IHSB Ch. 65

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The morning sunrays fell through the window, and the hazy water mist passed through the transparent window pane and scattered in the warm room. A burrito-like thing squirmed on the ground and then fell silent.

Nuan Nuan woke up in a daze, and when she wanted to rub her eyes with her hands, she found that she couldn’t move her hands.

The air felt stuffy, so she arched her furry head, the small furry head protruded out of the quilt, the little face was puffy, and when she opened her eyes, she was a little dazed at her current situation.

She remembered that the eldest brother didn’t come back last night, and then it became a problem who to sleep with, after which the fourth brother and the younger brother almost got into a fight.

The final solution was that both brothers and their sister all came to the little brother’s bedroom, and the two brothers planned to decide the outcome through a game.

And she was the referee, holding a bunch of snacks and Wangai milk, she sat there slowly eating and drinking.

She fell asleep watching them playing games, and basically lost the memory after that, so why did she wake up like this, and why was she rolled up in the quilt?

Nuan Nuan groaned for a long time to no avail. There was movement from the side, and when she turned her head to look over, Nuan Nuan found that she was not the only one who was wrapped up in the quilt…

Gu An squirmed in the quilt for a while and finally woke up.

“Damn it! Did Gu Mingli roll me up!”

Gu An struggled vigorously inside the blanket, rolling around for a while, and then crawling for a while, he bumped into Nuan Nuan.

Caught off guard, Nuan Nuan rolled around twice in a daze.


A weak chirping voice came from inside the quilt, Nuan Nuan retracted her head into the quilt and began to fiddle.

“Ahh…!!! I’m sorry Nuan Nuan, I didn’t mean to, are you okay!”

“I’m okay.”

A warm, soft and muffled voice came out of the quilt.

After finally getting out of the quilt, she discovered that there were actually three quilts on the ground, and the fourth brother was there too!

When Gu An came out, he kicked at Gu Mingli’s roll, “You rolled up yourself, and you rolled me up too!”

Gu Mingli opened his eyes agitatedly, his eyes were a little dark, as he played games till late last night and went to bed very late.

“Don’t make me beat you! If it weren’t for you kicking off your quilt in the middle of the night, who would want to roll you?”

Nuan Nuan:”…”

It turned out that it was all done by the fourth brother, so why did he roll her?

Gu An hummed twice, yawned, and took Nuan Nuan to wash up.

There was no winner or loser in the game yesterday. Nuan Nuan fell asleep on the small table. Gu Mingli was afraid that she would catch a cold, so he took the quilt and rolled her into a firm roll and put her on the bed to sleep. They played games later on, he couldn’t hold back and fell asleep. Who knew that Gu Mingli would stay cheeky and roll him into a ball as well. But…, how did his sister roll off the bed?

Nuan Nuan was also very confused.

Only Gu Mingli had a guilty conscience. He didn’t sleep very well, and he loved to toss and roll. While sleeping, he often rolled himself under the quilt and rolled out of bed. He slept in Nuan Nuan’s quilt yesterday. He knew that his sister must have rolled down from the bed because of him.


He lifted the quilt and stood up. Let’s not talk about it. What if the little one didn’t sleep next to him after being rolled down? Today was the weekend, Nuan Nuan woke up early in the morning, she was going to receive a gift from her elder brother, but he was not here, so she was a little disappointed.

Nan Feng handed her a cute light pink mobile phone.

“Miss Nuan Nuan, this is a mobile phone specially made for you by someone. Your family’s phone numbers have been stored in it. It has a special tracking and positioning function. Please keep it with you carefully.”

The phone still had a hanging lanyard, especially for her to hang around her neck.

The light and compact mobile phone was not too big for Nuan Nuan’s hands.

Nuan Nuan held the phone obediently, and the screen was unlocked as soon as her little face leaned over.

Because she had used her parents’ mobile phone before, she knew how to make a call, so she couldn’t wait to open the phone book. The first contact on it was the number of her big brother, and the note was the big brother.

The other two brothers and Father Gu who were watching secretly from the side: “…”

Father Gu quietly asked Nuan Nuan to show him the phone, wanting to set his number as the first one, but…

Gu Nan’s number could not be deleted at all, no matter how he did it, he firmly occupied the number one position.

The three of them once again: “…”

They didn’t expect that their steady and old-fashioned eldest son and elder brother could be so flamboyant!

Nan Feng slipped away with good insight, afraid of being troubled.

Father Gu put his name on the second one with a stinky face before returning the phone to Nuan Nuan. He should have thought why the brat was so active in taking on the task of buying a phone for Nuan Nuan.

Nuan Nuan looked at her father eagerly, “What’s wrong with Dad?”

Gu Linmo rubbed the little girl’s head, “Everything is okay.”

Just a little bit want to beat his son.

“Then I’m going to call big brother.”

She was worried since big brother didn’t come home yesterday.

The little girl hugged her mobile phone, and with a sweet smile, she used her new mobile phone to call her big brother.

Gu Nan, who had only rested for less than four hours, was drinking a cup of coffee at the moment while continuing to work with a group of people who were listless but extremely excited.

The holographic game that their company had been preparing for more than two years would be launched on the market in less than a month.

The current holographic technology was a technology that is in need of a breakthrough, and when other countries were making slow progress, they had achieved results first, and put this technology into the game to test the effect.

At present, only their studio’s technology was used in the shopping malls in the whole country. The right to have such preferential treatment was of course thanks to the talented twin brothers of the Gu family. It was completely enviable by others.

Moreover, it was a fairly mature holographic technology. This release would not only cause a sensation in their country, but would even sweep other countries as well.

So the whole studio was basically working hard, with very little rest time, and they even took turns to rest. In the final lap, they had to ensure that all systems were fool proof.

“Boss Nuan Nuan’s modelling is really amazing, this is definitely the best-looking and smartest little loli I’ve ever seen!”

“Boss, where did you find the modelling image, it’s so beautiful.”

Nuan Nuan’s modelling image, basically, Gu Nan did it himself. Although less than a third of it was completed, all of the people present were professional. Once this modelling was completed, it would definitely exist become an existence like the daughter of the whole country.

Although Nuan Nuan was just a junior sister NPC of the sect of cultivating immortals in the grand picture of the whole game, this role was taken seriously by their boss.

Several previous versions of the modelling were rejected by him. Just when everyone thought that this NPC was going to be cut off, their boss suddenly said that he would do the modelling of this character himself.

Gu Nan looked at the delicate little person who was gradually taking shape on his computer, and his cold and sharp eyes couldn’t help but soften a lot.

At this time, a special ringtone rang.

Gu Nan paused, and took out his phone without changing his expression under several pairs of eyes, and the corners of his mouth raised a little imperceptibly.

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