WMPLT Ch. 13.1

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Hu Ying parked the car outside the supermarket, and got out of the car with Zhai Xingchen.

His blue supercar attracted the attention of many passers-by, but Hu Ying held his head higher because of it. He had put on sunglasses, like a beautiful and proud peacock.

Zhai Xingchen followed Hu Ying, feeling like a loyal and gloomy servant.

With Hu Ying, self-consciousness was very important.

He just needed to set off this overlord flower well.

There were eight guests on the Red and Blue Signal, and the program group had set up seven CP lines for almost everyone. Among these various CP lines, some were the focus of attention, such as the current Hu Ying and Yan Zhi, and some were purely for show, such as Hu Ying and Wen Nuo or Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen.

They all knew Hu Ying’s taste.

Zhai Xingchen was not in his scope of mate selection at all.

So when they went out to buy groceries this time, the program team only gave them a selfie camera, and they didn’t send any follower to take pictures.

The dishes Zhai Xingchen bought today were very special.

Apparently it was time for a big meal.

“Why didn’t you ask us what we want to eat today?” Hu Ying said.

“Everyone opens the blind box today,” Zhai Xingchen said with a smile, “you eat what I make, and you can’t order around.”

Zhai Xingchen was serious when picking seafood, while Hu Ying pushed the shopping cart and watched boredly from beside him. If it wasn’t for the filming of the show, he would definitely not come to the fresh food area. He couldn’t stand the smell. But Zhai Xingchen was very serious. Hu Ying stared at Zhai Xingchen for a while, wondering if it was because Zhai Xingchen was too good-looking, but he actually saw some of Zhai Xingchen’s advantages.

In fact, the first time he met Zhai Xingchen, he had passed him over. It wasn’t just a matter of age. He had even dated high school students, so age really wasn’t a big issue. He mainly thought that Zhai Xingchen didn’t seem to have any personality.

He has always believed that a man’s character was the most important, the more distinctive his own characteristics, the more attractive he was to explore.

For example, Yan Zhi, or someone like Pei Xu.

Huo Cheng could also qualify, after all, he was so manly.

But Zhai Xingchen was too mediocre in comparison, and his temper was indeed good. His height was also very good, but the whole person was lukewarm, without invoking any desire to explore.

But at this moment, he took a closer look at Zhai Xingchen and found that Zhai Xingchen was not bad.

183 cm was considered tall, probably for dancing, the proportion was better, not visually lower than Yan Zhi and the others, he had wide shoulders and narrow waist, refreshing and fair, with the youthful spirit of a college student. Unlike the few of them wearing famous brands, Zhai Xingchen’s T-shirt and trousers were very simple at first glance, but this kind of very simple clothes fit his low-key and bright aura very well.

It just made people feel very natural and comfortable.

One must know that in front of the camera, many people would come off as pretentious, especially amateurs.

But Zhai Xingchen behaved very naturally, neither dodging nor deliberately behaving in a certain way.

Zhai Xingchen noticed Hu Ying’s gaze staring at him, so he turned his head and took a look.

Facing Hu Ying’s rather serious gaze, Zhai Xingchen smiled faintly.

Hu Ying was dazzled by that smile, and his heart skipped a beat.

Well, Zhai Xingchen was actually… not bad.

A college student with red lips and white teeth, such a healthy and clean temperament, was only a sophomore, maybe also… a virgin?

Hu Ying, who was a male con, suddenly expressed his heart.

Probably because Pei Xu was too indifferent, strict and a little alienated, he who was always loved by thousands of people could not resolve this gap for a while, and felt lost, so when he met a warm one like Zhai Xingchen, he thought it was not bad.

After this little love came out, Hu Ying suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a bit weird on the way back to the car, so he turned on the music, and when Zhai Xingchen heard it, he asked, “Is this song old?”

“I like to listen to old songs. Don’t you think there are no good songs now, and the old songs are still good to listen to.” Hu Ying said.

The song Hu Ying played was “The First Time” sung by an unknown singer.

The rhythm was slower than the original song, the soundtrack only had simple guitars, and the vocals were very low and hoarse.

The sky suddenly dimmed, and thick dark clouds floated up from the sea, and the sun set them off with a beautiful golden border. Hu Ying was attracted by this scene, so he turned his head to look at it, and sang along with the song:

The first time I said I love you,

Sometimes, breathing hard, heart trembling.

For the first time, I hold your hands,

Lost direction,

I don’t know where to go.

Hu Ying suddenly reached out and pressed the button in the car.


The sports car transformed brilliantly, the luxury car was a luxury car, and the convertible style was so cool, like a Transformer.

After the hood was completely opened, the wind directly blew Hu Ying’s hair, Zhai Xingchen thought to himself, the rich variety show was different, and every grocery shopping was done in a convertible sports car.

He turned his head to look at Hu Ying, and saw that the wind had blown Hu Ying’s hair all over his face, so he leaned over and brushed the hair off his face.

Hu Ying smiled, but didn’t speak, just bit his lower lip coolly.

Everyone in the program team watched with breathless concentration.

In the silence, someone suddenly said: “I seem to have gotten a sense of CP.”

“Queen Tsundere was attacked by his loyal dog.”

“The way that Zhai Xingchen brushed his hair just now, edit it into the trailer for me!”

Suddenly there was a sound from somewhere, and the blowing wind was filled with damp water vapor.

Zhai Xingchen turned his head to look at the clouds rolling over the sea: “Not good.”

“What’s wrong?” Hu Ying asked.

Zhai Xingchen looked forward again: “The rain is coming.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the rain rushing towards them.

“It’s raining.” Lin Qingning closed the book and said.

Pei Xu turned his head and looked out, the yard was already covered in mist.

This was a sudden rain and it was very violent, just two minutes after it rained, the sun shone through again, the thunder rumbled, the sun was shining, and the rain was suddenly over. This weird celestial phenomenon woke everyone up.

Duan Yihua and Wen Nuo were lying on the bed chatting, but when they saw this, they came downstairs. Just when they came downstairs, they heard Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen’s laughter coming from the door, and after a while, they saw the two of them coming over like drowned chickens carrying shopping bags, walking and leaving water stains all the way.

“Why did you two get drenched like this?”

Lin Qingning also came out of Pei Xu’s room, and hurriedly asked, “Didn’t you drive there? Why are you still drenched like this?”

“It’s raining, I asked him to raise the hood, but he won’t.” Zhai Xingchen shook his head and put down the wet shopping bag.

“Aren’t you happy?”

Hu Ying said, “Occasionally when it rains like this, it’s so cool.”

“You’re crazy.” Zhai Xingchen went to the bedroom, “I’ll wash up.”

He ran to the bedroom with a smile. At the door of the room, he saw Pei Xu coming out.

“How did you get wet like this?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen laughed twice, and went into the room. Pei Xu frowned, and turned to look at Hu Ying, who was also dripping wet. Hu Ying stroked his hair up, revealing a smooth forehead and a plain face, but the ends of the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes were still upturned, showing a flamboyant and gorgeous look.

In front of Pei Xu and the others, Hu Ying immediately took off his shirt. Duan Yihua and the others looked at him without saying a word.

There were large tattoos on Hu Ying’s back and lower abdomen, full of red and green, making him look extremely coquettish, with thin abdominal muscles, slightly protruding shoulder blades on the back, he seemed to be full of wild beauty. He himself knew what he was worth, so he turned his head and glanced at Pei Xu.

As a result, Pei Xu wasn’t looking at him at all.

Hu Ying held his breath in his heart, pursed his lips coldly, and went to the second floor.

Duan Yihua and Wen Nuo took out the vegetables they just bought out of the bag.

“The crab is alive.” Wen Nuo took two steps back in fright.

Lin Qingning wanted to help, but when he smelled the fishy smell, he frowned slightly, and took his hand back. Duan Yihua quickly closed the lid, but two of the crabs crawled out, and fell directly to the ground. When it came down, it slapped and rolled all over the floor.

The kitchen was in chaos, and Zhai Xingchen ran out with his upper body bare: “What’s wrong?!”

Duan Yihua held two slippery fishes and said, “They all ran out.”

Zhai Xingchen bent down and picked them up. When he got up, seeing that Wen Nuo was scared, he purposely took the crab to scare him, so Wen Nuo hid directly behind Duan Yihua.

Probably because the behaviour of being exposed to the rain just now was too crazy, it caused Zhai Xingchen to be a little excited. He laughed loudly and said, “That’s why you are not allowed to enter the kitchen. This is my territory.”

He put the crabs and live fish away: “I’ll clean it later.”

“You go back and put on some clothes first, don’t catch a cold.” Duan Yihua said and glanced at Zhai Xingchen again.

Zhai Xingchen was very thin, with a lean figure of a twenty-year-old boy, but probably because of learning to dance, his waist was very tight, tall and thin, with a white glow.

Was it because he knew that Zhai Xingchen liked him?

Duan Yihua felt that he should pay more attention to Zhai Xingchen.

Zhai Xingchen ran back to get dressed, and saw Pei Xu standing alone in front of the French window watching the rain outside, and just as he ran into the room, Huo Cheng came out from the next door.

Everyone got up and stood in the kitchen. It was still raining outside. The dark clouds fought against the sun, and finally prevailed.

Everyone gathered around Zhai Xingchen, watching him slaughter fish and clean up crabs.

When Zhai Xingchen was working, he seemed to be a different person. He was serious, focused and skilful.

When he was active, he looked like a boy.

But when he was serious, he felt  like a man.

This was probably the charm of his type.

Hu Ying looked at him and suddenly thought, this should be the type of son-in-law that aunts loved most.

Like a good husband at home.

“Where’s Yan Zhi?” Hu Ying asked, “He hasn’t woken up yet?”

Huo Cheng said, “He’s not at home, he went out.”

“Went out?”

“Well, he went out when we were all sleeping.”

“He went out. Did he take an umbrella?” Wen Nuo asked.

“Shouldn’t be able to get wet.” Lin Qingning said.

Upon hearing this, Zhai Xingchen glanced at the dark sky outside.

Everyone stood there chatting for a while, and he saw Hu Ying quietly retreating.

He knew that Hu Ying would not miss such a good opportunity.

After a while Hu Ying put on his coat and came downstairs: “Which one of you has an umbrella?”

Everyone looked at him: “You want to go out?”

“Go out to get some air.” Hu Ying said.

“We don’t even have umbrellas. Why don’t you go next door and ask the program crew.” Huo Cheng said.

Hu Ying nodded and went out.

Zhai Xingchen was chopping ginger, with his head down, when a slight smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

He wanted to buy shares of Hu Ying.

He felt that Hu Ying was the most active.

When Hu Ying arrived at the door, the program team brought him an umbrella.

“You guys understand me very well.” Hu Ying said.

He tied up his hair and wore a knitted sweater. He looked heroic and beautiful, and his smile made the staff dare not look too much.

The indisputable beauty which was neither male nor female, even straight men couldn’t bear it.

He came out holding an umbrella, and the raindrops slapped on the surface of the umbrella, while the rain quickly splashed and wet his trouser legs. He went out with an umbrella and stood at the gate.

It was a very hot day, but when it rained, it immediately cooled down. He wrapped his coat tightly around himself and stood in the rain waiting for Yan Zhi to come back.

Duan Yihua and the others came to the living room. This was the case with love drama, the best moments were only few, and the rest of the time was very trivial and boring daily life. Zhai Xingchen was cooking in the kitchen, Huo Cheng and Wen Nuo were helping him, and the others were reading and chatting in the living room, each with their own things to do.

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