TBVSR Ch. 72: The Bu Family

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When Jiang Yu returned to Beicheng, she was about to start preparing for the Midsummer Night’s dance.

She had promised Teacher Xue Jiayi to participate in the competition as her student, compete with Bai Shuyi’s students, and help her win the honor of Esmera’s chief instructor.

Cheng Ye still had two national tours, so he couldn’t come back to Beicheng with Jiang Yu.

He asked Jiang Yu to go back first, and that after he came back, he would face Jiang Manyi with her.

Jiang Yu also knew that Jiang Manyi’s place during this trip to Haicheng must be the fury of the storm. She was afraid, so she packed her luggage secretly, and went to live in Esmera’s dormitory, while sending a message to her mother to report her safety.

Jiang Manyi still insisted on explaining to her because Jiang Yu was not an unreasonable person. After the two negotiated on the phone many times, Jiang Yu told her that it was no problem. If Cheng Ye was not her father, then Jiang Manyi would ask Chen Ye to take her with him.

She longed for her father’s love so much, and Cheng Ye was so perfect in every aspect, completely in line with her heart’s expectations for an ideal father.

Jiang Manyi planned to find a time to call Cheng Ye and Xie Yuan together to clarify the matter.

Cheng Ye was still busy with his concert, and Jiang Yu was about to have an important competition. In order not to affect her performance, this matter had thus been temporarily put on hold.

It was also because the competition was coming up that Jiang Yu didn’t even have time to think about why the [Knowledge] app never called out [Cheng Ye]’s commission fee.

The task should be successful.

After all, the father and daughter had already recognized each other. It stood to reason that the task had been completed, but the app had never confirmed it.

There must be something wrong.

She was also muttering in her heart, but she was going to finish her work for a while before dealing with this matter.

The Midsummer Night Ball was actually not a particularly formal competition, but a large social party held by Esmera.

At the ball, the top ballet celebrities in the industry would be present, including the top executives of Esmera, the chief of the ballet association, and even the top foreign ballet dancers… It could be said that it was a gathering of stars.

It was a very rare opportunity for Esmera’s students to be able to present their performance at such a ball.

And for such a ball, it was naturally impossible for everyone to sit in the auditorium and watch the performance.

Therefore, the form of the competition was relatively relaxed and casual. Each student would dance a section of dance in turn in the square. The music would be played randomly by the symphony band. The dancing students had to perform different styles of dance according to different musical melodies.

This was a test of students’ familiarity with dance music and their ability to adapt to changing situations.

In the past Midsummer Night Balls, the students of Teacher Bai Shuyi basically won the first place.

Therefore, Bai Shuyi occupied the position of Esmera’s chief guide for many years.

This year, Xue Jiayi wanted to compete with her.

As long as Esmera’s classmates signed up for the dance performance, they would be very nervous.

If they didn’t perform well at this ball, it would affect the face of their instructors.

So half a month in advance, they had already started to invest a lot of time and energy in repeated training to master as many dance methods as possible.

Xue Jiayi had pinned all her hopes on Jiang Yu, and had given her very detailed guidance, which could be said to be teaching without reservation.

In just a few days, she taught her more than what Bai Shuyi had been able to teach her in half a month of training.

Jiang Yu was also like a sponge, trying her best to absorb and digest.

After all, Xue Jiayi was a champion dancer with many years of experience in competitions. She had a lot of skill on stage, which could help Jiang Yu get rid of her minor problems.

Compared to Bai Shuyi, Xue Jiayi didn’t specifically tell Jiang Yu how to dance or how to regulate it. She let her dance in her most comfortable state, that’s all.

“Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun are both very experienced dancers. It is very difficult to compare with them when it comes to skills. You can only rely on your feelings. To put it bluntly, you are fighting with stage performance.”

Every time Xue Jiayi would coach her, at the end, Jiang Yu would sincerely bow to thank her.

“Don’t thank me, anyway, I’m just using you to help me get my chief position.”

Jiang Yu wiped the sweat off her face with a towel, nodded and said, “I know, but I still want to thank Teacher Xue.”

It was true that she didn’t really want to guide her, but she clearly stated her intentions, and she was much more sincere than some people who hid it and pretended not to care about what they thought was wrong.

So Jiang Yu’s disgust towards her had been reduced a lot.

“A teacher for a day is a teacher for life. I will do my best to help Teacher Xue get the chief instructor’s position.”

Xue Jiayi looked away, with an unnatural expression, and said: “You are exactly like her, which is annoying.”

Jiang Yu knew she was talking about Bu Tanyan.

“Ms. Xue, you know Bu Tanyan. I want to ask you, how did Bu Tanyan die?”

“Why do you want to know this?”

“Her death is deeply embedded in my heart, and I really want to know what kind of person she was and what she had gone through.”

Seeing that there was no one else in the dance classroom, Xue Jiayi simply sat down and said: “She was just like you, she was very strong, in the last period of time, the century performance of “Swan Lake” was about to open. This performance could help her win the position of queen, but the competition was very fierce. I, Bai Shuyi, and many other outstanding dancers were all eagerly eying the position of the Swan Queen.”

“Even if she was Bu Tanyan, it was impossible for her to be free of pressure. It could be said that she was under a lot of pressure, so that her mental state was very bad during that time. I heard that she had been taking some medicine.”

“Later she was elected as the “Swan Queen”, in the last performance of the century, she suffered a nervous disorder due to an overdose of drugs, and finally her life was frozen at the end of “Swan Lake”.” Xue Jiayi narrated calmly, but her dark brown eyes were full of strong emotions.

“In that performance of the century, her dance almost entered a state of ecstasy. It was the last dance of her exhausted life. No matter how the world imitated it later, it was just a mere imitation, and there was no way to reproduce it. That dance was just one of a kind.”

Listening to her memories slowly, Jiang Yu finally understood why Bu Tanyan became a myth in the ballet world.

Because of her death, her swan queen became her last swan song.

“Later her ‘corpse’ was taken away by the Bu family, and it was claimed to be a sudden death, but no one knew about the real situation. Bu Tanyan just disappeared from this world.” Jiang Yu took a deep breath, digesting the emotional impact this incident brought her.

“Oh, by the way, people from the Bu family will also come to the Midsummer Night Ball.”

Jiang Yu looked at Xue Jiayi: “The Bu family? And her older niece is a well-known domestic artist. So, your biggest enemy is neither Shen Aoqing nor Wen Lun.”

“You mean…”

Xue Jiayi looked at her and said seriously: “The people here compared to the people of the Bu family, are nothing.”

Jiang Yu was secretly startled.

“So, practice hard. Apart from eating and sleeping, put all your energy into dancing. Because with the current level of you girls, you are far from the time to strive for talent. Diligence is the most important thing.”

After Xue Jiayi finished speaking, she turned and left.

But her words deeply stimulated Jiang Yu.

That’s right, her current level was just so far away, she was not at the stage of fighting for talent, as most people may not be able to reach that level of talent in this life.

They could only work hard!

Jiang Yu turned on the edited music in the stereo, ready to follow the music and practice for a while.

Half an hour later, the dance classroom suddenly lost power, and the surroundings were suddenly plunged into darkness.

Power failure?

Jiang Yu turned on the flashlight of her mobile phone, ready to go to other classrooms to check the situation.

The other classrooms were also pitch black, and the entire art building seemed to have had a power outage. Many students poked their heads out from the corridors, chirping with each other.

Jiang Yu walked to a dance classroom with floor-to-ceiling glass, and was suddenly attracted by the beautiful dancing posture of the girl in the classroom, and immediately stopped in her tracks.

Under the flashlight and moonlight, she saw the girl wearing a red and black ballet lace dress, while the Esmeralda variation of “Notre Dame de Paris”[1] was playing on the phone.

She followed the beating melody, and each toe stepped on the drumbeat, very steadily.

This dance had a lot of high leg movements, which seemed simple, but actually tested the basic skills of the dancer.

And this girl’s dance, whether it was rotating or fixed point, was very stable, as if she was the incarnation of the charming and graceful gypsy girl, quietly amazing everyone in France.

Jiang Yu stood in front of the glass window in a daze, looking at her fascinated.

So beautiful!

At that moment, Jiang Yu felt ashamed.

The girl in the red dress seemed to have noticed Jiang Yu outside the floor-to-ceiling window, so she stopped dancing, turned to look at her, and asked pleasantly, “Is the whole building suffering power outage?”

Jiang Yu nodded blankly: “Yes.”

“The circuit in the art building is too old. The logistics are very difficult, but they refuse to replace with new circuits. All the classrooms use air conditioners, and they can’t move it at all.”

Listening to her, it seemed that she knew Esmera very well.

“Right, what’s your name?” She asked Jiang Yu.

“Jiang Yu, Jiang meaning ginger, and Yu as in rain[2], how about you?”

“My name is Bu Xi, Bu Tanyan’s Bu, Xi meaning hope.” Bu Xi opened the classroom door with a smile and let Jiang Yu in: “You are from Esmera’s new class of students.”

“Well, I came in at the end of last year, how about you?”

“I’m a student of the old class.”

At this moment, the lights in the dance classroom turned on brightly. It was a little dazzling, so Jiang Yu subconsciously blocked her eyes.

But Bu Xi looked at her directly, and exclaimed: “Wow! You and my little aunt look alike!”

“Who is your little aunt?”

“Bu Tanyan!”

“Bu Tanyan! She is your little aunt!” Jiang Yu also exclaimed: “I’m so envious!”

Bu Xi laughed: “Which class are you in?”

“Class F, how about you?”

“I’m in Class A.”

Jiang Yu felt a little unbelievable: “Hey, you dance so well, why are you only in Class A?”

“You mean, why didn’t I become the disciple of our chief instructor Bai Shuyi?”

“Aren’t the top students taught by her personally?”

Jiang Yu watched Bu Xi’s performance just now, which could definitely be regarded as a top-level dance.

Bu Xi smiled brightly, approached Jiang Yu, and whispered proudly: “Because my grandma said that her level is not worthy of guiding me.”

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[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffEZhYQxDQQ

[2] JY is explaining her name since similar sounding words in Chinese could have very different meaning. For example: Yu means rain as well as fish.

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