TBVSR Ch. 73: Part-time Job

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After returning from Haicheng, Qiu Li’s part-time tutoring job was put on the agenda, and almost all the time was filled in the morning, noon and evening.

Every time Jiang Yu called Qiu Li, it was already late at night, so she chatted with him about the day’s training, and then listened to him complain about the strange students.

There was almost no time to meet.

Jiang Yu and Bu Xi had become friends, and as the relationship deepened, Jiang Yu also slowly discovered that Bu Xi hardly had any friends.

She had been touring abroad for the past year and had just returned home recently. And the girls in the Esmera Art Center also admired her so much that they treated her like a goddess and dared not get in touch with her easily.

In fact, after getting along with each other, Jiang Yu found that Bu Xi was not so cold and noble. She was just a very ordinary girl who also loved to play and act lazy. She even took Jiang Yu to sneak out of the school to buy ice cream during the lunch break to eat.

On the weekend, Bu Xi invited Jiang Yu to her home as a guest.

“Our family has a lot of symphony discs, all of which are very precious and out of print. I’ll play them for you.”

Jiang Yu readily agreed, and came to Bu Xi’s house during the rest time on Saturday afternoon.

Bu family house was located in the high-tech zone to be developed in the south of Beicheng, where many improved residences had been built, and Bu Xi’s home was located on the Daping floor of the wealthy area by the Nanjing Lake. Its environment was particularly good and the view was vast.

But there was a little fly in the ointment, that was, the high-end villa area next door was being expanded, and the noise was a little too loud.

“I told my mother when we moved here. The old house is actually pretty good.” By the French window, Bu Xi leaned close to Jiang Yu’s ear and whispered: “But my mother just…doesn’t want to live with grandma, so as soon as I returned to China, she moved out as if fleeing for her life. But she forgot about it being so boring.”

The white dessert table in front of Jiang Yu was filled with all kinds of small desserts, the shape was so cute that it made people salivate even from a distance.

She was surprised and said to Bu Xi: “Does your family allow you to eat so many desserts?”

“Isn’t this because mom is not at home? She went to the art exhibition with grandma.” As Bu Xi said, she picked up the cream cake with her fingers, and brought it to Jiang Yu’s mouth.

“I can’t eat too much, it’s very easy for me to gain weight.”

“Just eat a little bit, a little bit is fine, even a lick.”

“I really don’t want it.”

“Eat it!”

“Then… one lick?”

Jiang Yu half-pushed and half-sit… couldn’t help taking a sip, and said in surprise: “It’s delicious!”

“The chiffon cake is a must, come, have a taste.”

Jiang Yu took a small spoonful of chiffon cake and put it into her mouth, the sweetness instantly spread on the tip of her tongue.

Sure enough, desserts could make people instantly happy, especially for dancers like them who quit sugar, it was really worthwhile to taste such a small thing once in a while.

“My boyfriend also likes sweets very much. Can I wrap up this eaten piece and bring it to him?”

Bu Xi laughed at her, “You always think about your boyfriend when you eat cake!”

Jiang Yu being embarrassed, said: “Just…he likes to eat these.”

Bu Xi quickly went to get her a small box, and said, “I’ll put a new one for him.”

“No, no, I can’t just eat so much, it’s a waste.”

“Okay.” Bu Xi heartily packed a small cake for her, and scooped out a large piece of cream to spread on it.

When Jiang Yu chatted with her about ballet, it was inevitable that she would mention Bu Tanyan: “Xiao Bu, is your grandmother Bu Tanyan’s mother?”

“Of course.” Bu Xi licked the cream on her fingertips, and said: “She gave birth to two daughters, one is Aunt Bu Tanyan, and the other is my mother. Grandma’s greatest wish was to train her two daughters to become talents, Aunt Bu Tanyan won the crown of queen, but unfortunately…died young. My mother is not as good as my aunt, and stopped at the national championship. So now grandma and mother put all their efforts on me.”

“Is your target also the queen?” Jiang Yu asked curiously.

“That’s right, I must have the queen’s trophy at Bu family’s house!” Bu Xi’s eyes glowed, “This is my dream.”

Jiang Yu laughed and said, “Then we are competitors.”

“Huh? Aren’t you from Class F?”

Jiang Yu joked, “Why, people in Class F can’t have dreams.”

“Haha…” Bu Xi patted Jiang Yu’s back and said, “Little friend, your courage is excellent! Come, have another piece of cake!”

“I refuse!”

The rare leisure time in the afternoon was also very short. Bu Xi sent Jiang Yu out, and said, “Come to school to practice dancing together at night.”


Jiang Yu waved her hand at her, then telling her not to see her off, she turned to go back quickly: “It’s sunny outside.”

“Then you slow down.”

Jiang Yu walked out of the gate of the community, looking at the little cake in her hand, feeling very happy.

From childhood to adulthood, she had very few friends. In middle school, only the little poor Chen Wei played with her; after entering Esmera, she met Lin Miao and Mu Zixian, but because they were busy with the college entrance examination this year, it was difficult to contact them.

Bu Xi was such an excellent girl, much better than her. On the one hand, Jiang Yu admired her, and on the other hand, she also sincerely liked her. What a rare thing to be able to be friends with her.

She cherished this friendship very much.

Jiang Yu walked along the camphor forest path outside the community. This area was a greenway under the jurisdiction of the community. There were no foreign vehicles passing through. So, it took a long walk to reach the street.

A section of the road in front of the greenway was under construction to expand the villa area, and the smoke and dust were flying everywhere.

The chiffon cake in her hand could not be left overnight, otherwise it would be broken, so Jiang Yu simply called Qiu Li.

Throughout the summer vacation, Qiu Li was working as a part-time tutor, tutoring middle school students with their homework, and almost all the time slots in the morning, noon and evening were full.

The title of provincial number one scholar made him very popular, and almost all the parents in primary and secondary schools rushed to have him, so his class schedule was also very full.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time. To be honest, Jiang Yu was used to him being around, so since it had been a long time since they saw each other, she was feeling a little weird.

The phone rang a few times before being picked up. Qiu Li’s deep voice seemed to contain murmurs: “Xiao Yu.”

“Hey, it’s so noisy.” Jiang Yu covered her right ear and stepped forward, she guessed maybe the cranes around her were too loud.

“Where are you?”

“Tutoring the students.”

Jiang Yu said distressedly: “It’s such a hot day, my boyfriend is teaching the students every day. It’s really hard.”

“It’s not hard, I’m in an air-conditioned room, being blown on until I’m about to catch a cold, and the student’s family keeps me for dinner every day, and gave me a lot of snacks.”

Hearing what he said, Jiang Yu finally felt relieved.

She felt that she had been very glass-hearted recently, and she was afraid that Qiu Li would suffer.

He had suffered in the past…too much, Jiang Yu only hoped that every day in the future, every day when he was with her would be filled with nothing but joy and sweetness.

They would work hard together, and their future life would definitely get better and better.

Jiang Yu turned around with a smile, and suddenly, the smile froze on her face.

On the dusty construction site in the distance, Qiu Li was wearing a dirty white vest and hard hat, and was pushing a cart full of cement bags.

He held the phone between his ears and shoulders, his sunken eye sockets hooked a little smile, he was doing the heaviest work on his hands, but he was talking with her about the lightest topics—”When we meet next time, I will prepare a gift, bought with the salary of the cram school, it is a very good gift. I was walking on the street that day, and I saw it at a glance, and you will like it.”


“Xiao Yu, are you listening?”

“… “

“Jiang Yu?”

The moment he raised his head, Jiang Yu hid behind the camphor tree beside her, covered her mouth with her hand, and bit the back of her hand tightly.

Tears dripped down her cheeks.

What tutoring classes, everything was a lie.

He never found a tutoring job at all. Yes, how could she be so stupid to believe it.

Who didn’t know that the provincial champion in Beicheng was a child who was abused by his father since he was a child, and who didn’t know that behind the extraordinary IQ of this provincial champion was a terrible mental disorder.

He felt no pain, no happiness, no joy, anger, sadness, and all human emotions…

Who would dare to let such a guy come into contact with their children, who would dare to hire him as a tutor?

“Xiao Yu?”

Qiu Li put down what he was doing, picked up the phone, and said in an urgent voice, “Why don’t you talk?”

After a long time, the girl’s voice was slightly hoarse: “It’s okay, I just… just saw a car accident on the road, was scared to death.”

“Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, I’m standing far away.”

Qiu Li breathed a sigh of relief, and did not forget to tell her: “You are not allowed to wear earphones when walking on the street.”


“Try to walk inside the street.”


The little girl’s tone was gentle at this time, and she was so obedient: “It’s all like you said.”

“Then hang up first, I’m busy here.”

“Wait a minute, Qiu Li.”

“I’ll come to you tonight.”

“Tonight?” Qiu Li wiped his face with a towel, cleaning the sweat all over his face, he looked at the time on his phone and asked, “About when?”

“Just when you get off work… when you get off class.”

“I’ll be late after class, otherwise, see you next time.”

“No matter how late it is, I will wait for you.”

Qiu Li felt that he was too embarrassed now, his body smelled of sweat, and his skin had tanned by several degrees. Although the little girl was not very smart, she was not a fool… “It’s really inconvenient tonight, be obedient, and we’ll meet again after I’ve finished my tutoring.”


Qiu Li heard her stubborn tone, and she seemed to be losing her temper. He frowned: “Why must it be tonight?”

“I just want it.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you.”

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