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The Bird King and the others were stunned stupid.

“A Yue,” the Bird King smiled awkwardly and wiped his sweat, as his heart began to beat faster. He asked uncertainly, “What do you mean?”

“It’s the one you know.” Qiao Xi said slowly.

“Who are you kidding?” Qiao Lian was puzzled, “Nirvana has disappeared for more than two thousand years!”

“Is today April Fool’s day? Hahahaha,” the eldest prince laughed, “I didn’t expect you to be quite good at it. You’re joking, Qiao Yue!”

“A Yue, we really don’t quite understand,” the Bird Queen clenched her hands and said softly, “Can you explain it for us?”

Qiao Xi raised his eyes and looked at them, then suddenly, a fist-sized spark burst out from above his head, burning in the wind with a “squeak”.

Bird King and the others were startled, and now they froze completely, dumbfounded.

They had only heard about this miracle, or had seen it in movies and TV dramas, but they had never seen it with their own eyes!

Qiao Yue was too lazy to waste his time talking, and said, “Anyway, I will be responsible for Qiao Xi’s Nirvana Ceremony, so you don’t need to bother.”

After speaking, he took Qiao Xi and the others and walked in.

Qiao Xi attained nirvana and became a phoenix – as soon as the news spread, the entire Bird Palace exploded!

All of a sudden there were discussions in every corner, some people were skeptical, some people had already inquired about Qiao Xi’s movements and wanted to take a sneak peek.

However, Qiao Xi and the others were very calm here.

“By the way, they changed the palace for you, but I don’t know if all the things have been moved there.” Qiao Yue said.

“Brother, you changed it for me, right?” Qiao Xi asked in a low voice.

He didn’t think his parents would have thought of this.

Qiao Yue smiled and did not refute.

When they arrived at Qiao Xi’s new palace, the attendants were coming in and out to clean up, and it seemed to be finishing.

The head attendant hurried over, respectfully told them that they were almost ready and to please wait a moment.

The order to change the palace was only issued yesterday. Originally, the eldest prince heard the news and turned around, and told him not to rush, to take his time, but how could the head attendant not know that the bird palace had changed, and the other prince’s orders should be finished. So he let the people below speed up the progress as soon as he turned around, and made sure to do it beautifully.

——The head attendant could see clearly that even though Qiao Xi may have been driven back by the wolf king, he was being taken care of by Qiao Yue. If Qiao Yue had not left the Bird Palace due to illness like six years ago, Qiao Xi would maybe not have become the little prince who was bullied again and again in the past.

At this moment, he was only thankful for his own choice – he could see that the wolf king came back with Qiao Xi today! Qiao Xi was not driven home by the wolf king at all, the bird king and the others had all guessed wrong!

Qiao Yue admitted that his order came suddenly. He had been busy with various things recently, and it was only yesterday that he realized that Qiao Xi’s dilapidated palace in the past was uninhabitable, so he didn’t blame the attendant chief at this time.

But… Qiao Yue glanced at the other party, whether he could continue to be used remained to be seen.

When everything stabilized, everyone who needed to be replaced would have to be replaced, and some accounts would have to be settled slowly.

Qiao Xi walked around the palace.

This palace was much bigger than his previous one, but he didn’t really feel like he belonged here either.

The palace he used to live in was small and dilapidated, but he was used to it.

At the beginning, the fourth brother asked him to move to his palace several times, but Qiao Xi refused.

In the beginning, it was because his fourth brother was always sick, and it was best not to let insignificant people enter and leave his palace at will. Later, his fourth brother went to the Fox clan, and Qiao Xi began to live outside all year round. When he came back occasionally for a while, he felt that he should get used to living in his own palace.

The fourth brother also understood his character, so this time he just changed the palace without saying a word.

Qiao Xi smiled – he knew that the fourth brother was doing it for his own good.

It was time to move forward, now that he had Jing Yan and his fourth brother, everything would continue to change in the future.

——But he believed that everything would only get better and better.

When he came out, he saw Jing Yan looking at a tree outside the palace.

The leaves were golden and were the most common tree in Bird clan, it was the phoenix tree[1].

A phoenix tree would be planted in front of every palace in the Bird King Palace, just like every palace in the Three Meow Alliance would have a giant cat climbing frame.

The phoenix tree in front of the palace grew tall and big, shining golden in the sun, looking very atmospheric.

Jing Yan finished looking thoughtfully, then he saw Qiao Xi coming out, and said, “Anyway, they haven’t finished cleaning here, take me to your original palace?”

Qiao Xi was stunned: “There is nothing to see over there.”

“It’s okay, it’s rare for me to come here, I want to see the place where you grew up.” Jing Yan came over, straightened his blown hair, and said softly.

Qiao Xi blinked.

After Jing Yan said that, Qiao Xi was fine with it.

The two of them separated from Qiao Yue and went to Qiao Xi’s original palace.

And as they walked deeper into the palace and the surroundings became more remote, Jing Yan followed behind Qiao Xi, but his eyes darkened.

He scanned the scenery on both sides bit by bit, from the originally well-trimmed trees to weeds growing everywhere, and even a few damaged road stone steps which were not repaired, which was enough to show how little attention this place was given.

When Qiao Xi was talking to Jing Yan, he turned his head inadvertently, saw the man’s face, stretched out his hand to hold him, and said, “Don’t be angry, if you are angry, I won’t take you there.”

Jing Yan held back and said: “Anyway, I want to see!”

Qiao Xi laughed.

When Jing Yan officially saw Qiao Xi’s original palace, he was about to explode.

It was so small that it was not even as good as the servants’ room in the front palace. The walls were dilapidated, bricks were falling, and weeds were growing from between the gaps. It didn’t look like a palace that a prince would use!

“Are there no other palaces in the Bird King Palace?!” Jing Yan asked angrily.

“…Actually, there are none.” Qiao Xi coughed and said.

Anyway, as far as he knew, the royal family of the bird clan didn’t have much money, so they didn’t usually build many palaces. Qiao Xi remembered that the new palace his brother gave him was only repaired a year ago, and it was the only extra palace prepared in more than ten years.

At that time, his arrival was unexpected by his parents. They didn’t have much expectations. Later, seeing his ugly animal shape, they lost interest in building a palace for him at all. Thus, this dilapidated palace building was given to him.

His fourth brother’s palace was actually not very good, the palaces of the first three brothers and sisters were the most luxurious, comparable to the main palace where the Bird King and Queen lived.

Jing Yan had a gloomy face, looking here and then there, so angry that he wanted to hit someone.

And the phoenix tree at the door—he didn’t know how many years it had been dead, only the dry trunk and branches were stuck there, without a single leaf!

When Qiao Xi saw this phoenix tree, he felt a little complicated.

He changed into the form of a beast – the flame burst out for a moment, and then quickly extinguished – Qiao Xi turned back into the appearance of a little rookie!

In ancient times, the transformed bird tribe member could return to its pre-transformation appearance, which was similar to the secondary animal form of the aquatic tribe.

He flew to the dry phoenix tree and squatted there.

Round and fat.

Qiao Xi looked at the palace where he had lived for more than ten years, while Jing Yan looked at him from under the tree.

In the past, when the brothers and sisters were lively and unrestrained, was Qiao Xiaoxi sitting alone on this tree like this?

Jing Yan’s heart ached terribly.

“Qiao Xi.” Jing Yan called out.

Qiao Xi looked down at him.

The man looked at him and said slowly, “You are a phoenix.”

After going through hardships, he continued to grow.

The person he loved the most was the real Phoenix.

— Worthy of all the best things in this world.

When Qiao Xi heard this, he bent his eyes, swayed his tail hair, and said, “I’m your Phoenix.”

Jing Yan opened his eyes slightly, his heart thumped, and fell heavily.

Because of Qiao Xi’s Nirvana ceremony, the Bird King’s Palace became busy.

The next day, both Jiao Yue and A Xue came over from the wolf tribe just to help.

Qiao Xi was very happy to see the two of them after more than half a month, and really missed them!

With Jiao Yue and A Xue around, the servants in the Bird King’s Palace seemed useless, they could only do chores in a hurry.

Regarding who to invite for this Nirvana Ceremony, Qiao Yue said that Qiao Xi could decide by himself.

Whether or not he wanted to invite those bird nobles depended on whether Qiao Xi liked it or not.

Qiao Xi wasn’t too unruly and asked the servant to prepare the invitation list from the Bird Clan. As for the others, of course he would decide by himself.

“Jing Yi, Chris, Ye He, and Hei Yu must all be here, and the other princes and princesses of the Three Meow Alliance must also be invited to take a look, right? Chris said that his brothers and sisters are very playful, and there are bears, snakes… “Qiao Xi muttered while making a list with Jiao Yue and A Xue.

On the side, the attendant was sweating.

“And your two friends.” Jing Yan said.

“Yes, Lin Chu and Ji Yang!” Qiao Xi nodded, and he was about to write, “I just don’t know if they are willing to come.” After all, they had never been to the palace, and they might be a little restrained.

“I don’t think they are such timid people.” Jing Yan said.

Qiao Xi smiled “hehe”.

“Should you invite the eldest prince of the fox family or will your brother?” Jiao Yue asked.

“Let me write it here, it’s not that particular.” Qiao Xi added Xing Luo’s name to the list.

“There are also Lu Yin and Ruan Yue.” A Xue said softly.

After more than half an hour, you add one and I add another continued. At the end, the attendant looked at the long list and dared not speak.

He swallowed and looked at Qiao Xi with complicated eyes.

This list covered almost all the powerful races in the current orc world. If all the people on the list accepted the invitation… How big was this event going to be!

How many years had the Bird Clan not had this ostentation? Really many, many years!

And all of this was being done by the fifth prince who was never cared about before!

Those of them who followed the wind from above, including the eldest prince himself, what kind of person did they offend… The attendant took the list and left tremblingly.

Two days later, a piece of news was released, which shocked the entire orc clan!

——After more than two thousand years, a phoenix reappeared in the Bird Clan!

The most shocking transformation of the orcs in the legend – Nirvana, had returned to this world!

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