comfortable.

That night, Gu Anxin noticed that Ling Yue seemed to be in a bad mood and was very docile, but Ling Yue just hugged her.

Because the two of them slept peacefully the night before, Gu Anxin woke up at her normal time according to her biological clock.

It was still early, so Gu Anxin turned her head and looked at Ling Yue carefully. He was really good-looking. His eyelashes were longer than hers, his eyes were slender and slightly tilted, and he had an alluring charm.

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