TBVSR Ch. 74

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Qiu Li put down the phone, his mind completely empty.

The workers behind him urged him to quickly send the cement to the side of the building.

Qiu Li silently picked up the cart, and pushed the bags of cement to the construction site.

Next, he worked extraordinarily hard on the construction site, as if every muscle in his body had come to life, until his temples began to twitch.

The workers resting beside him smiled kindly, and said, “College student, I know you are young and powerful, so you should take it easy.”

“Yeah, if you put in so much effort, you will soon collapse.”

“Young people are like this. Do you want to die? For this little wages, it’s not possible.”

Qiu Li turned a deaf ear to their words, he needed a vent of strength to stop his mind from thinking wildly.

Once the brain was cranky, the body would become disobedient.

The little girl was probably just teasing casually, but Qiu Li’s heart was speeding up to 800 yards all day long, and every cell in his body had become active.

Apart from working harder, Qiu Li had no way to vent.

It was already six o’clock in the evening when the work on the construction site got over, and he got an extra raise today, a total of 800 yuan.

In today’s era, manual labour earned no less money than white-collar workers sitting in their offices, especially coolie labour in harsh environments, the wages were very high, because it was very hard work.

That’s why Qiu Li chose to work on a construction site after encountering repeated rejections of tutoring job applications.

Compared with low-paying and time-consuming part-time jobs like being a waiter, simple and rough manual labour on the construction site would bring in money faster.

He took a shower at the construction site, changed into a clean white shirt and black trousers, put on the pair of AJ sneakers that Jiang Yu had given him, and tidied up decently.

Now he looked like a tutor and not a weathered worker on a construction site.

Qiu Li walked out of the construction site, but instead of going home directly, he went straight to the commercial center of Universal Century.

In the well-known light luxury crystal store on the first floor of the business center, he asked the salesperson to take out the crystal music box that he had long been interested in.

The music box was opened, and on the plane like an ice sculpture, there was a crystal ballerina girl, with her slender neck raised, one leg slightly bent, and her hands embracing, like a swan with outstretched wings, eager to fly.

Half a month ago, Qiu Li saw this music box and immediately fell in love with it.

The girl in the box looked like the girl he treasured in his heart.

The price in the early five figures made him feel daunted.

But his part-time job as a tutor was rejected again and again, so he went straight to the construction site, worked hard day and night, and the salary he got in half a month was just enough to buy it.

The salesperson carefully packed the crystal music box and handed it to Qiu Li.

Qiu Li walked out of the store carrying a heavy gift box, his heavy body seemed to have become lighter, and even his steps… were much lighter.

What a joy it was to give a gift to a girl you love.

When Qiu Li came home, there was movement in the kitchen. The little girl was stirring the dumplings in the pot with a spatula in her hand.

She was wearing a cool T-shirt in summer, paired with little daisy light yellow high-waisted shorts, her waist was slender, extraordinarily slender, and her muscles and bones were well-proportioned. She was wearing his large slippers on her feet.

White mist steamed in the kitchen, making her look like a lost princess, spotlessly clean.

Seemingly aware of the scorching gaze of the boy behind her, Jiang Yu turned around and glanced at him: “You’re back.”


She put down the spatula, turned around and was about to hug him: “Thanks for your hard work, come here and let me hug you.”

Qiu Li subconsciously took a step back and said, “Let me take a bath first.”

“Why do you want to take a bath as soon as you come back? “

“It’s too hot outside.”

Qiu Li hid in the bathroom as if fleeing. Even though he had taken a shower at the construction site, he still felt dirty and unclean, so he didn’t dare to touch her.

When transporting the cement, black plaster was embedded in his fingernails, making it dirty.

He stretched out his hand in front of the faucet, rinsed it with flowing water, rubbed it hard until his hand turned red, and then rubbed his nails to wash them…

Sniffing himself, only the smell of sweat remained, so disgusting, so dirty…

Qiu Li took off his clothes and threw them aside, turned on the shower head, rinsed himself frantically, squeezed a lot of shower gel, and wiped it on himself.

He didn’t realize it himself, but before he knew it… his condition had worsened a lot.

Jiang Yu has been standing by the door, listening to the sound of splashing water coming from the bathroom.

Thinking of him doing the heaviest physical work on the dusty construction site with a temperature of forty degrees under the scorching sun, she felt very sad, very sad.

It was really difficult to rely on yourself when you had no strength when you are young.

Even a seedling needed someone to care for and irrigate it.

Jiang Yu knew that he couldn’t go on like this anymore. In this world, he was not alone. Even if his father was in prison, he still had his mother.

Whether it was in legal responsibility or morality, his mother must shoulder her own obligations.

Even if he was now an adult, didn’t he need compensation for the lack of care for so many years in the past?

Suddenly, Qiu Li’s voice came from inside the door: “Xiao Yu.”


“Why were you standing at the door all this time.”

The bathroom door was made of frosted material, and he could clearly see the blurry figure standing by the door.


Jiang Yu couldn’t find anything to say for a while, “I just stood there for a while.”

Qiu Li turned off the shower head and put a towel around his body: “Are you peeking at me?”


He took the warm water mist with him, and walked out of the bathroom, then he changed into a clean off-white cotton home shirt, and made sure that he didn’t smell any more before he dared to approach her.

“How much did you see?”

Jiang Yu blushed and argued: “I didn’t see it, who watched you take a shower!”

“Then what were you doing standing at the door?”

“I was just…listening.”

“Eavesdropping and peeping, is there an essential difference?”

Jiang Yu couldn’t argue with him, so she simply didn’t say anything, and went back to the kitchen and brought out two bowls of dumplings and put them on the dining table.

Knowing that the little girl had a thin skin, Qiu Li smiled, stopped teasing her, and sat down to eat dumplings with chopsticks.


Jiang Yu hurriedly took out the chiffon cake packed at Bu Xi’s house from the refrigerator, and handed it to Qiu Li: “Try it, this cake is very delicious, I specially brought it from a friend’s house.”

“A friend’s house?”

“Well, I went to her house as a guest.”

“Your friend invited you to have some snacks, you shouldn’t bring them to me.”

Qiu Li said seriously: “Others will make fun of you if you ask to take them back after eating.”

“She won’t, she is very sincere.”

“In the future, we will buy it ourselves.”

Jiang Yu knew that he was thinking of her, so she didn’t argue, and nodded obediently: “Okay, then you eat this one first, let’s not take it as an example.”

Qiu Li tore a small piece with his hands, and tasted it.

Jiang Yu sat beside him, looking at him expectantly: “How is it, is it delicious?”

“It’s not tasty, you eat first.” Qiu Li pushed the cake in front of her.

Jiang Yu frowned, and said: “I’ve eaten before, just this piece, I’ve eaten.”

“I didn’t see it, so it doesn’t count.”


Jiang Yu knew that Qiu Li was mentally handicapped, did he have to eat with her? It didn’t matter if it was more than half a dime, he had no sense of this world because he couldn’t pass his own mental barriers.

She sighed, tore off a piece of cake, and put it in her mouth.

Qiu Li ate the remaining half of the cake, and ate another big bowl of dumplings, which were very delicious, and he seemed very hungry.

How could he not be hungry? In order to catch up with work at noon, he hurriedly took a few mouthfuls of the tasteless boxed lunch, and didn’t stop for the whole afternoon.

Jiang Yu also gave him the dumplings from her own bowl.

“The ones in your bowl are more delicious.” Qiu Li commented.

“Then the one in my mouth should be even more delicious?”

Hearing this, the young man raised his head and glanced at her.

Jiang Yu felt a little uncomfortable, her cheeks were slightly flushed, then her eyes shifted to the side: “What are you looking at?”

“Is my girlfriend asking for a kiss?”

There was still oil on the lips! It was too strange for two greasy lips to stick together.

Jiang Yu quickly pushed him away, wiped her mouth with a tissue, and said angrily, “I’m just kidding!”

“But I’m serious.”

When he said this, his voice rose slightly, and the ending was drawn out, giving people a frivolous but serious feeling.

“I take everything my sister says seriously.”

“What’s the use of being serious, you’re not willing to let your sister ask you to receive regular treatment.”

Qiu Li was silent and didn’t answer her.

This matter was discussed a long time ago, but Qiu Li didn’t want to, he didn’t want to come in contact with any psychiatrist again in his life.

He would instinctively be hostile to anyone who tried to treat him…

“I’ll be fine.” He lowered his head and ate the dumpling.

“You will be good, but I didn’t say it.”

Although Jiang Yu complained, she didn’t force him. Maybe after college, when he and his mother recognize each other…

All the wounds of the past would be healed.

After dinner, Qiu Li consciously went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Jiang Yu leaned against the door, watching him skilfully doing housework.

He took care of himself since he was a child, and his life experience was much richer than hers. Even if she didn’t have a father, she still had a mother.

Jiang Manyi took good care of her and gave her double the love, being a mother, a sister, and a friend, all in one.

Jiang Yu walked over and took the bowl in his hand: “Let’s wash together.”

Qiu Li didn’t let her touch it: “No.”

“It’s nothing.”

“You are the Xiao Yu meant for dancing, not the Xiao Yu who does housework.”

“My God, fairy boyfriend!”

Qiu Li smiled lightly, and rubbed his nose against her temples: “Wait for me.”

Jiang Yu leaned against the cabinet and watched him do housework with her eyes, then Qiu Li casually asked, “Aren’t you going back tonight?”

“I want to go back.”

The movements of his hands paused, and he looked back at her: “Didn’t you say you would stay?”

“When did I say that?”

“You said on the phone today…”

“Oh, I said I wanted to want you.”

Qiu Li stared at her: “How do you plan to want me?”

Jiang Yu gently hugged his waist, with a clear smile in her glass-like black eyes: “It’s almost here.”


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