GLR Ch. 25.3

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With everyone’s approval, Erha wiped his nose and tears, and started the second pot. He also fried Kung Pao Chicken. Twelve workers, including three members of Jiang’s family and theirs, made a total of eighteen people.

Su Yemu wanted Kung Pao Chicken for eighteen people to be fried in three pots, so as to ensure the heat.

After the first time, the second time went smoothly, the audience in the live broadcast room whispered.

I think Erha looks cute crying, I want to pinch his cheeks!

Reminiscent of the scene where he was scolded by Mr. Chen in the Chef King Competition, I really want to see them on the same stage again.

Hehe…, why do I want to make him cry the more I watch Erha cry?

Hey, the one in front, don’t drive, Bobo doesn’t have a driver’s license yet!

Su Yemu secretly sighed, he came to the interstellar age, became a minor, and didn’t know if he should be happy that he was younger, even though he was the same age.

The maltose was steamed until soft, Su Yemu poured it out, and a sugary smell spread, and the audience in the live broadcast room began to swallow again.

Su Yemu pulled the maltose into a circle, put it into the fried rice noodles, covered the rice noodles, then twisted the circle into a figure of eight, after that he continued to sprinkle the rice flour on the place where the maltose leaked, and repeated the action of drawing the figure of eight.

This step was the most important, the more loops, the thinner the wire.

He repeated the action until it was pulled and it became as thin as a strand of hair.

I think, I finally know why it is called Dragon beard crisp.

It’s too thin, it breaks when I touch it, but Bobo can hold it so easily, is it because I’m too rough?

The moment of witnessing a miracle, Bobo, it’s amazing.

It’s so beautiful, it’s a work of art!

As we all know, [Gourmet Live Room] is a live broadcast room that teaches you how to make art.

Everyone was still amazed, when Su Yemu put the peanut filling into the center of the cut white filaments, and then rolled it up to become a white dumpling, everyone was shocked!

The crispy filling with coconut flavour was wrapped in white and dense lines, as beautiful as white jade, and as soon as it was put into the mouth, thousands of filaments melted in the mouth cavity, with a sweet aftertaste.

Sweet and delicious taste, how can there be such a delicious thing?

When you bite in, the filaments melt in the mouth, sweetly, and then you bite the crispy aroma of peanuts, followed by coconut aroma, chew carefully, and then comes the aroma of sesame seeds, it is really delicious.

The taste is crispy, soft and sweet, with distinct layers. How can there be such delicious snacks in this world? What should I do? I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat it in the future.

Bobo’s hand must have been kissed by the king of the universe to make such a delicious snack.

Su Yemu: King of the Universe?

A picture suddenly appeared in his mind: the sky was dark, and the ferocious giant stared at Su Yemu with its sharp teeth. He struggled and wanted to jump down from the black cloud that entangled it, just to kiss Su Yemu’s hand.

Su Yemu shivered, woke up for a moment, coughed twice and said, “Dragon Beard Crisp actually has another name called Yinsi Tang…”

“What are you doing during class time?”

A group of students were so startled that they almost fell off their chairs. When they looked up, they saw Old Man Li, the professor of history, looking at them righteously. The principal, standing behind Professor Li had his hands behind his back, his beard almost curled up.

“Ning Chuan, Ling Fei, Adrian, Darren…”

Names were read out one after another, all of them were supporters of the Eastern Civilization faction, eighteen people. The students from the Western Civilization faction snickered and watched how embarrassing they looked.

“Come up.”

Everyone shook their bodies, swallowed nervously, looked at each other, and walked up boldly.

“Open your terminal, each person has 21 inches of space, and project the content you just watched on the wall.”

Old man Li gritted his teeth angrily. Let’s see how he fixes these boys.

The people who were brought onto the stage looked at each other again, and they all remembered that a classmate was also watching a video during class, and was caught by the department head, and made to project the video in front of the whole school. Suddenly, the whole school was in an uproar. Why?

He was watching porn!

However, he also had a thick skin, pretending to be fine and living his life.

Ning Chuan and the others were not as thick-skinned as this classmate. The only thing they were thankful for was that what they were watching was a live broadcast of gourmet food.

Terminal projections hit the wall one after another, and Su Yemu appeared on the wall. While wrapping dragon beard crisps, he explained the allusions: “It is said that during the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty in China, Emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty served the people in a humble way. When he arrived in Lin’an, he found that the folks had this kind of sugar. It is milky white in color, very fragrant in the mouth, exquisite and beautiful in appearance, so he liked it very much, so he ordered to bring it back to the palace and named it Dragon Beard.”

“As an imperial product, it has an invaluable status. Undoubtedly, it has the reputation of being the number one in Lin’an.”

In Su Yemu’s time, many people were eating dragon beard crisps, and made a lot of rankings, such as the worst snacks, the worst pastries, and dragon beard crisps. It was all on the list.

Dragon Beard Crisp was not an ordinary pastry. Its process seemed simple, but the taste was polarized: either very delicious or very bad.

In addition to craftsmanship, raw materials were also important. 500 GM of high-quality maltose cost seven to eight hundred yuan, and the pastries made were of course not much worse. In Su Yemu’s time, most of the products sold outside were made of sugar or white flakes of sugar to make syrup for drawing, and the taste was of course not good.

If the emperor ate something unpalatable, it could only be said that the method was wrong.

Su Yemu talked eloquently, completely unaware that he had already boarded the podium of the Royal Academy of History.

Professor Li stared in shock, trembling all over, covering his chest with one hand, and pointing at the live broadcast projected on the blackboard with the other, with his mouth open, his lips trembling, and his eyes rolling to the back of his head.

“The professor is so angry!”

A long cry shocked the inside and outside of the Royal Academy.

Su Yemu made a total of 100 dragon beard crisps, and took out 80 to draw a lottery, two for each person, and forty copies were drawn.

When Su Yemu said the words, the screen flickered, and there was only one request, one for each person, so there would be eighty copies.

This is sad, who knows.

Su Yemu responded to the audience’s request, and immediately attracted cheers. Wave after wave of gifts flew up, and another wave of audience was attracted. The fans who swiped the star ship were so angry that they wanted to burn the fans who swiped the captain.

Who asked you to brush the captain? I don’t know if the captain will make a full frequency notification to attract people to pick up the fighter plane? If you want to support Bobo, don’t you want to use two more star ships? It’s obvious that you are not a true fan of Bobo?

The captain was so scolded that he couldn’t lift his head. Under the comfort of Bobo, he finally overcame the inferiority of being questioned about his IQ. He raised his head, wiped away his tears, and continued to scan the star ship.

Su Yemu: “!”

After the dragon beard crisps were ready, Erha’s Kung Pao Chicken was also ready; then he started his second dish of the day, steamed eggplant.

Steaming eggplant was not difficult. He just cut the eggplant into finger lengths, then cut each section into a cross, put it on a plate, and steamed it in cold water for 13 minutes.

The most important thing about steamed eggplant was the sauce that was poured on top of the eggplant after it was cooked.

He minced the meat, added the cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt, sugar, corn starch, green onion, oil and stirred it evenly. If you liked spicy food, you could add some dried chili to taste.

He put oil in a hot pan, sautéed the minced ginger until fragrant, added the meat sauce and stir-fried it for two minutes, removed it from the pan, added mashed garlic, stirred evenly, and poured it over the eggplant.

Of course, at present, Erha had only reached to the stage of cutting eggplants.

Bobo, tell a story, tell a story.

Move the chair and sit in the front row, star-eyed, love Bobo.

Su Yemu chuckled, thought for a while, and said: “Ding Baozhen, the governor of Shandong during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty in China, was inspecting Dujiangyan. He ate at a restaurant, but since the lunch time had passed, there was nothing to eat in the small restaurant, but he was already very hungry, so the owner of the small restaurant used chicken and several ingredients to stir-fry together, and made a dish abruptly. Unexpectedly, this meal was really delicious. Ding Baozhen was very satisfied, hence the name : Kung Pao Chicken.”

Su Yemu’s voice echoed in the classroom, Professor Li had already been lifted onto the gantry by the medical staff, his eyes were fixed on the screen, his hands were stretched out, and he was babbling all the time. It looked like Su Yemu couldn’t survive unless he was burned to death.

The principal sighed, patted Professor Li on the shoulder, and comforted him: “Go! I know what you want to say. You don’t do good things at a young age, and you teach bad things to young people. To attract these students to watch the live broadcast during class time, I have to tell TV Platform complaints are not allowed.”



After being carried out of the classroom, two lines of tears rolled down the corners of Professor Li’s eyes, and what he wanted to say was: I want this young man.

The headmaster turned his head and snorted heavily to the eighteen students: “All of you, give me two copies of the self-criticism, and you are not allowed to ask for a copy.”

After saying that, he left angrily.

At this time, the young man who had been carrying the terminal camera turned his head: “Master, it smells good.”

A sour scent came out of the high pressure, and everyone’s saliva flowed out instantly.

After following Bobo, I realized that my saliva is connected to the spring.

Dear Bobo, are you missing a wife?

Audience: No shortage.

Su Yemu opened the lid of the pressure cooker, and the aroma became more intense, and some people couldn’t help but reach for their spoons.

Hot, sour, delicious, but tasteless.

“I haven’t added salt yet,” Su Yemu added an appropriate amount of salt, stirred, then boiled the soup for another three minutes, and turned off the heat.

The hot beef soup was served, and everyone jumped on it, stacked on top of each other, which looked quite scary, although it was only a hologram, none of them could squeeze the other.

The taste is sour and refreshing, the beef is soft, delicious, and appetizing. I think I can eat the next pot of rice at this time.

The beef absorbs the flavour of tomato, tender and sour, it’s delicious.

I can’t help but take a sip of the soup, it’s delicious, I want to bibimbap.

Hurry up and cook a pot of rice, just wait for Bobo to draw me.

Is there anyone like me who bought pots and rice, just wait for Bobo to draw and cook in the pot.

This comment was followed by a bunch of hands up, followed by praying comments come out again.

I recently checked the comments on Bobo, and found that the sooner you pray for the winning message, the easier it is to win, and those who ask for the blessing of the marshal often have a particularly high chance of winning.

Really you still say it?

I love all beings.

Believe it or not, all the messages were for Marshal to bless, very good, Marshal successfully defended the title of the top three artifacts.

At this time, Erha’s steamed eggplants also came out, and the oily meat sauce was poured on top of the soft and rotten eggplants. A few emerald green onions added to the appetite of the eggplants.

Erha was holding the eggplant, and he wanted everyone to taste it excitedly, but at this moment, Su Yemu’s tomato beef soup just came out, and they all poured it into the pot!

Su Yemu picked up the chopsticks, picked up an eggplant, blew on it twice, and bit it into his mouth. The taste was strong, minced meat, garlic and eggplant blended together to create another special taste: “Not bad, minced meat is a bit overcooked, next time remember to stir-fry the minced meat for no more than two minutes, or it’ll be overcooked after two minutes.”

“Yes, master.”

The sad face lit up again.

Su Yemu: How coaxing!

I want to eat too, I want to eat too.

Well, delicious, delicious, worthy of being Bobo’s apprentice.

Secondly kill the restaurants in Neptune, they are delicious.

Receiving the praise, Erha’s mouth almost turned up to the ear, he waved his hands again and again, blushing: “It’s still far away, it’s still far away…”

Where’s the king of the kitchen in the sun?

Good to rub him.

Su Yemu watched them with a smile on his lips, and occasionally nodded.

An old mother’s smile.

Does he not know, in fact, he is also very cute.

Su Yemu: What are you talking about? Mrs. Feng, I didn’t hear it.

When everyone had eaten enough, Su Yemu began to draw a lottery, eighty people for snacks, two people for meals, no repetition, eighty-two places.

As Su Yemu asked the system to draw a lottery, everyone began to leave messages to worship the gods: hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me…

Countless “hit me” floated by, and Su Yemu almost couldn’t recognize these two words.

System: Congratulations. I love corn dumplings. I love Yangzhou fried rice. You were selected by the system to be the winner. The gift will be sent out soon.

System: Congratulations to the old man Bai, Bai Yitu, I love Sixi meatballs… A total of 80 viewers became the winners this time, and the gifts will be sent out soon.

With the announcement of the list, this afternoon’s live broadcast came to an end.

Today is the first day of construction of the farm, and there are still nine days left.

Su Yemu faced the terminal and smiled: “There are still nine days, we wait for the completion of the farm together, then today’s live broadcast is here, see you tomorrow.” The screen in the live broadcast room went dark, Su Xiaonan ran in to help Su Yemu installed the prizes, and Jiang Ma set aside Su Yemu’s meals, and gave the rest to the workers.

“Two more, I’ll keep it.”

“Two are for A Sha, he has a big appetite.”

The words blurted out, Su Yemu was taken aback, and then remembered that A Sha had left.

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