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According to the rules, the rehearsal time for each group was only 3 days.

In addition to the regular actors and guests of each group, most of the supporting actors provided by “Gold-medal Screenwriter” program group were art college students who lacked actual performance experience, and whose script interpretation and empathy skills could not keep up, and their line delivery was also average, so it was difficult to choose a leader.

Gu Nian chose among several young actresses, but she really couldn’t get the three young female roles she needed in the script.

With no solution and limited time, Gu Nian had no choice but to go to battle in person.

She didn’t know if it was because of the two stand-in scenes in “There Are Demons”, Gu Nian and Luo Xiu’s rivalry scenes went extremely smoothly, and there were almost no obstacles in the rehearsal of the short play that mainly focused on the two rival scenes.

With more than half a day left before the deadline, the last rehearsal had come to a perfect conclusion.

The program group had invited contracted directors under BH Media to help out temporarily.

The person assigned to Gu Nian’s group was a little cold at first, but his expression changed after he got the script, and after two or three days of rehearsal and filming, he and Gu Nian became familiar, and in the end he couldn’t stop praising her.

“The script is great, and the acting is not bad. I thought that the fourth group had actress Wen Chu in charge, and no matter how ordinary the script is, they would be sure to win the game—unexpectedly.”

Gu Nian immediately seized the opportunity: “The main reason is that Luo Xiu acted well.”

The assistant director ignored her, just stared at her and asked, “What is the age of screenwriter Gu?”

Gu Nian was asked in a daze, “22?”

He gave her a thumbs up: “Sure enough, your life will be awesome. I hope we will have a chance to cooperate in the future, and we can really cooperate once.”


Before the second wave of Gu Nian’s promotion of her baby goose could start, the director retired and slipped away.

Before leaving, he held on to the door and gave one last suggestion: “There is nothing wrong with other scenes, just the fast-forwarding of the protagonist’s relationship in the middle. You two do not look familiar enough. It is different from the familiarity and enthusiasm of the first love period when people are ignorant of each other. Everything is very good, you can just work on it a little bit more.” After speaking, he left without stopping.

Gu Nian gave up the sales plan in disappointment and studied the script seriously.

After a while, she reluctantly closed the script, leaned back in her chair and looked at Luo Xiu standing by the window: “It should be my problem.”

“Why?” Luo Xiu looked at her.

“In terms of line delivery skills, in order to practice writing the different voices of different characters, I practiced repeatedly at home with various dramas and characters for a long time-but what the director said happened to be fast-forward acting without lines.”

Luo Xiu: “Can’t find the feeling?”

Gu Nian nodded dejectedly: “After all, I’m not a professional actor, and I’m just acting without lines, or an emotional state I haven’t experienced before, so it’s hard to substitute.”


Luo Xiu didn’t answer, his eyelids were half down, his eyelashes cast a thin shadow, stretched on the side of the bridge of his long nose, and he had a deep while shallow look in his thoughtful eyes.

Gu Nian grabbed the script and got up with a serious expression: “No, this script can’t be broken in this paragraph – I won’t come out during afternoon today, I will study while retreating in my room.”

Gu Nian was about to go back, but as soon as she turned around, her wrist was pulled.

Gu Nian was startled, looked back, and met Luo Xiu’s gentle and smiling eyes: “It’s useless to rely on one person to retreat and study this kind of scene.”

“Ah, then what should I do?”

“Come with me.”



Before Gu Nian could react in time, Luo Xiu had already led her out of the rehearsal room by the hand.

This was also a private island before, and had never experienced a huge flow of people, so the scenery on the island was quiet and private.

Even the beach was very clean. The undisturbed tide had completely smoothed out the ocean of fine sand grains for a few days, like a huge drawing board, waiting for people to write and describe.

When Gu Nian and Luo Xiu came out, it happened that there was a drizzle on the island.

The sun in the sky was bright and dazzling, and the fine raindrops fell from the vast city of the sky like pieces of streamer.

With the cover of the sun, the rain came unexpectedly. Although it was not heavy, it was fine and annoying enough in the summer when the clothes were thin.

Luo Xiu dragged Gu Nian into a small wooden hut by the beach. When they got to the eaves, both of their clothes were almost half wet, the top layer of their hair was also wet, and a few drops of water were still dripping from their foreheads, making them look very embarrassed.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds.

Luo Xiu turned away with a smile, and Gu Nian also bent over with a chuckle.

“Did you bring me out just to get caught in the rain?” Gu Nian stopped laughing, then turned back and asked with bright eyes.

Luo Xiu brushed the half-wet hair at the corners of his forehead, and reluctantly took off his thin-sheet glasses that were blurred by the rain: “Of course not.”

“What are you going to do?”


Luo Xiu didn’t answer, instead he turned to look behind. The door of the wooden house was half open, and it was being temporarily used as a storage room for the program team.

Hanging on the outer row was a hanger for disposable sun protection clothing for the staff, and several sun umbrellas were also folded in the umbrella box.

Luo Xiu pushed open the door, took a small white sun protection suit from the hanger outside, took off the dust-proof film cover, turned around and handed it to Gu Nian.

“Put this on first.”

“Huh?” Gu Nian took it blankly, shaking it back and forth in her hand.

Before she could ask a question, Luo Xiu turned back and came out with two more umbrellas in his hand. One pure white, one pure black.

The white one was handed to Gu Nian, and Gu Nian, who had just put on the sun protection suit’s top, took it subconsciously, even more at a loss: “Are we going out from here?”


“Can this solve my problem?” Gu Nian opened the umbrella in her hand.

“It can’t, I can.”


Luo Xiu also opened the black umbrella in his hand, one white and one black, it looked like two flowers blooming under the rain. He led Gu Nian down the steps in front of the wooden house, stepping on the soft sand.

A low and hoarse smile came from under the black umbrella, filled with joy: “The method I thought of is very simple and the most effective.”

“How to do it?”

“You and me,” Luo Xiu turned sideways, and his tall figure was exposed under the black umbrella, “Should pretend to be in love.”

Gu Nian: “…”

Gu Nian: “??!!”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes, hiding a deep smile in his eyes, while his voice was still gentle and harmless, “Don’t worry, just for this evening, to help you enter the emotional state in the play.”

Gu Nian was stunned: “Isn’t this inappropriate?”

Luo Xiu: “Where is it inappropriate?”

Gu Nian: “Everywhere…”

Luo Xiu: “But this is the most effective method. It’s difficult for you to enter the emotional state of love while hiding in the room alone, but tomorrow we will leave the island, and we will officially compete on stage when we go back.”

“…” Gu Nian’s inner balance was oscillating between “in order to stick to my mother’s bottom line, I must not shake” and “The most important thing is to help the goose do well in the script” for a few seconds, which quickly fell to the latter.

Gu Nian nodded with tears in her eyes: “Then what should I do?”

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and smiled, “I am your boyfriend today. We are familiar with each other and have a warm relationship. You can do anything you want to me.”


Gu Nian was stunned.

[You can do anything you want to me]

[Do anything you want]

[Things you want to do]


After infinite echoes, Gu Nian performed a pupil quake live.

She raised her head with difficulty: “Anything?”

Luo Xiu laughed softly, he took Gu Nian’s hand and walked towards the beach, his pace became faster and faster, and the footprints of two people were branded on the flat and soft sand.

“Holding hands, hugging, kissing, anything between lovers in love, you can do it to me.”

Gu Nian: “…”

You are inducing me to commit a crime.

“Don’t be restrained.”

The black umbrella and the white umbrella suddenly intertwined, the rain and the sun were rubbed and pulled, and the damp and fragrant breath stuck to her ears with a dumb smile.

“If you can’t do it now, when we officially compete tomorrow, what will you do?”


Gu Nian woke up.

That’s right, if she couldn’t get into the mood when there were only two of them, she would definitely ruin her script tomorrow when she competed on the spot.

Then today, for only this afternoon, there was no need to stick to it. She wanted to release the hidden, unrealistic fantasy in her heart, and let it swell and fill. Let it take her through that mood and state.

Only in this way could she perform on stage tomorrow.

Gu Nian took a deep breath and let it out slowly. After repeating it two or three times, she suddenly raised her head and met the clear face of the man under the black umbrella.

The girl slightly bent her eyes and smiled.

“I’m ready, boyfriend.”


Luo Xiu’s pupils shrank. After a while, he lowered his eyes and laughed dumbly.

“Then come on, the date begins.”

Half the afternoon flew by.

The sun went from the middle of the sky to the west, the sea was rising and falling, their footprints covered most of the beach, and the two umbrellas collided and shook among the splashing water droplets.

Till the end, when Gu Nian got tired from playing, and sat on a round rock that was washed smooth by the sea. Her white feet were bare, and her trousers were rolled up, revealing half of her snow-white calf, as her hair shook gently in the gentle sea breeze.

Gu Nian was still holding the white umbrella, leaning it lazily on her shoulders to cover herself from the sun, she turned to look at the man standing by the rock, then she smiled and patted the space beside her.

“Come here.”

Luo Xiu closed his eyelids while smiling, he obediently walked to her side, with his black umbrella propped behind him, leaning on the rock beside Gu Nian to sit down.

Probably because the rock was washed by the sea too many times, the place where his palm was propped slipped –


-accompanied by Gu Nian’s exclamation.

Luo Xiu let go of the black umbrella in his hand, and only then did he manage to stabilize his body on top of her.

Originally thinking that she was going to be “smashed”, Gu Nian secretly opened her eyes as she was so frightened that she had closed them and saw a trace of panic in Luo Xiu’s eyes that had never been seen before.

After a few seconds of silence, he suddenly smiled, embarrassed and helpless, “…it’s really slippery.”

Gu Nian came back to her senses and smiled with blushing cheeks: “I won’t misunderstand you, don’t worry.”


Luo Xiu’s eyes darkened slightly.

He temporarily dismissed the idea of getting up, instead, he lowered the distance between the two of them to a thin one: “Why don’t you misunderstand.”


Gu Nian was stunned.

“Aren’t we… lovers?” The man laughed softly.

Without the cover of the glasses, those dark brown eyes with a hint of black were condensed, as beautiful as amber, against the cold white complexion, and the thin red lips moistened by the rain seemed to have a kind of seductive demonic feeling.

Gu Nian was dazed by the bewitchment, her thoughts stopped, and there was only one conscious thought in her mind:

He was right.

Were they not a couple?

He said that she could do whatever she wanted to him, but now she just wanted to…


The girl leaned forward and stopped within a short distance from him, and she unconsciously turned her head.

It was the white umbrella that was loosened from her hand that rolled down and hit the black umbrella lightly. Two umbrellas, one white and one black, were staggered and lay close together.

Extremely opposite color difference.

Gu Nian suddenly came back to her senses.


The little girl was like a frightened groundhog, rubbing against the rocks and retreating more than ten centimeters. Then she clasped her hands and quickly confessed to Luo Xiu—

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I went too deep into the drama!”


Luo Xiu got up slowly.

The dark, almost irresistible monster of desire that was hooked out under his eyes was pushed back into the abyss little by little.

Gu Nian didn’t hear a response for a long time, so she raised her head cautiously, and secretly opened one eye.

She saw Luo Xiu stop beside her. The man was holding the sun behind his back, smiling as usual, gentle and harmless.

“Let’s go back?”


Gu Nian felt that after surviving this catastrophe, she couldn’t wait to pick up her “life-saving umbrella”, so she turned and ran away.

Luo Xiu stood in the distance.

The setting sun stretched his figure long and thin on the beach, and he stood there sideways, looking at the lonely black umbrella with half-dark eyes for a long time.

After a restrained and suppressed sigh, the slender shadow leaned over, picked up the black umbrella, and walked towards the girl holding the white umbrella not far away.

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