CREG Ch. 5: “Scheme”

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Transformation potion!

Xu Maomao opened his eyes in disbelief, studied the words carefully, and after making sure that he read them correctly, he jumped three feet high in surprise.


The person was about to change back!

He pressed the grid lightly with his paw, and saw a flash of dreamy and brilliant light, and a small bottle of potion floated in the air.

Xu Maomao quickly grabbed it with two claws, held it in front of him, bit the cork off the bottle with difficulty, picked it up, and couldn’t wait to gulp it down.

Immediately after drinking, his whole body felt wrong. He felt that his bones were itching, his flesh was stretched, and his field of vision was rapidly increasing. He climbed higher and higher, and then even higher and higher. After about ten seconds, he finally stabilized, and the numbness and itchiness of his bones disappeared.

Xu Maomao stretched out his hands and was pleasantly surprised to see a pair of human hands!

But while he was being pleasantly surprised, he soon discovered that something was wrong. These hands were basically the same size and shape as his before, but they were very white and delicate, and he usually had obvious calluses on his fingers due to the large amount of work.

Looking down, there seemed to be something wrong with his body, as if… his skin had become better, fairer and more tender…

Xu Maomao rushed to the full-length mirror in the bedroom and almost lost his footing in fright.

The person in the mirror still had his own face, but it seemed that a glamorous filter had been added. In addition, his original face had become more fleshy, and his facial features were also quite delicate. Looking at it this way, he looked like a male version of SD doll…

But these were not problems, the key was that there was a big fluffy tail with black and white gradient behind him!

That’s right, it was Oscar’s puppet cat’s unique long-haired big tail.

There was also a thin black leather rope around his neck with a bell hanging from it, and his naked body, making him look like a sex doll with a tail!

Xu Maomao yelled frantically and annoyed, but as he yelled, he heard a series of delicate and frightened cat meows coming out of his own mouth.

“Meow meow meow meow!”

Xu Maomao: …

What’s going on? Why was he still meowing?

He paused, and tried to say a few words, but the result was still a delicate “meow”.

However, he soon discovered that this was far from the worst blow. It didn’t take long for Xu Maomao to feel a familiar itching again, and then his body shrank rapidly, and the hair covered his whole body again.

Looking at the elegant and beautiful puppet cat in the mirror, Xu Maomao silently opened the chat group.

[Rice]: @oscar, the doctor sent out a red envelope, I heard it was a transformation potion, who got it?

[Alalei]: 0.0 I got 5 minutes, I tried it just now, it was fun

[Dot Lee]: I got an hour, it seems that I can study the body of the shit-shoveling officer well

Xu Maomao: …

[Oscar]: QAQ So this potion is still effective?

[Rice]: Of course, it is a magic potion, how many minutes did you grab?

Xu Maomao reckoned that the entire transformation period should only be one minute, so he flipped through the bottle of potion for proof, and he really saw “1min” marked on the bottom of the bottle.

[Oscar]: QAQ for one minute

[Rice]: Haha, then you are the least

[Oscar]: QAQ and there was a tail after transforming

[Alalei]: Me too! It’s so cute, I hope the doctor will post it a few more times

[Rice]: It’s worth 2,000 love value, my sister

[Migu]: I’m really willing

She deserved to be the sister of Alalei who had a fortune of 20 million

As soon as Xu Maomao was reminded of it, he suddenly thought of something even worse. If Dr. Mi gave out a red envelope next time, wouldn’t he be unable to grab it?

The point was that this potion was too cheating!

Not to mention the short time limit, he still had a tail, and he couldn’t speak human words, he could only meow.

[Oscar]: @Doctor Mi, can the QAQ master improve the language system?

[Alalei]: Yes, doctor, we also want to speak human language. I listened to the shit shoveling officer’s speech, which was very interesting.

They thought they would not get a response, but in the next second, Dr. Mi came out.

[Dr. Mi]: Received, wait for me to improve the formula

[Alalei]: (*@ο@*) Wow ~ looking forward to it

[Migu]: Doctor, can we make it cheaper, Migu is so poor, so poor

[Rice]: I’m so excited, I’ll grab it next time

[Xiaoguai]: ﹎ゞ I want //°

[Fat Mimi]: Boring

[Fat Mimi]: Add me


It seemed that the competition was fierce! Xu Maomao glanced at the 262 love points he had left, and secretly worried.

He didn’t know when the next red envelope would be distributed, and he didn’t know if Dr. Mi’s new formula would solve the above problems, but he had already figured out a broad road to how to transform from a cat back to a human!

That was to earn enough love points, and then never miss any red envelopes from Dr. Mi.

But it cost two thousand for one draw, which was not a small amount. Although Shen Yu seemed to love Oscar very much but he had a relatively reserved personality, and his emotional expression was very restrained and reserved. The highest love value he got from him was only 100, and it sounded like he may be busy in the future. So, the two would spend less time together.

Xu Maomao’s big beautiful eyes turned around while crawling around on the climbing frame, thinking about how to quickly increase the love value.

How cute did he have to be? But he didn’t know how cute the male god wanted him to be!

Or to be a well-behaved snail cat?

However, when he saw the self-defeating and dirty home, Xu Maomao immediately dismissed the idea. He could still help if he became a human, but the body of a cat could not do such fine work, and he would only mess it up more and more, the more he cleaned, the messier this home would be.

Besides, Shen Yu might not be able to eat this set.

Huh, it would be great if “Human-shaped golden mountain” Qiao Lingfeng came to visit more often, after all, Qiao Lingfeng’s love value was worth a lot—meow! There is a way!

Xu Maomao suddenly had an idea, and thought of a “smart plan” in his heart.

Qiao Lingfeng said more than once that he wanted to snatch Oscar away from Shen Yu. If Shen Yu agreed to give him the cat, he would not only be able to gain favor quickly, but after turning back into a human, he would be able to pursue and live with the male god without any scruples, without having to worry about sneezing and spraying out blood.

Of course, the key point was that Qiao Lingfeng must be a good owner, and there were many cats to accompany him, wasn’t it a good place for Oscar?

Thinking of the cat fairy, Xu Maomao raised his paw to lick it with a headache. Since the sound was transmitted that time, there has been no word from the cat fairy. It was estimated that it was playing wildly outside.

The more Xu Maomao thought about it, the more he felt that this was a good way to kill two birds with one stone. His only regret was that he might be separated from Shen Yu temporarily, but he could make up for all the regrets as soon as possible by turning back into a human being.

But what could he do to let Qiao Lingfeng take over?

Xu Maomao was paralyzed in the large cat bed in the living room, using his small brain to rack his brains to think about this seemingly difficult problem.

He couldn’t write “Please give me to Qiao Lingfeng” on the ground, then Shen Yu would probably think he was a magical cat and would be even more reluctant to let go.

His eyes fell on the dirty carpet covered with paw prints, Xu Maomao’s ears quivered, and he patted the cat litter mat heavily with his paws, there it is!

He had been worried just now that Shen Yu would dislike him if he made trouble, but now that he thought about it, being disliked was a good thing, maybe Shen Yu would be impatient with him.

Xu Maomao’s brain cells became active in an instant, and in just two minutes he imagined a complete plan – make the mess of heaven and earth at home→ Shen Yu will be disturbed→ He will give him to Qiao Lingfeng→ Get love points and draw red envelopes to become a human being →Come back and chase Shen Yu openly→ Get together, HE.

He had to say that as a codeword machine, Xu Maomao’s brain power was very strong. He even made up the entire story quietly, and the furry cat’s face turned red suspiciously.

He pawed his face desperately, took a deep breath, and decided to do this!

From now on, spare no effort to die.

Xu Maomao walked around the house, originally planning to tear up the house like the huskies in the memes on the Internet, but after thinking about it, he was too embarrassed to damage Shen Yu’s furniture, so he ran to the kitchen and took out the broken pieces just now. The living room floor was a mess, and then the paws were stained with some leftover food, and he ran wildly around the house, until suddenly every corner of the house was full of cute footprints.

When it was over, he went to the bathroom to bite off the lid of the toilet box hanging on the wall, dragged out the tissue inside, and dragged it everywhere.

After a busy afternoon, Xu Maomao looked at his masterpiece out of breath, and lay down contentedly, his round cat face becoming  “funny.jpg” with a smile.

Hey hey, is it messy enough? Now Shen Yu should be angry!

In the evening, when the door lock rang, Xu Maomao crawled out of the nest and squatted in front of the door early.

When Shen Yu opened the door, he saw an unbearably dirty living room, and a cat looking at him with sparkling eyes, which seemed to be complacent. It even meowed shamelessly, as if showing off his brilliant record.

Shen Yu’s proud patience and gentleness finally showed a crack.

That night, Xu Maomao was beaten. Although he was just slapped lightly and PP but Shen Yu’s face was already gloomy, presumably he was angry.

A part-time worker was hired overnight to help clean up. The part-time worker also taught Shen Yu: “Cats and dogs are naughty, just like children. If they don’t obey, they have to be beaten. You can’t spoil them.” Shen Yu was noncommittal and waited for the part-time worker to leave. Finally, he said to Xu Maomao expressionlessly: “You were not good today, you can’t climb on the bed.”

“… Meow.” Sure enough, he was angry.

Don’t be angry, don’t be angry, let me clean it for you in the future?

Xu Maomao had never had a pet, so he didn’t understand that even if the pet was misbehaving, the owner would generally not abandon it. He simply thought that as long as he made trouble, Shen Yu would have no patience with him, so he would give him to Qiao Lingfeng.

But he was wrong, Shen Yu was more responsible than he thought.

The author has something to say: Maomao is about to pay a terrible price for his behavior [funny.jpg]

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