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Time passed quickly, Xuan Ming clenched his fists tightly, but he couldn’t do anything. He really wished he could agree instead of the young man.

Zhuang Li shook his toes and sighed in his mind: “Stop bluffing, System. Now you have no power to cause me any harm. Your wisdom is higher than human beings, but you are still a machine in the final analysis. What is the core of a machine?”

The system just counted down, sounding extremely cold.

Zhuang Li smiled nonchalantly, “The core of the machine is power. Without power, you can’t do anything. Now, let me analyze how much power you have left.”

The countdown sound of the system suddenly trembled, like a disc scratched by a fingertip.

Zhuang Li raised his thin lips and analyzed unhurriedly: “When you set off from a high-dimensional space to a three-dimensional space, your energy must have been full, that is, 100%; to achieve that, you need to break through the dimensional wall, and the energy consumed must not be small, I guess at least 60%, because traveling through time and space is not an easy task for any kind of technological civilization.”

“After you came to the three-dimensional space, you needed to find a suitable mission target. In the process of searching, you must scan all the time periods of this world and pick the strongest one from all the lucky ones generated in all time periods. And from the origin of human beings to the extinction of human beings, I conservatively estimate that it must have been at least five million years.”

Zhuang Li shook his white palm, “You have to scan and detect all the people who have existed in those five million years one by one, and the energy consumed is at least 10% up to 20%. Let me count 10% for you.”

The system unconsciously stopped counting down, and silently squeezed its own energy pool.

Xuan Ming was fascinated.

Zhuang Li continued: “After finding a suitable mission target, you have to enter his era, which will consume a certain amount of energy. I guess it should be 5%.”

“So far, your energy is far below the safe level, and you must find a host to help you approach the mission goal.”

Zhuang Li stretched out his slender index finger and gently swiped the work card on his chest: “You can’t choose the host at will, because it is not good for him to be too far away. In order to complete the task, you will float in the air, slowly looking for the right person.”

“Let’s not forget, you are a four-dimensional product, and in the three-dimensional space you will be squeezed by the dimensional wall and malfunction, so you must hold up a plasma wall, that is, a force field to protect yourself. The support of the force field consumes a huge amount of energy, so how much of the remaining 25% did you use later? 20%?”

The system let out a frightened hissing sound.

Zhuang Li hooked his lips and smiled: “It seems that I guessed it right. So, before you bound with me, you only had 5% of your energy left. If you want to enter my brain, you must first break through my protection mechanism.”

Zhuang Li pointed to the center of his eyebrows and sighed: “Although your level of technology is very high, the human brain is also a miraculous place. The creation of consciousness made this place first enter the four-dimensional kingdom. In order to protect this miracle, the human brain was created. This protective film is called the blood-brain barrier, which can prevent harmful substances in the blood from entering the brain, so the blood imaging technique cannot be performed only in the human brain.”

“Because of the blood-brain barrier, human beings know less about their own brain than they do about the earth. Presumably, you must have expended some energy when breaking through this barrier, I guess it should be 1%?”

The sound suddenly became louder, and then was suppressed immediately, as if to cover up something.

Xuan Ming frequently looked at the young man beside him with amazed eyes, but it was a pity that the other party didn’t notice him at all.

“After entering my brain, you have to bind with me. In this process, you don’t need to consume any energy, because if I agree, you can naturally integrate into my consciousness and become dormant in my brain. But I disagreed, so you had to forcibly bind with me.”

Zhuang Li rubbed his temples, his expression looking a little tired, “I admit that it doesn’t feel good to be forcibly bound, but you should be no more comfortable than me, right? Because you have to adjust your brain waves to be exactly the same as mine in order to smoothly integrate into my conscious body, and how powerful my conscious body is, you must have experienced it just now.”

The system beeped and shut down quickly.

Xuan Ming almost laughed out loud. The system, which was extremely arrogant just now, was now like a puppy who had been beaten to the point of being unable to take care of itself.

“How much energy did you spend forcibly integrating into my consciousness? Was it 3%?” Zhuang Li shook his head and sighed, “And the remaining 1% was wasted by your few electric shocks.”

Zhuang Li opened both of his hands, raised his eyebrows, and smiled like a fox: “That’s why I said that I am not worried about your forced binding at all. What will you use to kill me now?”

“Of course, I have also considered that the Lord God might have installed a program that automatically replenishes energy for you, so that you have the ability to fight back. But when you communicated with me for the first time, you exposed your greatest weakness.”

The system asked with a sad face: “What did I do wrong? What?”

Xuan Ming also pricked up his ears to listen.

Zhuang Li replied: “You used a word- activation. It shows that you have been on standby until you met me. What is the purpose of standby? It is energy saving. Why energy saving? Because there is not much energy left. In this world, you have no way to replenish energy automatically, you can only wait for the host to save you.”

The system sobbed.

Xuan Ming let out a long breath. A person with 310 IQ was really extraordinary!

Zhuang Li nodded between his eyebrows, and pronounced the sentence: “So you see, my brain is not your comfort zone, but a prison. Once you enter, you can’t get out. I gave you a chance to escape, but you didn’t know how to cherish it.”

Thinking of the warning issued by the host before the binding, the system burst into tears.

Xuan Ming almost laughed heartily in front of all the shareholders. Fortunately, he covered his mouth in time, turning the laughter into a cough.

Qiao Yanan on the podium stopped speaking, showing concern.

However, Zhuang Li didn’t even look at the “sick” man sitting next to him, and only seriously declared in his mind: “Cherish the quiet time now, system, one day, sooner or later, I will tear you apart with my own hands.”

Xuan Ming stretched out his hands and applauded slowly.

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