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There was a bloodbath on Weibo.

Without any warning, a passer-by broke the news with an astonishing amount of information about who he saw exploded, and it became a trending search.

The person who sent the message was not a famous big Weibo ID, and his number of fans was only a dozen. However, the content of the news was really eye-catching. As soon as it appeared, it successfully attracted the attention of the majority of netizens through certain two words.

[The Beautiful goddess and a certain man hold hands and visit the mother and baby store together.]

The word “Beautiful” was not an adjective, but referred to the evolutionary female cat who appeared two years ago and immediately swept the world fighting championships, and was known as Bruce Lee of the cat world.

This player had a large number of fans all over the world. In China, she had become a symbol of honor in the hearts of Chinese people because she had played all over the world with the title of country on her back, and thus had countless supporters.

In addition, Beautiful the evolutionary species had an outstanding appearance, and her violent loli image was deeply rooted in the hearts of netizens. In the hearts of netizens, she had various titles such as “Goddess of Battle” and “Guardian Mascot”.

Just like that, it could be seen that the appeal of the name Beautiful was as influential in China as the superstar Prince, and as influential abroad as the supermodel Miao. She was a legendary figure who had created history in terms of force.

Such a Beautiful goddess actually went to a mother and baby shop with a certain man…

Mother, baby, shop?????

How could it be!!

The Internet exploded on the spot. Netizens commented frantically, unable to believe it.

[Nonsense, Beautiful was still in Japan a few days ago!!!]

[Thank you for not receiving Beautiful’s itinerary back home!!!]

[Spreading rumors may kill your whole family!!!]

[EXM???? Beautiful shopping at a mother and baby store??? A hint of a Beautiful’s pregnancy??? How could it be possible for her to be pregnant!!! No ghost would dare to talk like that!]

The news broke out in an instant, and a large number of netizens criticized the passer-by, but the passer-by quickly released a candid photo. In the photo, the Beautiful goddess was indeed seen entering the mother and baby store with a man. The man’s appearance was mosaiced, but Beautiful herself was highly recognizable. The photo of her lovely face was exceptionally clear.

The most frightening thing was that there was no trace of PS in this picture, but you could see the very happy expression of the beautiful woman snuggling up to the man while smiling.

Netizens: “…”

Netizens went crazy!!

[I!! Grass!!! It’s really Beautiful!!!]

[Mother and baby shop??? Mother and baby store? Beautiful is pregnant??]

[How could my goddess be pregnant??? How can such a Beautiful smile like a little girl???]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh also crazy!! My iron blood is Beautiful!! Iron Goddess!! How could she fall in love????]

This picture was too powerful of a proof. Beautiful’s smile was placed there. No one could deny that their goddess Lolita is in love.

[Although she is Beautiful, visiting a maternity store does not mean she is pregnant!! Might be shopping for a gift!!]

[What’s wrong with falling in love, she can’t fall in love because she’s so pretty and cute??]

[Oh my god, if she is really pregnant, is she going to retire…]

[This love came without warning.]

[Ah, there is no official response, is Beautiful really pregnant????]

[Well… If it’s true, then I’d like to congratulate her. Beautiful is going to be a mother. Thinking about it, it’s pretty good.]

Beautiful was not an entertainment star, but a fighter who had won glory for the country. Although she was in love and pregnant, people still paid attention to it, but this kind of convincing evidence had emerged, so most of the online comments were positive blessings.

However, although the news about Beautiful was surprising, it was not enough to cause the whole Internet to go crazy. What was frightening was that when netizens focused on the man next to Beautiful, everyone discovered an extremely shocking possibility.

A netizen tremblingly questioned.

[This…this man…couldn’t be, the god, the mysterious man.]

Netizens on the whole network: “…”

If the passer-by didn’t mosaic this photo and showed Kang Xing Luo’s face uprightly, maybe no one would have recognized him, and everyone would just discuss Kang Xing Luo’s appearance and talk about the taste of their Beautiful goddess.

But that passer-by kindly presented Kang Xing Luo with a mosaic. Netizens found out after comparing… this person was the mysterious man!!

Look at this outline, look at this hairstyle, look at this figure, look at this familiar figure under the heavy blur.

Definitely him!!

Couldn’t run!!

They didn’t know his clear face, but netizens were too familiar with his ambiguously hidden face!!

Even if he wanted to refute the rumors!!

In such an instant, netizens were ignited, and the trending searches were refreshed.

[Mysterious man and Beautiful go shopping in a maternity and baby store.]

[Beautiful pregnant?]

[Mysterious man pentakill!!!]

Kang Xing Luo had been trending again and again.

After winning over Handsome, Miao, SNOW and Prince, they thought that the mysterious man had reached the pinnacle, and nothing in the world would be more surprising, but he did not expect this man to reach a higher level, now such news was exposed.

[Is this fucking human?!! Pentakill??? Is Beautiful the last one?? A beautiful goddess who can kill a tiger with one punch???]

[I will never talk about the mysterious man again, he is not a playboy, he is the god of picking up cats…]

[Damn pregnant??? The child belongs to mysterious man??? Jiayou!!!]

[Can humans and evolved species even have children??? Is this a world record? World’s first???]

[Why is the mysterious man so awesome…]

[I’m already scared stupid…Beautiful can fall in love with living things, and the mysterious man doesn’t seem to be able to fight, but he got her pregnant, how did he get her pregnant, and the reproductive isolation has still been broken???]

[Am I the only one paying attention to the mysterious man’s powerful two-wire plug? True men and women take all.]

[…Day!!! Where are the fans of Prince!!! Burst into tears!! Wasn’t the Prince still professing love to the mysterious man yesterday???]

[CNM My sister Miao has never been so humiliated.]

[So Xuexue lost in love???]

[Now I find that the mysterious man seems to be a sweet potato. The Prince, Miao and SNOW had been fighting Handsome for so long, but they were cut off by Beautiful.]

[In case Beautiful is really pregnant and the child belongs to the mysterious man, what about my Prince brother????]

[So how exactly was it conceived? Can humans and evolved species really give birth???]

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