KHSW Ch. 250

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“Yanyan, Tina, let’s talk over there!”

Just as they were about to leave, Yao Ru said slowly, “Ling Xi, you have no manners, is this your manners and upbringing?”

Ling Xi didn’t want to argue with her, she was just a cannon fodder, not worthy of her attention at all.

“I’m sorry, sister Ru, this banquet tonight is not suitable for us to talk about this kind of topic. If you really want to talk about this kind of topic, I suggest that we choose another day.”

After finishing speaking, she turned and left with Bing Yanyan and the others.

“Ling Xi, you were so amazing just now, you dared to insult Yao Ru, I’m afraid she has already started hating you.” Bing Yanyan said adoringly.

“No, you’re wrong, she had hated me since a long time ago.” Ling Xi said indifferently.

Mortina was a little worried, “Ling Xi, you must be careful, Yao Ru’s identity is not ordinary.”

Ling Xi had known this for a long time. Who didn’t have a background to reach the “front line” in the entertainment industry?

“Don’t worry, I’m prepared.”

Hearing what she said, the two of them were relieved.

“Ling Xi, thank you for your shawl!”

“You’re welcome, by the way, who was that woman beside Yao Ru just now?” Ling Xi asked casually.

“Oh, don’t talk about her. The company’s new artist is called ‘Xiang Jiajia’. I really don’t know how she got into ‘Yi Ling’.” Bing Yanyan also hated that woman, as she dared to go pour red wine on her body, “Next time, it’s best not to let this aunt run into her again, or I’ll hit her every time I see her.”

Mortina laughed softly, “Look at her dog-legged appearance, she follows Yao Ru all day long to flatter her. I guess she got in here through connections.”

On the other side, the “Xiang Jiajia” they were talking about was spreading everywhere, “Didn’t you hear, that Ling Xi is so arrogant and conceited, and even said that our president will take a fancy to her, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

“Hahaha… Even we dare not target Boss Xu, she is really shameless!”

“That’s right, just now I heard her say ‘Even if the president has a wife, she will seduce him with her own charm’, I bet, when you ask, she will definitely deny it.” Xiang Jiajia continued to twist the facts.

“What? Ling Xi is this kind of person?”

After spreading the rumours, Xiang Jiajia and Ou Mengxue looked at each other with a meaning that only they could understand.

The female artists who passed by Ling Xi all had strange eyes when they looked at her.

“She is Ling Xi, she is indeed a vixen.”

Although the people who passed by spoke very softly, they still probably heard them.

Doubt flashed in Bing Yanyan’s eyes, “What do they mean?”

Ling Xi lowered her eyes slightly, thinking that some people made rumours and turned her into a… vixen.

“Are you Ling Xi?” She didn’t expect someone to come to the door so soon.

When they saw Ling Xi’s appearance, they couldn’t help but be shocked in their hearts, she was so beautiful that she was flawless.

“Look at her face, shouldn’t it be straight?”

“I think she’s wearing heavy makeup, and if you look at it after she removes the makeup, it must be horrible.”

Both Bing Yanyan and Tina looked like they were facing a formidable enemy.

Listening to the words of these little girls, Ling Xi just raised her lips slightly, “What? You are here to praise my beauty? Thank you for the compliment.”

“We… who said you are beautiful? I heard that you want to seduce our Mr. Xu?”

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