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In the living room.

Si Huang was sitting on the sofa, and Grandma Yu held her hand tightly, “Are you hurt? Are you frightened? Huh?”

From the tightly clenched hand, she could feel the trembling of the other party, and Si Huang looked at Grandma Yu with lingering fear, then a ray of guilt emerged in her heart, so shaking her head, she comforted her softly: “No injury, grandma, don’t be afraid.”

She patronized revenge but forgot that she was no longer alone like in her previous life. Now there was a group of people who cared about her like a family, they who didn’t know the situation, but she knew how frightened they would be if she was killed.

Si Huang glanced at Qin Fan who came uninvited and was sitting in the living room.

It was understandable that he would be furious, but it didn’t mean that she could forgive the other party’s wild guesses.

Qin Fan’s gaze was on her all the time, and he naturally caught her looking over. He opened his mouth to speak, but Si Huang had already withdrawn her gaze.

Grandma Yu: “Bah, bah, bah! Don’t be afraid, you are the one who was scared, idiot, why did you agree to that so-and-so’s invitation? If I knew it was him, grandma would definitely stop you! Did he threaten you with power? You? What did grandma tell you, don’t be afraid of these messy scumbags, you have grandma behind you, even if grandma and grandpa can’t kill them, there is Xiao Qilin, don’t you know?” Si Huang said to Qin Fan, “Grandma told you that Xiao Qilin’s family has great achievements and great abilities. Only this group of crooked demons are afraid of him, and he is not afraid of anyone. Xiao Qilin, tell me, your Brother Huang has been bullied, what are you going to do?”

“Dead.” Qin Fan was expressionless, staring at Si Huang when he said this.

His voice was low, but when he opened his mouth, he erupted with evil spirits, causing the two women in the living room, Yu Ling and Zhao Limei, to tremble and their complexions turned slightly pale.

Grandma Yu was also taken aback, and asked nervously: “What’s going on? Did something happen when you rescued Xiao Huang?”

Qin Fan remained silent, and Si Huang held Grandma Yu’s hand instead, “Nothing happened. I made grandma and everyone worry, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing? This has nothing to do with you. It’s all politics…” Grandma Yu swallowed her words in the middle, stroked Si Huang’s hand, and comforted her kindly, “It’s over, it’s over, as long as you didn’t get hurt, go back to the room to take a shower and get a good night’s sleep, huh? Take a day off tomorrow and don’t do anything.”



After returning to the room, Si Huang locked the door and went to the indoor bathroom to take a shower.

After soaking in the hot water, she suddenly felt tired and sore all over. Frowning slightly, she looked at her body, her wrists, arms, sides, thighs, and calves were partially bruised. The most seriously injured were her hands, which were pinched, twisted and lifted by Qin Fan’s great strength, which had already hurt the bones and muscles.

When she was in the living room, she didn’t take off her gloves, and she resisted showing any flaws when Grandma Yu held her hands tightly, as it would have worried them, and made it hard to explain when asked.

[Your Majesty, if it really hurts, you can actually recover with the gold glitter…] Five Treasure cautiously comforted her.

Si Huang thought for a while, “It’s enough to make the wrist move normally.”

Five Treasure did it obediently, and it took only one gold glitter to restore the injured bones and muscles of the wrist, which was acceptable to Si Huang. When she moved her wrist, she could no longer feel the piercing pain, but the purple-black surface was still there, because the congestion spread after soaking in hot water, so that it looked more serious and terrifying, in stark contrast to her white and delicate skin elsewhere.

After getting out of the bathtub and wiping her body clean, she put on a bathrobe and walked to the bed, took out Yunnan Baiyao[1] from the bedside cabinet and rubbed it on the bruises on her body.

Somebody knocked on the door.

Si Huang frowned lightly, everyone in the family knew her habits, and would not knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Although thinking that the person outside the door might be Qin Fan, Si Huang still gathered her bathrobe and opened the door.

A tall man stood at the door, blocking the light in the corridor.

“What’s the matter?” Si Huang looked over his shoulder and looked outside. The lights were turned off to indicate that everyone was asleep, so she lowered her voice, “What’s the matter, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

She was about to close the door when Qin Fan stretched out his hand and blocked her, “You don’t have enough guest rooms.”

“Go sleep with Yu Xi, or sleep on the sofa in the living room, choose one.”

Qin Fan didn’t move, still refusing to let her close the door.

Si Huang raised her eyes impatiently and looked at him coldly.

The eyes of both of them clearly showed their respective personalities, they were both people who didn’t give in easily and changed their minds.

Annoyance gradually appeared in Si Huang’s eyes, then she heard Qin Fan say bluntly, “Go and dry your hair.”

She was startled, her anger somewhat disappeared, and her complicated emotions made her not want to think about the reason, “You don’t bother me, I’ve already dried my hair and gone to bed.”


“Now, immediately, put down your hand.”

Si Huang didn’t want to talk nonsense with him.

Qin Fan glanced at her wrist, the sleeves of the bathrobe were not long enough to hide her wrist, and the blurred black and purple hurt his eyes.

His eyes were rough and sharp as if they were real, Si Huang felt as if the bruises on her wrists were being slashed by thorns, but it didn’t cut the skin, however it was full of dangerous irritation and itching. She frowned and took her hand back.

Qin Fan straightened his lips and said coldly: “It’s just that this small injury is cheap for you. If you dare to do reckless and risky things in the future, I will let you experience the experience of being unable to get out of bed for a few days.”

Si Huang smiled, but there was no trace of warmth in her eyes, and her response was to kick him flying.

As a result, the long leg was held by the other party. And Qin Fan continued: “I don’t know anything about you. The verbal insult to you before was wrong. I can let you call back.”

After finishing what he wanted to say, Qin Fan’s senses noticed something else. Wasn’t the skin of the calf in his hands too delicate? Why did a man want such a smooth skin? No wonder he attracted so many dregs.

He lowered his eyes, and then he saw a white leg, the bathrobe was not wrapped tightly enough, and his height was different from Si Huang’s, so when he grabbed her leg like this, her thighs were faintly visible.

Qin Fan’s heart beat violently, and he let go as if touching something hot, and let go of the hand that pushed the door before.

For this release, before he had time to see the child’s expression, the door was closed with a “bang”.

“…” Qin Fan outside the door frowned lightly, helplessness and troublesomeness gradually appearing in his eyes that had been severely oppressed just now.

He stared at the closed door and sighed silently, then turned and went to the living room downstairs, where he sat on the sofa and thought alone.

Once a child of this age had a stereotyped personality, it would be difficult to correct it in the future. If he made a mistake, he must let him know.

Then just… fight?

The image of the child in the woods appeared in Qin Fan’s mind.

When he was the angriest, he still didn’t strike, how could he fight now?

“Troublesome.” No one had ever made him so confused. If he had something to say clearly, it was his mistake and he should call him back. What was the meaning of the cold war without speaking.

Qin Fan fell heavily on the sofa, folded his hands and pulled his hair back, staring deeply at the ceiling in the darkness.

Hours ago.

“Report, the target person was hijacked.”

“Report, found the location of the target person.”

“Report, the truck the target person was riding in had an accident. Four people died at the scene, one was seriously injured, and the target person is missing.”

“Report, the target person is suspected to have entered the mountain forest area and is being hunted down by the kidnappers.”

Qin Fan, who was sitting in the helicopter at that time, listened to the messages from the technical team with a blank expression. No one knew what he felt while listening to it. When there was a truck accident, there were four people at the scene but Si Huang disappeared, and when he was hunting him down later, no one knew how tormented he was.

It was not that there were no teammates who encountered danger in previous missions. He knew that the other party would definitely die and would feel sad for the other party, but he would never lose his rationality amidst the anxiety.

A fire burned his body and ignited his blood, wishing he could immediately kill all the dregs that wanted to threaten the life of his child.

The child had great potential but had not received traditional training. His physical skills were no match for ordinary people, but they were absolutely useless against real military experts. Who knew if there was any skill among the kidnappers? What if there is an accident?

“Chief, the matter has been investigated clearly. This incident was secretly operated by the mayor of H City, Zhuang Jin, and the gangsters were in collusion to solve the few people who opposed him. The person behind Zhuang Jin is Liu Dahai, the vice governor of Guangzhou Province. Liu Dahai is currently captured, how should we deal with it?” The person in charge of investigating the source of the incident called.

The corner of Qin Fan’s mouth twitched, “Shoot!”

“But the chief…”

“I’ll take responsibility.”


“Head, it’s time.” The pilot’s voice sounded.

Qin Fan opened the door and saw the overturned truck and other vehicles on the mountain road below.

The ladder was lowered, and the man full of evil spirits fell quickly and swiftly.

The dim light in the middle of the night had no effect on him. For him, there was no need to check the traces of people passing by in the woods, and he could easily find the route of those guys.

The subtle smell of blood penetrated into his nose, especially seeing the blood stains on some grass leaves, which made Qin Fan very anxious. Whose blood was this? The child’s? Would he have been hurt?

The man walked silently and swiftly through the woods, and it didn’t take long before he heard the voices of the bandits cursing.

Qin Fan had a murderous look in his eyes, and then he chased after them.

To him, this group of people was simply a mob, completely vulnerable.

“Don’t, don’t kill me! Zhuang Jin asked me to do these, if you want to find him, go to Zhuang Jin, it’s none of my business!”

Seeing the bandit kneeling and weeping bitterly in front of him, Qin Fan beat his hands, “Why kidnap Si Huang?” This plan was just to get rid of the henchmen of other factions, so why bother to involve his child.

“He’s a pervert, a homosexual pervert who wants to play a hero to save the beauty and get the little star, he is a perverted scum, he is the most damned! I said everything, let me go… ah!”

Qin Fan didn’t even look at the fallen gangster, and his eyes were still looking at the unwilling corpse of the gangster, when the anger in his eyes turned into a cold storm.

After dealing with all the gangsters, he went to the lower level where he had noticed some traces…

Qin Fan didn’t want to remember what happened later.

Five minutes later, Qin Fan, who was lying on the sofa, suddenly sat up straight, his eyes were so deep that there was no light, and he made a decision in his heart.

This kid was too stubborn, since he couldn’t discipline his reckless character, let’s teach him well so that he could deal with more dangerous situations, so that in the future only he could beat others but no one could hurt him!

T/N: QF’s child raising philosophy: My child can hit someone but noone can hit my child!!!!

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[1] Yunnan Baiyao is a proprietary traditional Chinese medicine marketed and used as a hemostatic product in both human and veterinary alternative medicine.

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