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Mi Wan didn’t know whether Mi Yan understood the deep meaning of her words, or thought it would be better for her to live alone. Anyway, after returning from Mi’s house, the members of the Mi family never asked her to go back to live in the old Mi house. Originally, Mi Wan thought that Mama Mi would come look for her a few more times, and ask her go back to live in tears, but unexpectedly, Mama Mi didn’t. But she would call every few days and ask Mi Wan to accompany her to go shopping for clothes together.

Mi Wan didn’t like Mama Mi’s weak personality. She was undoubtedly a kind person, but facing her daughter’s accusations and low self-esteem, she couldn’t guide her correctly and could only be sad and cry. This kind of person was the most contradictory. On the one hand, she felt that she really loved the original owner wholeheartedly, but she had no ability to change. On the other hand, she felt that it was because of her inability to change that the character of the original owner was formed.

Mi Wan inherited the memory of the original owner, and the original owner felt guilty for accusing her mother in the past, so when Mama Mi called and asked her to go shopping, Mi Wan would occasionally agree once in a while. And the results of one shopping trip surpassed all the results of Mi Wan’s clothes shopping since her rebirth.

She underestimated the obsession of noble ladies in this era with clothes. She just went out for a day of shopping. Mi Wan, who originally only had a wardrobe of clothes, had an extra cloakroom and a fashion consultant the next day. All the clothes would be matched by the fashion consultant and hung in the cloakroom. Mi Wan only needed to take them out and wear them every day. These clothes filled a whole cloakroom, and these were just spring clothes.

“Uncle Ye, when it’s summer, my clothes won’t be able to fit in this cloakroom.” Mi Wan looked at the staff who were constantly moving clothes into the cloakroom, and asked Butler Ye at the side, in a daze.

“Miss, don’t worry.” As a senior housekeeper, Butler Ye would not be troubled by such a small scene. “There are five rooms on the second floor, all of which can be used as cloakrooms for the lady. It doesn’t matter if you have all the spring, summer, autumn and winter, if it is still not enough, the room on the third floor can also be reserved for the young lady’s off-season clothes, and the ones you don’t like can also be moved there.”

“…” Is it okay? Mi Wan was completely stunned. Mother Mi must have moved the entire shopping mall home.

During the period before the new year, Mi Wan never went to the main house of Mi’s house, except for the frequent shopping trips with Mama Mi. It was not until New Year’s Eve that Mi Wan went to Mi’s house for New Year’s Eve dinner. There was nothing special about this New Year’s Eve dinner, anyway, Mi Wan didn’t feel much of the New Year’s atmosphere from it. Not only Mi’s house, but walking on the street, apart from the festive decorations all over the street, Mi Wan didn’t feel much joy of the New Year on the faces of modern people.

Five hundred years later, the Spring Festival had lost a sense of the New Year.

But there was also a good point, that was, there was a lot of lucky money.

After receiving three big red envelopes, Mi Wan was in a good mood, and went to give one to Mi Xiaodi, but Mi Xiaodi didn’t like the money, instead he asked in a low voice, “Can I exchange the money for eggs?”

“Okay, I’ll send you one tomorrow.” Mi Wan smiled and nodded, then glanced at the time and found that it was almost twelve o’clock. When Mi Wan was thinking about whether it was time to go back, Brother Mi seemed to have seen her thoughts, and suddenly sent her a message.

Mi Yan: Today is New Year’s Eve, just stay at home for a day.

Mi Wan was stunned and looked back at Mi Yan. According to the original owner’s memory, her eldest brother had always been aloof and reticent. After the original owner’s drug abuse was exposed, Mama Mi had to accompany her daughter to stop her from taking drugs all the time. Mi Yan knew her mother’s soft-hearted personality. In order to let the original owner succeed in detoxification, he forcefully separated the original owner from her family and sent her out. Only the Butler was sent with her to help the original owner get rid of her drug addiction.

Although the original owner had an accident in the end, his starting intention was really good for the original owner.

Thinking of this, Mi Wan softened her heart and nodded lightly.

Mi Yan: Thank you.

Knowing that Mi Wan was going to stay for the night, Mama Mi was extremely happy. The whole family gathered in the living room to watch the New Year’s party, planning to wait until almost twelve o’clock to count down the New Year’s bell with the host on TV.

At this time, Mi Wan suddenly thought of Fan Chen, so she sent him a message curiously.

Mi Wan: What are you doing?

Fan Chen: Watching the New Year’s Eve party.

Mi Wan: How old are you, and you still have this leisurely feeling.

Fan Chen: After the New Year’s bell, human beings will have many wishes to make, and I really like this moment.

Mi Wan: Then you have received so much power of faith, will you help them realize their wishes?

Fan Chen: Making a wish is just a kind of good expectation. A happy future still depends on your own hands.

Mi Wan: You goddamn stick.

Fan Chen smiled, replied back with a smiling expression, and did not refute. In fact, he could only feel the power of faith between the heaven and the earth, as for the wishes made by the wisher, he couldn’t hear it. Even the Sanskrit Tree could only grant blessings and could not guarantee 100% fulfillment of the other party’s wishes. Heaven’s expectation for human beings was not to get something for nothing, but to bless those who worked hard.

Mi Wan: By the way, speaking of it, you must be much older than me.

Fan Chen raised his eyebrows, and typed strangely: So what?

Mi Wan: According to the custom, you have to send me a big red envelope as lucky money during the New Year.

As she said that, Mi Wan took photos of the three big red envelopes she had just received and sent them over.

Fan Chen stared at the three big red envelopes in the phone, startled, New Year’s money?

New Year’s money, also known as lucky money, is one of the customs of the New Year. It is distributed by the elders to the younger generation. It is said that the New Year’s money can suppress evil spirits, and the younger generation can spend the first year safely with the lucky money.

Fan Chen: New Year’s money is used to suppress evil spirits. For the demon hunters, the evil spirits should be our demon clan. Are you sure you want an evil spirit to give you lucky money?

Mi Wan: Yes, look, we live next door and we often meet. If you don’t give me a lot of lucky money, I won’t be able to suppress you, this evil spirit.

She didn’t know what in Mi Wan’s words amused Fan Chen. But Fan Chen couldn’t help laughing, and then he directly sent a red envelope with the maximum limit on his mobile phone, and specially changed the note on the red envelope to lucky money.

When Mi Wan received the red envelope, she showed a sinister smile after succeeding. At this time, the host on the TV started counting down, and Mi Wan took the time to send her blessings at the first time: Happy New Year!

Fan Chen: Happy New Year!

After replying to the message, Fan Chen drew the curtains. The lights next door were not on, and he knew that Mi Wan would not be coming back tonight.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, after having breakfast with the Mi family and paying new year greetings to each other, Mi Wan left the main house of the Mi family and went to the pet shop.

It was still the New Year’s holiday, and it was the first day of the new year. In fact, most of the pet hospitals were still on holiday and closed. Mi Wan also gave Xu Zhuang a holiday and asked him to come back to work on the sixth day of the new year. But there were too many demons waiting to get rid of demon poison. In order to treat them (well, mainly for making money), Mi Wan still insisted on treating at least one demon every day.

Mi Wan came to the store that day and cured a wolf demon of the wolf clan. This wolf demon was a wolf demon whose upper body could not be transformed. After finally saving enough money, it ran over to the door anxiously on the first day of the new year.

What, you ask why a wolf running on the road didn’t cause panic? In fact, it’s very simple, just raise your tail, after all, how do you say it?

“Shangshu” must be a dog. (Shangshu was upright, the one with the tail standing up is the dog, and the one with the tail hanging down is the wolf.)

This dog…cough…the wolf’s condition was similar to Ji Jingjing’s, and its natural meridians were blocked by demon poison. After the demon poison was cleaned up, it could not immediately transform into a human form, it still needed to be nourished by its own demon power.

Mi Wan habitually exhorted: “Ninety percent of the demon poison in your body has been eliminated, and the remaining ten percent needs to be excreted by your own demon power, otherwise it will be bad for your transformation.”

“I see, thank you master.” The wolf demon nodded obediently.

“Then you go back, if all goes well, you can transform in ten days.” Mi Wan said.

“Goodbye, master.” After saying goodbye, the wolf demon was about to go out from the door with his strong limbs. At this time, a seven or eight year old girl wearing a red coat, a red hat, and red shoes, wrapped up like a red lantern suddenly walked in from the door.


The wolf demon’s first reaction was not to reveal his identity as a wolf, so he erected his big tail hanging down in a second.

“Wow~~ What a big dog.” The little girl saw the big dog head-on and her eyes widened in surprise.

The wolf demon raised his head proudly: Fortunately, I reacted quickly, otherwise I would be discovered.

“What a handsome dog.” Seeing the movement of the big dog raising its head, the little girl thought it was very handsome, and couldn’t help reaching out to pet the dog.

The wolf demon was confused by the little girl’s handsome words, so he stood still and let the little girl pet the wolf’s head.

“…” The sparrow spirit and Mi Wan who witnessed the whole process, was he sure he was a wolf? Was it really not a dog?

“Ah, I’m sorry, I petted the dog without your permission.” After petting the dog, the little girl noticed the two people standing beside her, and immediately lowered her head in embarrassment.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, as long as the dog doesn’t object, you can touch it as you like.” Sparrow Spirit said with a smile.

The little girl misunderstood that he was a dog. It was because the little girl was an ordinary person that he tolerated it, but when the sparrow spirit said so, the wolf demon became a little unhappy, so he turned his head silently and bared his teeth at the sparrow spirit.

The sparrow was startled, so taking advantage of the little girl’s inattention, he folded his hands together and silently apologized. The wolf demon snorted, trying to calm down.

“Then…then I’ll touch it again.” The little girl’s eyes lit up immediately, staring at the wolf demon eagerly.

“…” The wolf demon felt bitter. He just wanted to pretend to be a dog, but he wasn’t a real dog. But because of Mi Wan’s condition for treatment, he had just promised not to take the initiative to harm humans, so he could only move his head forward resignedly. Touch it, touch it, touch it once, touch it twice, anyway, I am no longer pure.

The little girl immediately burst out laughing in surprise, she didn’t expect this dog to be so spiritual, and she couldn’t let go of it for a long time before letting the big dog go.

Seeing that the girl finally stopped touching him, the wolf demon immediately ran away with his tail upright.

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