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The flame was the symbol of the phoenix, and it could be regarded as another miracle of the bird clan.

It was a pity that Qiao Xi really couldn’t control it well. Sometimes when he got excited, small sparks burst out.

Jing Yan didn’t care, these little sparks were nothing, they were just a little hot, no matter how hot he was, he would continue to hug Qiao Xiaoxi!

Of course, since Qiao Xi still needed to soak in the pool, Jing Yan couldn’t hug his little lover enough.

The healing pool was filled with special liquids, even if you lie down in it, you won’t suffocate. Qiao Xi just lay obediently at the bottom of the pool, listening to Jing Yan, who was sitting by the pool and guarding him, talk to him.

The doctor said that it would take him two days of soaking, but it was an imaginary number. In fact, Qiao Xi had to lie down for a whole week.

After his friends heard the news, they all came to the Fox Clan to visit him.

When Hei Yu saw Qiao Xi’s appearance, he was amazed at the reappearance of Nirvana, and then said: “From this point of view, you also transformed after the second transformation fever, but your physique is not as good as Chris’s, so you needed to rest more. It’s normal for it to take a while.”

Qiao Xi, who was said to not be in good health, had some resentment.

As the days went by like this, Qiao Xi found that his brother seemed to be very busy, but he didn’t know what he was busy with.

He felt that Jing Yan should know, so he asked him, Jing Yan only said: “Qiao Xiaoxi, have you thought about going back to the Bird Clan?”

Qiao Xi was taken aback.

Jing Yan said: “If it’s the Bird Clan with your brother around, you can go back with peace of mind, right?”

In fact, when he first went to live in Jing Yan’s forest, Qiao Xi didn’t think that he would stay for a long time. He thought that after his brother left the treatment cabin, he should not bother Jing Yan anymore.

It was just that he didn’t expect that he would fall in love with Jing Yan later, and that he would be successfully admitted to the Wolf Clan University like he wanted.

He had to discuss with his brother about the future – he thought they would talk about it at that time.

As for “going home”, Qiao Xi had figured it out a long time ago. Wherever his brother was, it was his home, and there was no need to worry about the rest.

But Qiao Xi never thought that his brother would prepare to return to the Bird Clan so soon.

And what Jing Yan said seemed to mean something else.

A week later, Qiao Xi left the healing pool completely, and Qiao Yue said to him: “Come back with me, let’s first do the Nirvana ceremony, and we’ll talk about the rest later.”

“Brother, you…” Qiao Xi hesitated to speak.

Qiao Yue said calmly: “Don’t worry about other people, I’m here anyway, don’t worry.”

“I’ll go there with you too.” Jing Yan said while stroking his head.

He really wanted to bring Qiao Xi back to the wolf clan, but according to the traditional rules, the Nirvana ceremony must be done, and it must be done in the bird clan.

What’s more, as far as he was concerned, when it came to the Bird Clan, what mattered was only whether Qiao Xi wanted to go back, not whether he could go back.

When Qiao Xi heard this, his eyes turned a little sore.

Not to mention the Bird Clan Palace, but just to the Bird Clan, he hadn’t been back for more than half a year, and it was impossible to say that he didn’t want to go back at all.

That’s where he was born, where he grew up, and even though there were many bad memories there but there were also many good ones.

He now understood that his brother had probably returned to the Bird Clan to deal with a lot of things during this time, and those things should be related to their so-called parents, brothers and sisters.

Although the story of Qiao Xi’s Nirvana had spread, it was only circulated in certain circles.

At least for the Bird Clan, the Orc Clan that almost no one cared about now, they still didn’t know the news at all.

Caught off guard by the sudden return of their fourth son, and having completely lost his momentum by the opponent’s series of actions over the past few days, the Bird King, who had completely compromised in a short time, was surprised when he learned that Qiao Yue was going to bring Qiao Xi home. At this time, he was still in the mood to speculate: “Qiao Xi is coming back? But didn’t Jing Yan become the wolf king? How could he come back?”

He thought Qiao Xi would never come back!

And when he and Jing Yan were at the birthday party, didn’t they almost make a marriage contract?

Now that Jing Yan had become the wolf king, shouldn’t Qiao Xi have become the queen, why was Qiao Yue bringing him home instead?

Could it be…

The two husband and wife looked at each other, and the Bird Queen said in a low voice, “He won’t have been dumped by Jing Yan, right?”

As soon as Jing Yan took over the throne, Qiao Xi returned home. It seemed that the new wolf king’s brain finally woke up and he realized that it was impossible for a guy to become the wolf queen, it must be?

There was a gleam in the bird king’s eyes.

It had to be said that since Qiao Xi showed such a face to them in the test city, and completely ignored them at Jing Yan’s birthday party, thinking of this possibility, the two of them felt a little happy.

On the day when Qiao Yue and Qiao Xi were expected to arrive, the bird king and the queen swept away the bad luck, dressed up and waited in front of the steps of the main hall for them.

On the side, the eldest prince beside Qiao Lian was whispering: “After so long, Qiao Yue still remembers that guy Qiao Xi. Qiao Xi is very lucky.” After all, Qiao Yue was different from before. Even their parents…

“What’s the matter?” Qiao Lian said in a low voice with a sullen face, “It’s not settled yet, maybe our parents have other ways. And you——Don’t you want to be the Bird king?”

The eldest prince choked, and said: “…Of course I want to, but—”

But Qiao Yue hadn’t been seen for a few years, and once he showed up, everyone could see that he was not on the same level as them.

There was nothing even their father could do, let alone him?

But the eldest prince was too embarrassed to say such words, it was too embarrassing after all, so he had no choice but to shut up depressingly.

But it was okay, although Qiao Yue, who they had never taken seriously before, had gotten on top of them, but Qiao Xi was still driven back by Jing Yan——At the beginning, when he thought that that guy had successfully climbed on to Jing Yan, from then on he was angry and unwilling thinking how could he crush them. Fortunately, Qiao Xi didn’t continue to have that life. Didn’t he fall down so quickly?

Even if Qiao Yue was protecting him, it was useless if Qiao Xi didn’t have the ability.

Thinking that he could find some chance to vent his anger at being humiliated by Qiao Yue in the future, the eldest prince felt better.

At this moment, a black dot appeared in their field of vision.

The black spot gradually approached, and several large speeding vehicles landed in front of the main hall.

The Bird King and his party stepped forward immediately.

The Bird King put on a smiling face, waited until the door of the speeding car opened, saw Qiao Yue, and said gently: “Ah Yue, you are finally back, where is Qiao Xi, he—” Just as he was speaking, a figure appeared behind Qiao Yue.

No, there were two figures.

Qiao Xi and Jing Yan held hands generously as they got off the speeding car after Qiao Yue.

Qiao Xi’s complexion was rosy and radiant, he didn’t seem to be depressed after a broken heart, in fact he looked quite well-nourished?!

Bird King and his party suddenly froze.

…They hadn’t heard that Jing Yan would also be coming?

Qiao Xi glanced at them, pursed his lips, and lowered his eyes.

The Bird King laughed dryly and said, “Ah Yue, why didn’t you tell us about His Majesty the Wolf King’s coming together with you? We didn’t even prepare for it.”

Qiao Yue said blankly, “I didn’t want to bring him here, it was him who wanted to follow.” This guy was so annoying all the time!

“Brother, how could I not participate in Qiao Xiaoxi’s Nirvana Ceremony.” Jing Yan said to Big Brother cautiously.

“Nirvana ceremony?” Upon hearing these words, Bird King and the others were stunned.

“Yes,” Qiao Yue said lightly, “Qiao Xi has passed into Nirvana.”

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