MGSGW Ch. 186

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Yun Ting took Lin Mumu’s hand and left, and there was the seemingly gentle Ning He on Lin Mumu’s right side. The three of them could scare a few people to the ground just by their aura.

The bustling here before had attracted many people to watch, not many people saw Ning He beheading people’s wrists, but Yun Ting’s way of teaching the people of Sakurajima really caught the eyes of many people.

It really deserved to be Yun Ting who was known as the god of thunder, and he was still so handsome.

Boss Du also had no choice but to remind them helplessly after seeing them leaving quickly: “Mrs. Yun, Ms. Noko Inoue is a distinguished guest of the Inoue family. Look…”

“She is timid and reluctant to part with five million, and you are blaming me?” Lin Mumu blinked. Since Noko Inoue was so worthless and sent so many people to deal with her, it would be unreasonable for her not to teach Noko Inoue a lesson, right?

Would this matter be troublesome?

Lin Mumu looked at Yun Ting.

Yun Ting nodded to her, but said to Boss Du: “Du Qingong, you have to think about it, your ancestors are all from Huaxia, and your grandfather’s leg was also broken by a person from Sakurajima Country, why are you helping the people of Sakurajima to bully us Chinese? I am not interested in the identity of Noko Inoue. I only know that Lin Mumu is my Yun Ting’s wife. With me protecting her, she is not inferior to anyone else.”

“Young Master Yun, I don’t mean that.” Boss Du’s heart skipped a beat, he really didn’t expect Young Master Yun to offend the powerful Inoue family of the underworld in Sakurajima Country for a woman.

“I don’t care what you mean, the bets will be sent over, and as long as there are warriors from the Inoue family in your clubhouse, I will spare some time every day to break their legs.” Yun Ting’s words were a little domineering, but he had this strength.

Yun Ting lost interest and was worried about Lin Mumu, so he took her back first.

On the way back to the car, Lin Mumu’s thoughts were all about her bear meat.

“Don’t worry, I just saw Professor Lin instructing those people to make smoked meat in the kitchen.”

“Really?” Lin Mumu regained his spirit immediately. In the Taoist temple, the master often took her to hunt in the mountains, and then marinated the meat that could not be eaten, and hung it on the stove to make Qiongzhou’s most characteristic delicacy – bacon.

Thinking of the bacon made from bear meat, Lin Mumu felt particularly good.

“But I still have two bear paws.”

They had made two bear paws this time, Lin Mumu generously shared one with An Xiaoqin and the others, and the other was greedily shared by her master and brother, and everyone else did not get to eat.

What about two more?

“I left one for you, and one for grandpa and the old chief. You can’t take this thing away. We’ll continue to eat it tomorrow.”

“Okay.” When it came to eating, Lin Mumu had no morals.

Although bear paws were good, the country did not allow them to be eaten casually, so they could only be eaten secretly in this clubhouse.

“Aren’t you afraid that the people of Sakurajima Country will trouble you?” Yun Ting teased Lin Mumu amusedly, “I didn’t expect you to be so hateful.”

“What, it’s obviously your fault!” Speaking of this point, Lin Mumu just looked depressed: “Noko Inoue is your love debt, woo.”

Before Lin Mumu could finish speaking, Yun Ting had already bent down and grabbed her lips.

Lin Mumu blinked and felt that resistance was meaningless, so she simply closed her eyes and let him continue to explore.

“Second brother, are we still coming tomorrow? Let me do it tomorrow.” Qiu Jun’s voice interrupted their movements.

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