IHSB Ch. 78

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Nuan Nuan looked back at her second cousin, he was still immersed in his own painting world, and all actions outside seemed to have no effect on him.

She didn’t want to disturb her cousin, so she could only hug Little Orange to find brother Su Ran.

When she arrived at the lobby, Nuan Nuan immediately saw the noble young man sitting on the sofa, he was talking to several adults, and his calm and self-possessed attitude at such a young age was being appreciated by several adults.

“Brother Su Ran.”

She called out softly, Nuan Nuan walked over with Little Orange in her arms.

At first, she thought that Little Orange would show struggling and resisting emotions, and she planned to let it go, but she didn’t expect that Little Orange, who was afraid of Xingyun yesterday, was quiet and obedient, and even when Nuan Nuan walked past it, Little Orange still kept hiding in the girl’s arms, the tip of its fluffy tail was hooked back and forth, its pair of ears were erected, and small claws were stretched out, trying to ‘hook’ Xingyun.

Although it may be because of cowardice, it just scratched in the air less than one centimetre away from Xingyun’s nose.

Nuan Nuan smiled with crooked eyebrows, and the corners of her mouth raised to reveal a few white and beautiful small teeth.

“Nuan Nuan.”

The fifteen-year-old boy smiled when he saw the little girl, and then handed out an invitation card he held in his hand very formally.

“It’s my grandfather’s birthday in three days. I want to invite Nuan Nuan, and Bai Mohua to my grandfather’s birthday party.”

Nuan Nuan took the invitation and looked at her parents in a daze. She had never experienced such a thing before. She didn’t know how to deal with it.

Mother Gu touched her little head and said with a smile, “Since you are friends, just go, and we will go together at that time.”

If mom and dad also went, she won’t be entangled, so after receiving the invitation, with crooked eyebrows and a gentle smile, Nuan Nuan said thank you very politely.

Xingyun didn’t know when he walked up to Nuan Nuan and sat down, but Little Orange’s cheap fur paw finally touched the big dog’s black nose, but he quickly retracted it in an instant.

He was so cowardly, just now he was trying to bully the dog, but when he really met the dog, he became cowardly again.

“Where’s Bai Mohua?”

Nuan Nuan replied in a childlike voice, “My cousin is painting, I didn’t call my cousin because I was afraid of disturbing him.”

Su Ran asked Nuan Nuan clearly, “Would you like to go for a walk with me and Xingyun?”

The kid looked at Xingyun and nodded.

Two children, one big and one small, as Su Ran put Xingyun on a leash, while Nuan Nuan hugged Little Orange and went to walk the dog and the cat.

Xingyun was very obedient, he didn’t drag his master forward like Erha or Satsuma, it was almost following the steps of the two children, steady and gentle.

When she was about to leave, Father Gu began to worry about this and that again. He always felt that nowhere was safe, and he really wanted to tie Nuan Nuan to himself.

Mother Gu gave him an angry look, “Nuan Nuan has the freedom to make friends, as long as you care about her, don’t disturb our daughter’s social freedom.” Father Gu resisted the desire to go out with his daughter, and bid her farewell with tears at the foor.

“Nuan Nuan come back with Su Ran early, remember to call Dad if you have anything to do, Dad will find you right away, and…” The silly father babbled a lot, Nuan Nuan listened obediently, and also nodded to him.

“Well, Dad, I remember.”

When he wanted to say something more, Mother Gu covered his mouth with black lines and dragged him back.

Bai Jinyan: “…”

What was it that made the smiling tiger who used to make the shopping mall tremble with a smile become the silly father now.

“Brother Su Ran, where are we going to go for a walk with Xingyun?”

Su Ran’s expression was calm, “We’ll just walk around.”

The people who lived in the houses here were basically either rich or noble, but the distance between some neighbours was not very far, because these ancient houses had a long history, even if they had been renovated and repaired later, the distance between houses couldn’t be changed.

“Grandma Liu grows strawberries in a greenhouse, which taste good. She is often at home by herself. People around can go to her house to exchange strawberries if they want to eat them. Do you want to go?

Nuan Nuan hugged Little Orange and her eyes sparkled, “Can I pick it myself?”

Su Ran nodded, “Yes.”

Then the two went to Grandma Liu’s house.

Just as he was about to knock on the door, the brown-red wooden door suddenly opened, and an old man wearing black cloth shoes came out, holding a red bucket in his hand, with several carp flopping in it happily, following the old man was an old woman with grey hair, who was holding up a shoe and swearing after the old man.

“Smelly old man, you caught me again, stop!”

The old man was delayed by the two dolls in front of the door and couldn’t run out. He was caught by the old woman who was chasing after him with a shoe in the left hand, and her free right hand twisted the old man’s ear.

“How many times have I told you, don’t catch my fish! Why are you so annoying, old man! You have killed all the koi I raised!” The old woman obviously didn’t use much strength, but the old man put down the bucket and tilted his head, yelling ouch.

“Isn’t it just eating a few fish from you? I’ll buy you a few more and keep them. Don’t pull my ears, these two children are watching.”

Save some face for him.

The old lady let go of her hand with a snort, and showed a kind smile to Nuan Nuan and Su Ran.

“Of course, here you come, come in quickly, what do you want to eat today, Grandma Liu will make it for you.”

As she was speaking, her eyes fell on Nuan Nuan, and she immediately smiled.

“Which family’s little fairy is this? She looks juicy and beautiful. What’s her name? Just come to Grandma Liu. Tell Grandma Liu what you want to eat. I can make a lot of things.”

“I… My name is Nuan Nuan.” The little girl rubbed her fingers, her soft and sweet voice was soft and sweet.

Suddenly being praised by this old lady, she suddenly became shy. The milky white skin of her small face was light pink, and the pink and white made her look as fresh and beautiful as peach blossoms, which was extremely rare.

Their sons and daughters had grown up, and their grandsons were brought by their parents and didn’t like to run to the old house. They, the older they were, the more they liked obedient and soft children.

Grandma Liu hurriedly brought Nuan Nuan into the house, “Nuan Nuan, the name is good, it sounds like a caring and warm little padded jacket, but grandma has never seen you in this area before, you must be a relative of Ran Ran.”

Su Ran’s small face seriously corrected, “Grandma Liu, you call me Su Ran, I don’t know anything. However, Nuan Nuan is the daughter of Teacher Bai’s sister. We just met yesterday. Are your strawberries ripe? I brought her to eat strawberries.”

“No matter whose family it is, Grandma Liu welcomes Nuan Nuan, you are right to come today, my strawberries have become a lot more popular, let grandma take you to eat strawberries, but keep up with Ran Ran.”

Su Ran, “I’m called Su Ran, not Ran Ran.”

“I know, I know, but it will be your grandfather’s birthday in two days.”

The young man hummed, and corrected her seriously again, “My name is Su Ran.”

The old woman nodded and cheerfully led them to the shed in the yard.

“Of course Ran Ran, take Nuan Nuan to pick some, and bring some back for your grandpa.”

Su Ran: “…”

Nuan Nuan almost laughed when she saw the numb expression on brother Su Ran’s face.

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