WMPLT Ch. 21

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Pei Xu walked over to Zhai Xingchen and asked, “You knew I was coming?”

Zhai Xingchen said, “Just now the program team talked to me and they told me. Why did you suddenly want to come to my school?”

“I had nothing to do, so came to your school to look around.” Pei Xu glanced at Zhai Xingchen, and seeing that Zhai Xingchen was looking at him, he looked away silently, pursed his thin lips, and said, “Since we met, do you want to take me for a stroll?”

Zhai Xingchen said, “Our school is very big.”

Zhai Xingchen and Pei Xu chatted as they walked along the boulevard to the nearby Changming Lake, Zhai Xingchen looked back and suddenly laughed.

When Pei Xu looked back, he saw the program crew sneaking behind them, recording them from a distance.

“Do you want to call them over?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

“No.” Pei Xu said, “You have to be prepared…I’m very boring and I don’t have much to say.”

Even if the program crew came to shoot, they couldn’t shoot anything useful.

He also knew why the program group focused on him.

Zhai Xingchen nodded with a smile: “I know that.”

Pei Xu was not a talkative person in the first place, but when he saw Zhai Xingchen, his heart felt hot and he didn’t know what to say.

But the beauty of Zhai Xingchen was that everyone would feel very comfortable with him.

Even if they didn’t know what to say.

Zhai Xingchen took Pei Xu around Zhongwu, Changming Lake, the library, the teaching building, the dormitory building, the food street, and the playground by the sea.

Because it was lunch break, there were no people on the playground, only a few boys were playing basketball in the empty playground.

Today’s weather was so good that the sky was as blue as a picture in an anime.

Pei Xu took a long step and went straight up to the stand next to him. Zhai Xingchen followed closely, and the two walked along the stands to the highest point, from where they could see the endless sea.

The people from the program team didn’t follow. They stood on the playground, with three cameras, one aimed at Zhai Xingchen, one at Pei Xu, and the other was in charge of shooting the panorama.

While Zhai Xingchen was talking, Pei Xu was very quiet, nodding his head from time to time, and finally the two of them sat on the high stand, under the warm sun, silently while looking at the sea.

The stand was old and a little broken, but the sun was shining brightly. The two of them sat there watching the sea, as if they were filming a movie.

The two of them sat there for half an hour, not knowing what they were talking about.

The program group finally couldn’t bear it anymore, so they sent out a drone.

Drones buzzed over their heads. Zhai Xingchen glanced at the time, stood up and said, “I have to go to rehearsal.”

Pei Xu nodded, but didn’t stand up.

“Is it at the same place as last time?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded, “Do you want to come and see?”

Pei Xu said, “I want to sit here for a while and come watch later.”

“Then I’ll go first.” Zhai Xingchen explained.

“Will Yan Zhi come to pick you up in the afternoon?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen nodded his head: “He said that he’ll be here at six o’clock.”

Pei Xu watched Zhai Xingchen run all the way down the stands, and when he ran to the staff, Zhai Xingchen stopped to say hello to the staff.

Pei Xu let out a long breath. Today’s weather was not too hot, but he actually sweated, the roots of his ears were red, and sweat flowed behind his ears.

He pursed his lips, his face was white and transparent under the sunlight, his nose bridge was high, his chin was clearly defined, his hair was black, his long legs were propped up, his hands were on his legs, his palms were slightly curled up, and the outlines of his blue veins seemed to be floating on the back of his hand.

When Pei Xu went to the rehearsal hall, he went quietly and relatively late. When he went, Zhai Xingchen had already thought that he would not come.

Pei Xu sat in the dark and quietly looked at Zhai Xingchen in the crowd.

He was supposed to go to the company again this afternoon, but he sat there for more than an hour.

Their rehearsal this time was more detailed, there were almost no complete performance, just excerpts and usually over a certain detail, the dance teacher adjusted it over and over again. They didn’t wear ancient costumes either, they all wore white uniforms and trousers, Zhai Xingchen had to do every movement three or four times. Without the wide skirt, his dance moves could be seen more clearly. Every jump, leg hug, rotation, flip, the beauty of the clothes was gone, and all that was left was the beauty of his body.

His body was really beautiful, and tall, with a thin waistline, slender limbs, and beauty without any sense of color, like a work of art, coupled with that beautiful face, he was born for the stage.

There were so many beautiful boys on the stage, but he was the only one who had that sense.

Zhai Xingchen seemed to be a different person. In the red and blue cottage, he was gentle, lively, and homely. On the stage, Zhai Xingchen was dazzling, capable and serious.

Their department was not the only one rehearsing, other departments also arrived one after another and the rehearsal hall started to be noisy, so Pei Xu got up and left.

Perhaps because of sitting in the dark for too long, Pei Xu suddenly felt a little dizzy when he came out as he was illuminated by the sun.

“This senior!”

He looked back, and saw a very beautiful girl running up to him with a mobile phone: “Can I add you on WeChat?”

Pei Xu said, “Sorry, you can’t.”

The other party was stunned for a moment, watching Pei Xu walk away.

It happened that the students of the Modern Dance Academy entered the rehearsal hall at this time. Pei Xu walked against the crowd alone. His tall figure and overly outstanding temperament attracted almost everyone’s attention. Many people who he passed by, looked back one after another.

Three girls and one boy chased after him one after another, asking for his contact information.

The staff member standing on the high platform said: “Look at Pei Xu, this disaster.”

He was alone, dressed in black, with a sweater and hat on, still dressed so casually, but he was still so eye-catching, walking against the crowd, as if splitting a wave that belonged to him in the sea of people, looking withdrawn and resolute.

After Zhai Xingchen rehearsed the dance, before Yan Zhi had come, he went to the flower shop by himself. Since they already had Gypsophila at home, he didn’t buy Gypsophila.

There were all kinds of flowers in the flower shop, and he spent a long time choosing from among them, thinking that since he was doing something, he should make a big move.

He bought a bouquet of pink roses.

Yan Zhi was very surprised when he saw it, and asked, “Do you like roses?”

Zhai Xingchen said, “I didn’t know what to buy, so I just bought it casually, and I don’t want to repeat it with you. Otherwise I like gypsophila the most.”

Yan Zhi laughed when he heard that.

“Why did you change your clothes again?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

This cleanliness obsession was too heavy.

“I usually change clothes after a meal, if possible.” Yan Zhi said.

He was wearing a white T-shirt today and a grey casual suit outside, and he looked very high-end.

This man was very good at dressing, coupled with his tall figure and gold-rimmed glasses, the word “elegant” was almost written on his body.

Zhai Xingchen danced all afternoon, and sweated a lot. Although he just took a shower in the morning, he didn’t smell bad, but he was a serious clean freak.

He remembered the little details of Yan Zhi keeping a respectful distance from the sweaty Hu Ying.

So he tried to stay away from Yan Zhi as much as possible, and when he got in the car, he said to Yan Zhi, “You might smell something on me.”

“Really?” Yan Zhi turned to look at him.

Zhai Xingchen said: “You may smell the smell of sweat, I sweated a lot today.”

Unexpectedly, Yan Zhi suddenly leaned towards him slightly, and smelled it.

Zhai Xingchen pursed his lips and looked at Yan Zhi.

Unexpectedly, Yan Zhi said: “It smells good.”


Yan Zhi said: “It smells a little bit.”

Yan Zhi was a little embarrassed when he said this, but he changed the subject and said: “Put on your seat belt.”

Zhai Xingchen went to fasten his seat belt, Yan Zhi pursed his lips, and started the car.

He actually hated the smell of sweat on other people’s bodies, especially the sweat smell on most men. He was very sensitive to smells. Male animals generally had a stronger body odour, and men’s sweat smelt heavier than women’s. When he was in school, every time he came back from playing, he had to wait until the smell of the dormitory was almost gone before entering.

Even for a handsome man like Hu Ying, he would be a little disgusted if he sweated.

But people may really have double standards.

Zhai Xingchen’s sweat smelled really good to him.

Naturally, it was not the fragrance of perfume, nor was it fragrant in the worldly sense. Sweat would of course have the smell of a person’s skin and fat, which was probably the body odour that everyone had. But the fragrance on Zhai Xingchen could stimulate desire in him.

Thinking of Zhai Xingchen’s sweaty appearance, a cluster of flames burst under his skin.

He really wanted to bury his face in his neck and smell it.

When they returned to the red and blue cottage, Wen Nuo and the others were already preparing dinner.

Huo Cheng came back very early today, even if he got off work early, he didn’t go when an old friend invited him to dinner.

He also took the initiative to prepare dinner with Wen Nuo and the others.

He hoped to share part of the burden with Zhai Xingchen. He felt that Zhai Xingchen was responsible for preparing for so many people. The workload was too great and it was too hard.

Both Wen Nuo and Lin Qingning were very gentle people, and Huo Cheng was very good at chatting. With the three of them were together, the atmosphere should be very lively, with constant laughter, but Huo Cheng was very quiet, intentionally or unintentionally.

The three of them finished the preparations quietly.

“Someone is back.” Wen Nuo said when he heard the door open.

“Zhai Xingchen?” Huo Cheng shouted loudly.

“Hey. Brother Huo, good evening.”

He heard Zhai Xingchen reply to him.

Hearing Zhai Xingchen’s clear voice, Huo Cheng, who had been quiet for a long time, grinned: “The chef is finally back.”

It seemed that his whole body suddenly regained his energy.

But then Huo Cheng saw Zhai Xingchen coming in with Yan Zhi holding a handful of pink roses.

The smile on Huo Cheng’s face froze instantly.

Wen Nuo and Lin Qingning were also taken aback for a moment.

Zhai Xingchen put the bouquet of flowers on the dining table: “Didn’t you say that the kitchen is my domaon? Why are you getting started again?”

“We’ll clean it up for you.” Lin Qingning asked with a smile: “Who bought the flowers?”

“I bought them.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Huo Cheng’s stagnant face instantly became much more lively, Wen Nuo secretly glanced at Huo Cheng, and pursed the corners of his mouth.

“You still bought flowers anyway.” Huo Cheng asked with a smile, “Did I not buy enough yesterday? You should have just told me, I’ll buy more today.”

“I can’t always make you spend money.”

Zhai Xingchen said with a smile, “The pink roses I bought, if anyone likes them, just take them.”

“Hu Ying must like it.” Lin Qingning said with a smile.

“Where are the others?”

“They’re taking a shower upstairs.”

They made an appointment last night when they were chatting, that Hu Ying would come back early today, so he asked Zhai Xingchen to write a list, and he would go to the supermarket to get what he needed for the dinner. The food was all bought now.

Zhai Xingchen took a look at the vegetables Hu Ying bought back, and Huo Cheng stood beside him, but his lingering fear was still there.

The palpitation at that moment cast a heavy shadow on him.

He thought that the roses were given to Zhai Xingchen by Yan Zhi.

This situation could not be allowed to continue.

He said to Yan Zhi: “Are you still free tomorrow? Are you still picking up Xingchen?”

Yan Zhi looked at Huo Cheng and said “Yes”.

He guessed that Huo Cheng would not do anything good if he spoke.

Sure enough, Huo Cheng smiled and said, “Don’t just stare at Xingchen, we have another one here who also doesn’t have a car.”

When Wen Nuo next to him heard this, he immediately said, “I take the bus, and it’s very convenient to take it.”

Yan Zhi saw that Lin Qingning and Zhai Xingchen were also looking at him, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t have the second answer, so he said, “Okay, I can take them together.”

Huo Cheng laughed.

Yan Zhi restrained the gentleness on his face, turned his head to look at Huo Cheng, but Huo Cheng didn’t look at him, he had just turned his head to pick the roses that Zhai Xingchen had bought.

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