RCFS Ch. 176

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“Hey, look, it’s Senior Ming!”

“Senior is so handsome!”

“Yeah, I’m super obsessed with him, little prince school grass!”

“By the way, why is he with Ye Yunxi!”

“That’s right, this Ye Yunxi is so annoying!”

Many girls gathered around, staring at this side and chattering.

Ming Siye straightened his face: “I will take you to meet Zhao Qi, the head teacher who manages all clubs. Knowing him will be of great benefit to you.”

He thought that this condition was already very generous, but Ye Yunxi was still indifferent, only the chirping sounds around her made her frown impatiently.

She could also look for the teacher herself, but if she was constantly pestered by Ming Siye, it would be very annoying.

“You won’t bother me after you go, right?”


Ming Siye was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect Ye Yunxi to say such a thing.

Bother her?

How could a woman find him annoying?

It was obvious that girls should be obsessed with him like everyone around them!

But the problem was not here, the problem was Ye Yunxi’s words!


Ming Siye nodded.

But he firmly believed that after meeting Teacher Zhao Qi, Ye Yunxi would take back this sentence!

Zhao Qi pays the most attentive to etiquette, which was why he chose Zhao Qi to introduce to Ye Yunxi!

Slippers in public at the opening ceremony, there was no etiquette at all, it would definitely have made Teacher Zhao Qi preconceived and prejudiced against Ye Yunxi.

But in this way, he could coordinate easily, and treat it as the benefit of selling to Ye Yunxi. If there were more benefits from selling, Ye Yunxi won’t be able to run away if she liked it a little bit. Even for this love, he would join the Sky Club.

This method of pulling people was learned from his brother, and it had always been very useful. It could be seen from the fact that brother Dao risked his life to protect Ming Siye, this method could maximize people’s hearts, and it had been tried and tested.

Ming Siye had the winning ticket in his hands, and he was determined to win. It seemed that he had won the tough bone of Ye Yunxi.

It was a pity that his method worked well on anyone, but it really didn’t work on Ye Yunxi.

The former king of single soldiers would owe favours to others?

When he came to the teacher’s dormitory, Ming Siye knocked on the door.

An angry voice came from the room: “Who is it?”

“Teacher, I am Ming Siye. I brought a classmate here to ask the teacher a few questions.”

After a while, the door opened, and a man in his forties with an old-fashioned look Zhao Qi nodded when he saw Ming Siye, then looked at Ye Yunxi, and frowned slightly.

It was okay to be young and frivolous, but it was very bad if you didn’t know the etiquette rules, and it made people upset.

“Teacher, student Ye Yunxi, excuse me.”

Ye Yunxi nodded slightly, no matter the standing posture or the strength of the nod, there was a just right smile on the corners of her full lips, and even the arc of her black hair was very beautiful. Turning around to leave, Zhao Qi paused, and subconsciously glanced at her again.

Wasn’t the etiquette in place?

What she said was very polite, and she didn’t mean to go beyond the slightest, but what happened to changing shoes during the opening ceremony?

Zhao Qi was undecided, but still said: “Come in, sit wherever you want.”

Ming Siye first chose the first seat to sit down, and according to etiquette, as he was the person with the highest status among the guests.

Zhao Qi looked at Ye Yunxi, and saw that the girl was still smiling slightly, sitting calmly on the lower seat of Ming Siye.

There was a touch of approval in Zhao Qi’s eyes, she was not bad and knew the rules.

This made him even more curious. She was obviously not a person who didn’t understand etiquette. Why did she do such a thing at the opening ceremony?

“Ye Yunxi, what did you mean by changing your shoes during the school opening ceremony?”

Zhao Qi couldn’t hold back after all.

He was very curious.

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