RCFS Ch. 175

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After eating, Ye Yunxi took her luggage and went to the dormitory.

Although she was going to live in Di family house, her father and brother thought she was going to live on campus, so she still had to come to the dormitory.

Ye Yunxi’s room was at the innermost, and Helian Moxie was with Wang Tingting, separated from her only by a wall.

In Junyao’s dormitory, the two rooms shared a wash room, which was right next door from her room. If you opened the door of the wash room from here, you could go to the next dormitory.

Helian Moxie was very happy, so she could come and play with Yunxi without going out, how nice!

Ye Yunxi made the bed, put the things in the cabinet, turned her head, and saw a few girls standing behind her, it was obvious that the visitors were not friendly.

Among them was Lin Jingyi, but now she panicked when she saw Ye Yunxi, and the shadow of the compass seemed to surround her eyes from time to time, suddenly she was so scared that she could only hide outside the circle.

Instead, a masculine girl stood in front of her, sizing her up lazily: “I’m Bai Ruoyue, since you live here, be honest with me, otherwise, I will make you look good!”

She really wanted to know how these girls could make her look good!

She didn’t have much physical strength now, but it was more than enough to deal with these soft girls who could be reached by the wind.

Ye Yunxi didn’t respond, she just turned around and walked to the wash room. She had to put the toiletries away.

Seeing that she didn’t even give her a look, she just lifted her leg and left. Bai Ruoyue was so angry that she said angrily: “I’m talking to you, you poor ghost!”

Ye Yunxi paused, turned around slowly, and looked at them with a smile: “I am Ye Yunxi, since you live here, be honest with me, and it’s best not to provoke me.”

When the time came, don’t blame her for being rude!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

What she said was thrown back again, Bai Ruoyue couldn’t help it.

To be honest, she didn’t expect that Ye Yunxi would not be afraid, and could even speak back so frantically!

After all, with so many people, most people would show their timidity when they saw it!

But Bai Ruoyue didn’t say anything, she just stared coldly at Ye Yunxi’s back with a gloomy expression.

Let’s remember this account first!

She’s not stupid, if she looked for something to do on the surface, she would have to wait to go to the office to drink tea, they were all in the same dormitory, and there would be plenty of opportunities to teach Ye Yunxi a lesson!

Bai Ruoyue sneered and looked at Ye Yunxi’s wardrobe, let’s start here first!

Being arrogant in the dorm?

Who gave you the guts?

Poor ghosts should just stay calm and behave like a human being with their tails between their legs!

After school in the evening, Ming Siye waited at the door of the first class. It could be seen that he cared about Ye Yunxi, while recruiting talents, he must show some sincerity, otherwise how could Liu Bei have recruited Zhuge Liang to work hard for him?

However, although Ye Yunxi was moved, she would not just follow Ming Siye all the way to the dark.

To be honest, she didn’t like this person, Ming Siye!

Mopan Mountain drag racing, this young master was very happy to spend money, but she would never forget his saying that if you lose, keep your hand!

This person, Ming Siye, probably only cared about the things he liked. When the things became useless, he would throw them away faster than anyone else!

He was too fake, too utilitarian!

“Senior, what’s the matter?”

Ye Yunxi’s expression was as repulsive as ever.

There was a little displeasure in Ming Siye’s eyes, but for the sake of his family and brother, he still kept a smile on his face: “I agreed to take you to meet the teacher!”

Ye Yunxi frowned slightly: “No, I will go by myself!”

Ming Siye’s face froze slightly, this new student was really difficult to deal with!

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