RCFS Ch. 206

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No matter how rural she was, with no sense of society, no market knowledge, but!!

She still knew the black card!!

And there was a string of English written on it, which meant it was obviously not issued by a domestic bank, but issued by a foreign head office!!

Fat Auntie had a numbered card in her left hand and a black card in her right hand, and her whole body began to tremble again, as if she had been electrified, she trembled.

This was the unbearable weight of life!!!

So heavy, so heavy, so heavy, it feels like my arms are going to collapse!!!

Excited g~~~

The fat aunt was rippling again.

Ye Yunxi raised her forehead, is this aunt epileptic?

After taking out the black card and stuffing it into Di Junxie’s hands, she said lightly, “Fuck you, send part of it to this address and part to Junyao.”


Staring straight at Ye Yunxi: “You, are you a student of Junyao?”


“Little girl you are a student at Junyao, while you are waiting, Auntie will definitely deliver the goods to your door in person!!”

Then she would be able to enter Junyao, the legendary first-string school! By the way, you can also pat and post on Moments, many people must like it then!

After paying the money, Ye Yunxi remembered that there was someone beside her, and couldn’t help asking: “Why are you here?”

“Fulfilling the contract.”

Di Junxie hooked the corners of his mouth, and his handsome face was covered with evil spirit.

“Who are we going to see again?”

According to the contract, pretending to be a fiancee or something was just for others to see, wasn’t it?

“Come with me and you’ll know.”

Di Junxie’s tone was unquestionable, and Ye Yunxi could only get in the car, the destination was a western restaurant.

After she sat down, she looked around subconsciously, but she didn’t see anyone.

“Who are we seeing?”

The man curled his lips, pulled away the chair opposite her, sat down calmly, brushed the broken hair on his forehead with his fingertips, and stared at her with his black eyes, deep as ink.

Di Junxie said lightly: “Seeing me.”

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

Host, host, host, you’ve been teased, teased, teased!! Important things have to be said three times!!

Ye Yunxi was embarrassed.

“Just eat.”

With the napkin spread on her lap, Ye Yunxi took the menu and flipped through it.

However, Di Junxie didn’t seem to be finished, he leaned slightly and said, “I cried all night.”


“I missed you.”


Can’t you think of a more clumsy excuse!!

“So, you have to come back every day next week.” Before Ye Yunxi could speak, Di Junxie pointed at the dining table with his long and slender fingers, and said righteously and sternly: “Every day, there must be a meeting!”

“… Got it.”

Ye Yunxi blinked, and looked at Di Junxie with burning eyes: “I just want to ask one thing.”


Di Junxie was in a good mood now, because Ye Yunxi promised him to come back and live at home next week!

So, now Ye Yunxi could ask anything, and he was very happy to answer.

However, Di Junxie, who was dazzled by happiness, did not notice that the eyes of the little woman opposite her were slowly changing, from shining brightly to gradually becoming dark and cold.

“Is Xiao Qian not staying at school anymore?”

Di Junxie’s hand holding the table knife stiffened.


Ye Yunxi smiled unkindly when his lie was exposed.

Her beautiful facial features drew out a wilful smile, and between her brows and eyes, there was a demeanour that made people fascinated.

At that moment, Di Junxie suddenly stopped being embarrassed. Instead, he put down his knife and fork and enjoyed it to his heart’s content.

It’s so charming.

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

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