MGSGW Ch. 183

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The excitement attracted countless people, but it was a pity that there was no betting, and they always felt that something was missing.

In order to prevent the audience from making a fuss, and to prevent Yun Shao from being impatient and unwilling to wait, here was the time to start.

After all, Young Master Yun came to the fighting arena to teach people, and he didn’t really come to perform for them to make money.

The Inoue family really shamelessly sent up five people even after they pretended to be noble.

They also wanted to find a chance to wash away the shame of Inoue Hidesei’s loss to Yun Ting. Winning one-on-one was probably hopeless in this life. It was rare to find a five-on-one opportunity, so they gave up that face and went together.

But the result of the fact was that Yun Ting once again showed his strength as the king of special forces, and used the simplest and rudest method to directly fight against five and beat them to the ground head-on.

It wasn’t a complete blow to the ground, Yun Ting actually kept his hand on them.

After they were knocked down, they still had the strength to struggle to stand up.

How can you continue to abuse if you don’t stand up?

What was five-on-one here? It was basically one-on-five with no bottom line.

Yun Ting’s shots were basically painful but not fatal flesh wounds. The people watching the battle were terrified. To be beaten up like this would not only embarrass them, but also hurt them.

They said that Yun Ting left room for his attack, so that they could get up, if they chose not to get up, it would be a loss of dignity. But when they got up, they still had to be beaten, which was not only painful but also embarrassing.

It would hurt no matter what.

“Is this still a human?” The onlookers sighed.

Especially Xing Xi muttered happily: “I didn’t lose that bear. I’m not as strong as them.” At the end, he looked at the harmless Lin Mu with fear.

This woman was definitely the most untouchable person in Yanjing City from now on!

Seeing that the five people had been beaten to the point of doubting their lives, Yun Ting broke all five of their right arms.

Anyone with a discerning eye knew that he was venting his anger for Lin Mumu.

Before Noko Inoue made a move on Lin Mumu, Yun Ting also saw it.

If Lin Mumu hadn’t counterattacked herself, Yun Ting had already prepared a small stone in his hand, ready to break Noko Inoue’s arm remotely.

Since it was Lin Mumu’s own action that time, these five people should suffer for Noko Inoue.

Before Yun Ting left the stage, he said a word: “Anyone who is unhappy can come to me directly, and if anyone finds my wife, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

This time Yun Ting was really angry, and he was more ruthless than usual.

These five people would have to lie down for at least a month when they went back, and they would lie down in pain! Don’t even think about getting involved with others within a year.

As long as Lin Mumu could break someone’s wrist, Yun Ting couldn’t?

In this way, the deterrent effect was very good, at least in the short term, there should be no idiots doing nothing to embarrass Lin Mumu.

When Yun Ting came off, what he wanted to see most was Lin Mumu. It would be best if he could get a look of admiration by the way.

However, Lin Mumu disappeared again! They didn’t wait for him.

As if sensing the meaning in Yun Ting’s eyes, Boss Du, who had just come to apologize to Yun Ting, suddenly understood: “Major General Yun, Mrs. Yun won five million from Miss Noko Inoue, and now she’s going to withdraw the money, don’t worry, I sent her bodyguards, and Young Master Ning will follow, nothing will happen.”

Boss Du was the boss of the entire fighting arena, and he was also a person with some background, but he was also afraid of Yun Ting, who was powerful, well-guarded, and desperate.

Today, Yun Ting’s woman was made things difficult for in his territory, and he couldn’t absolve himself of the blame. If something happened again, he would be in big trouble.

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