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A cry came from below: “Fuck, no, Qiao Xi was shocked again!!”

“Wait, Qiao Xi don’t leave!!!”

“Damn, who came up with this idea!”

“Isn’t it you?!”

“…What should we do now! Qiao Xi!!! Qiao—Xiao————”

A group of people held candles in their hands and started running wildly, while the phoenix flew high in the sky ahead!

Qiao Xi was so frightened that he flew two or three hundred meters before he could hear the shouting mixed with the wind behind him.

…Sounded like Jing Yan?

Hey, and Chris and the others?!

“Qiao, Qiao Xi!! We did not want to scare you!”

“Jing Yan wants to propose to you!! We can’t catch up with you! Qiao Xi, don’t fly!!”

“Qiao Xi, come back soon!”

Qiao Xi was confused, then he turned around in the air, and looked down.

He saw a group of guys who were dressed extraordinarily grandly today, all in suits, chasing after him out of breath!

Probably because of the special dress up today, none of these people turned into their animal form, and they just chased him for a long time with their human legs!

Jing Yan’s hair was all messed up, and he was still holding a handful of roses in his hand. At this time, the delicate and beautiful roses had already turned quite messy after being devastated by the strong wind.

“Qiao Xi! Qiao Xi don’t fly!”

Qiao Xi hurriedly landed on the spot, changed back to the appearance of a little chick, and waited in a daze for Jing Yan and the others to run in front of him, panting with their hands on their knees.

… In addition to Jing Yi, Jiao Yue, A Xue, Chris and Hei Yu were also back!

“When did you guys come back? I didn’t even know…” Qiao Xi said weakly.

Chris was also gasping for breath, he thrust his waist and said, “I, Hei Yu and I all sneaked back here, so I just wanted, huh, I wanted to surprise you!”

“I thought I was haunted!”

Qiao Xi wanted to cry, “What were you doing?!”

“See your idea was too bad!” Chris punched Jing Yan!

Jing Yan took a breath and tried to explain: “I thought it would be better to pair it with candlelight at night…”

He used black technology to ignite some flames in the air. He originally wanted to create an effect similar to fireflies, and then he thought of carrying a lit candle in their hands. Chris and the others would form a circle, and he would propose to Qiao Xiaoxi in the middle, how romantic!

“But it’s really weird to have those flames floating in the air!”

Jing Yan went crazy: “I thought it was very beautiful!!”

“Brother, you just overturned your car right now, why are you even proposing?” Jing Yi complained.

Jing Yan almost choked to death!

Qiao Xi came back to his senses – wait, what were they talking about!


Jing Yan wanted to propose to him?!

The Little Chick’s eyes burst into light instantly, dotted with stars, while he felt shocked, excited, and shy!

And Jing Yan… the proposal seemed to have been messed up, so he was in a rather depressed mood. After a few words with Jing Yi and Chris, he drooped his head in frustration.

“Jing Yan…” Qiao Xi whispered.

“Qiao Xiaoxi, I wanted to propose to you,” Jing Yan said lazily, “I’m sorry, I’m not ready…”

Jiao Yue covered his forehead and shook his head, A Xue sighed, Jing Yi, Chris and Hei Yu were all a little speechless.

But Qiao Xi was different!

At this moment, all he could think about was “marriage proposal”!

Jing Yan was going to propose to him!

The Little Chick twitched a bit, and said shyly: “I, my brother still doesn’t seem to agree…”

Jing Yan said depressedly: “I already told elder brother yesterday, and finally persuaded him, but I fucked it up in this way today—”

His brother agreed?!

Agreed to him marrying Jing Yan!?

Qiao Xi was shocked!


No wonder! No wonder his brother laughed so strangely when he called his brother on the way back just now!

He could marry Jing Yan now!!!

When everyone was depressed, they heard the little chick in front of them cough and whisper: “It’s okay, you failed once, can, you can try again!”

Everyone: Hmm?

Jing Yan raised his head with a “shua”.

Seeing this, the Little Chick asked seriously: “Are all your candles still there?”

“Yes,” Chris raised his hand subconsciously, and said, “We just can’t light it now.”

After the words fell, the little chicken ran over, waved his wings, and threw a small flame at the candle in Chris’s hand, and instantly lit the candle again.

The little flame quivered in the wind, but it burned quite ardently.

Everyone: “…”

They almost forgot that Qiao Xi still had this skill now!

Jing Yan’s eyes lit up instantly: “Qiao Xiaoxi!”

The Little Chick wagged his tail.

Everyone looked at each other and laughed a little, and then held up their candles one by one.

Qiao Xi threw a few small flames out, and everyone’s candles were lit!

At this moment, under the night, the moonlight was like water.

The few people stood aside, and the warm fire light illuminated their faces and everything around them.

The dark-haired man and the chick stood in the middle, facing each other.

Qiao Xi lowered his head in embarrassment.

Jing Yan’s heart throbbed, and he called out in a hoarse voice: “Qiao Xiaoxi…” He hurriedly took out the ring box that he had removed from the flowers before he started running, reopened the ring box that was clutched in his hand, and carefully placed it in the pile of flowers, neatly, and then half-knelt down, and offered the bouquet of roses that were blown pitifully by the wind, but still looked beautiful, to the little chicken.

Qiao Xi’s little heart was beating wildly.

He heard the man in front of him solemnly say, “Qiao Xiaoxi, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

Jing Yan’s voice was dry and hoarse. He took a deep breath and said slowly, “The last time when we were at the Nirvana ceremony I had said that in the future, I will always be by your side and walk with you. Qiao Xi, I want to marry you, I love you, please be my partner!”

In the candlelight, Qiao Xi looked at the man’s face.

This man appeared very suddenly in his life, and the meeting was full of ups and downs, but Qiao Xi had never felt so lucky—to be able to meet him, be friends with him, and become his lover, this was what Qiao Xi thought in the past was unbelievable, but it was the sweetest experience he ever had in his life.

Qiao Xi frowned.

Jing Yan held the roses, seemingly calm, but in fact, he was so nervous that he was about to sweat.

In the next second, the Little Chick said happily, “Jing Yan, I love you too!”

Jing Yan’s eyes showed surprise.

The little chicken ran towards the roses, spread his wings, and finally threw himself into the man’s arms.

He shouted happily: “I promise you!”

Jing Yan hugged the little chicken tightly in his arms, unable to speak out with excitement, then he couldn’t help but kiss the head of the little chicken in his arms, Qiao Xi responded by rubbing against him a bit.

Chris and the others booed.

“Marry, get married!”

“Hurry up and get married!”

Jing Yan and Qiao Xi looked at each other with a smile and then raised their heads, with high spirits, rosy complexions, and piercing eyes: “It is necessary to get married immediately, and it must be before you and Ye He!”

Chris froze, then came back to his senses, and said contemptuously: “You haven’t even received the certificate, you are already behind us!”

Jing Yan also froze, and immediately shouted: “Qiao Xiaoxi, let’s go get the certificate tomorrow!!”

Qiao Xi: “Let me tell my brother first!”

Jing Yan: “Brother has already agreed, and we will go to get the certificate tomorrow!”

Qiao Xi: “I know, I know!”

Jing Yi: “Brother, you are so annoying!”

The other few people: “Hahahaha!”

In the night sky, the moon was watching everything quietly.

Tranquil and gentle.

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