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“Sorry, I was the one who invited Si Huang.” A male magnetic voice sounded.    

Si Huang and all the girls looked up.    

Zhuang Jin was wearing an iron-gray suit and a black windbreaker. His excellent figure and the melancholy temperament of a mature man made people’s eyes shine.

With a decent smile on his face, he walked up to Si Huang, “Fortunately, I arrived in time, otherwise you would really have been taken away by a beautiful woman, and I would not even have time to regret it.”

Si Huang snickered in her heart, she had already discovered Zhuang Jin’s car, he had arrived earlier than her but didn’t show up, was it to see her make a fool of herself or did he think she would call him in a hurry? With an indifferent smile on the surface, she said, “I didn’t expect you to be such a careless person. Including forgetting to report the time and place, you already owe me twice.”

Zhuang Jin shook his head, “Well, it’s all my fault. I’ll promise you whatever you ask this time.” Then he smiled at the girls and said, “Beauties, the concert is about to begin, let’s go in.”

Most of the women present knew Zhuang Jin, after all, after all he often appeared as a successful person in magazines and newspapers, he was the youngest mayor of City H, this achievement was enough to make everyone in City H familiar with him. Now that he, the lord, had come, the women had no choice but to give in, and each entered the grand theater.    

“Shall we go too?” Zhuang Jin looked down at Si Huang.    

Si Huang raised her eyelids to look at him and could clearly see the tenderness in his eyes. This was a man who was good at displaying his charm, gentle and tolerant, such that people couldn’t help but have the illusion that he was deeply obsessed with them and silently fall into the net he had set. A smile also appeared on Si Huang’s face, and she responded generously: “Let’s go.”    

This attitude?    

A trace of surprise flashed through Zhuang Jin’s eyes.    

It was Si Huang’s generous and natural attitude that made the people who secretly observed them dispel their colored speculations, thinking that the two of them might really be good brothers and good friends.    

The theater was very quiet and most of the seats were already filled.    

Zhuang Jin’s ticket location was the single room in the front row on the second floor.    

Inside, there were retro leather sofas, coffee tables and snacks.    

Si Huang chose to sit on the loveseat sofa, but his posture was casual, leaning on the armrest, with both legs resting on the sofa, obviously not intending to sit with anyone.

Zhuang Jin glanced at her straight and slender legs, and the smile deepened at the corner of his mouth. This child really surprised him all the time, and always reacted beyond his expectations.

Zhuang Jin sat on the sofa opposite Si Huang, picked up the flyer on the table, and said softly in a magnetic voice: “The one holding this concert is Pororo. She participated in the competition at the age of ten and won the championship in the junior segment of the competition. She will be exactly twenty-five years old this year, and today is her twenty-fifth birthday.” He raised his eyelids and saw the young man opposite him looking at him, who seemed to be listening carefully, with a gentler tone, “It’s a pity, she is impeccable in technique. However, it is still impossible for her to break through emotionally. It is not enough for an artist to have strength, but they also need sensibility. If there is no experience, it is impossible to have insights, it is difficult to create something that belongs to oneself, and there is no way to bring in one’s own feelings. For such an artist, there is no difference between being alive and dead.”

Si Huang: “It sounds like you know art very well.”

Zhuang Jin looked at her deeply, “Actually, I have always wanted to be an artist, and I consider myself an artist.”

“What kind of art?”

“Explore the shining points in human nature.”

He said, his eyes seemingly shrouded in a layer of mist, deep and difficult to understand, and his low tone was meaningful.

“Pfft.” Si Huang laughed, “Hahaha.”

Zhuang Jin was stunned, and then heard Si Huang smile and ask: “Do you want to discover my shining point?”

He didn’t expect her to say it so bluntly, but Zhuang Jin didn’t panic, “That’s right.”

Si Huang shook her head, “You can’t do it.”

This was not the first time Zhuang Jin had been rejected by someone, every time he went to conquer a fresh prey, he was prepared and ready to be rejected. It was just that Si Huang said without hesitation that he couldn’t do it this time, and a burst of anger ignited in his heart. Because this young man could indeed react differently from what he expected every time, going beyond his control, which aroused his interest more and more.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because of me…” Si Huang raised the corners of her mouth, her eyes narrowed into cat-like arcs, “It’s so radiant.”

Zhuang Jin would have definitely laughed out loud if these words had come from another person’s mouth, but he looked at the presumptuous smile on the person in front of him. His eyes were shining with arrogance and evil, and his smile was so beautiful under the dim light that it really shone, and his arrogance made it impossible to ignore him, or even refute his words.

She was so good at showing off her beauty! Because he knew how perfect he was, he not only did not restrain himself, but also hit people’s eyes and hearts with a fierce fire.

Zhuang Jin, who was in a daze for two seconds, looked away, deliberately didn’t agree with her, and said nonchalantly, “You’re so humorous.”

Si Huang was even more indifferent.

That’s when the concert officially began.


The stage changed from the dim lights to the dreamy background of a starry sky.

A woman in a long white dress came out from the backstage. She had light makeup on her face, her eyebrows were delicate like pearls, and her hip-length black hair hung down softly.

Facing the audience in the theater, she bowed first, then walked to the piano and sat down.

The spotlight fell on her body, printing her long white dress in the color of the star sea. At first glance, she seemed to be sitting in the starry sky, elegant and charming.

The beautiful fingers belonging to a pianist landed on the black and white keys.

As soon as she started playing, Si Huang knew which piece she was playing.

“Starry Sky” was known as one of the ten most difficult piano pieces in the world.

If the five senses and physical fitness were not strengthened, Si Huang would not be able to guarantee that he could play this song. But Fan Baolu played it easily, just like textbook perfect playing.

High and low, fast and slow, light and heavy in an orderly manner, if there was a measuring ruler, there would be absolutely no deviation in her playing.

Si Huang was holding her chin with her palm, and Grandma Yu and Zhuang Jin’s evaluation of Fan Baolu came to mind.

Her perfections and flaws in the music industry had been known to the world. If she couldn’t break through herself, she would never be able to go further.

“Xiao Huang.” At some point, Zhuang Jin approached Si Huang.

Si Huang raised her head.

The other party bent down and put his hands on the armrest of the sofa. His tall and healthy figure shrouded Si Huang in the shadow.

“With your sense of music, you can’t fail to hear the boringness of this perfect playing.” Zhuang Jin’s eyes were like a net, not giving the prey a chance to escape, “Want to try a different experience? You are still young and can do countless things. No one can restrain you. You are very smart, you must know what I mean, artists are bold and not afraid of secular ethics, only in this way can there be shocking works.”

Si Huang did not speak, but her eyes turned into a mysterious and clear dark green.

Zhuang Jin watched in fascination, and stretched out his hand to approach her cheek, “Do you dare, little guy? If you’re afraid, just push me away.” It was indeed very effective to use the aggressive method to deal with minors.

Si Huang raised the corner of her mouth.

There was a hint of joy in Zhuang Jin’s eyes.

That’s it.

Si Huang raised her hand quickly, aiming at Zhuang Jin’s neck.


The lights in the theater suddenly went out, plunging the atmosphere into darkness.

After a brief silence, countless men and women screamed and roared.

Si Huang thought for a moment, then someone grabbed her hand, goosebumps popped up on her hand instantly, and she was so disgusted that she wanted to shake it off immediately.

She did so, and Zhuang Jin’s caring and steady voice resounded: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here… um!” Si Huang kicked him hard in response.

The sound of crackling collisions, objects falling to the ground, and Zhuang Jin’s painful inhalation were also very clear, “Si Huang!” His voice was full of anger.

Si Huang was still thinking about what was going on with this sudden situation, and whether she should deal with Zhuang Jin as planned before, so she was too lazy to respond to him.

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