IHSB Ch. 60: Beautiful Cats

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Ding dong…

Gu Nan’s message ringtone sounded.

Shen Yujin, “I’m going to visit uncle and aunt tomorrow.”

Gu Nan could tell at a glance what this guy’s plan was, when he said to visit his parents, he actually wanted to see his sister.

He didn’t need to worry, he would just take her to Nanjin Biewan tomorrow.

Shen Yujin, “I will also go to Nanjin Biewan.”

Shen Yujin withdrew a message.

Shen Yujin coincidentally said, “I will go to Nanjin Biewan, haha…, haha…”

Gu Nan: “…”


Shen Yujin looked at the message sent by Gu Nan with a confused face, what did this mean? Didn’t mind him coming?

He originally thought that even if he were to look like a stalker, he would go to see the legendary sister, but he didn’t expect him to be so talkative today?

Shen Yujin rubbed his chin, feeling that this was a conspiracy.

It was indeed a conspiracy. Tomorrow, Gu Nan would take Nuan Nuan to Nanjin Biewan to plant the land. Today he had asked people to sort out the vacant land in the villa. Although the soil had been dug up, Nuan Nuan wanted to plant everything herself, she wouldn’t mind this helper who came forward on his own initiative.

“Guest, your cat has been cleaned and dewormed and its nails clipped. Do they need vaccinations?”

Gu Nan nodded lightly.

Nuan Nuan instantly abandoned the game, and ran over with short legs to look at the three cats in the cage.

The cat mother who was washed and dried was a snow-white long-haired cat. The change in appearance from a clown duck to a white swan made Gu An ask the pet hospital whether they had changed the cat for them.

The snow-white cat fur without any impurities was now fluffy and soft. It looked a bit like a Maine Coon cat[1], but it was much smaller in size, so it should be a mixed breed.

The two kittens were also long-haired cats. They were cute and beautiful. Their pair of big watery eyes were just like Nuan Nuan’s. One person, two milk cats, and three pairs of clean and clear eyes. You look at me, I look at you, the little milk cat meowed in a milky voice, their pink, tender and furry little paws were lifted up to explore Nuan Nuan, the scene was very cute.

Nuan Nuan looked at the two kittens with crooked eyebrows, stretched out her fingers and pressed them together in a high-five way with their soft pink palms.


The two little milk cats chirped softly, one was snow-white like its mother, the other was orange, but its belly and limbs were snow-white, and its appearance followed their mother, and they were both really handsome and very good-looking.

After getting the three kittens vaccinated, they went home. Mother Gu was overjoyed to see these three beautiful cats.

“Where did you buy such beautiful cats?”

Nuan Nuan said softly, “I saw them. They were caught in the rain at brother’s school. The driver uncle went to pick them up.”

The mother cat had a very gentle temper. When Nuan Nuan touched its head, it didn’t resist at all, and let out a very gentle meow, it was settled in the new home they had arranged with peace of mind, it was lying on its side in the soft cat nest, while the two kittens lay under the mother’s belly, the little paws pawing on their mother’s body rhythmically while drinking milk deliciously.

Rhubarb ran over with Briquettes, bouncing and wagging its tail. When the mother cat saw Rhubarb, she became startled and vigilant. The hair on her body was blown up. It was originally a long-haired cat. Now it had become a ball of white fluff, which was inexplicably funny.

Nuan Nuan hugged Rhubarb and softly comforted the mother cat. Rhubarb stuck out his tongue and obediently did not bark at the three cats, but tilted his head and looked over curiously.

Briquettes jumped from the head of Rhubarb lightly to the ground, and approached the cat’s nest with long legs and a graceful catwalk.

The beauty of Briquettes was also high, but it was different from that of the cat mother, one could see it at a glance. Briquettes was a kind of domineeringly handsome, and the muscles on its body were well-proportioned and slender. If it was not too small, it would have looked like a black panther. No one would doubt it.

But now Briquettes was still young, not yet a year old, and he could still grow, but they didn’t know how big it would grow.

It squatted gracefully and inexplicably beside the cat’s nest, its long black tail were wrapped around its front paws, as it stared at the three cats with its big green eyes.

“Briquettes, you have to get along well with the cat mother in the future.”

After Nuan Nuan comforted the cat mother, she introduced the three new members to them in a childlike voice.

After feeding the cats and telling them not to fight, Nuan Nuan went to study with her little brother again.

Downstairs, after Father Gu came back, he suddenly heard his wife say that the old woman’s family had come again, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

“Is Nuan Nuan okay?”

This was his first reaction, because previously that family wanted to make them adopt Gu Ling citing various reasons, so he also knew that that old woman could never like Nuan Nuan. His precious daughter didn’t need to be liked by such a person, but if she dared to do anything that hurts Nuan Nuan, then….

When Mother Gu thought of the old woman calling her daughter a little money-loser, she felt uncomfortable for a while.

“It’s okay for her to be patriarchal, but how could she dare to come to our house and look down on our daughter?”

Mother Gu didn’t say more, because she really couldn’t say the words ‘little money loser’. These were the words that the old woman used to describe her precious daughter. Although she didn’t say it clearly, Gu Linmo could probably guess something from her words, and the coldness on his body became worse for a while, but he had a smile on his face, however this smile gave people a creepy feeling.

“It seems that they have been living a very comfortable life.” Mother Gu knew that that family was going to be unlucky, and she was also happy to see this. This time, the old woman not only provoked her and her husband, but Grandpa Gu was also obviously angry today. Moreover, Grandpa Gu’s patience with that family had been getting lower and lower over the years. This time, even if he knew that her husband was going to take care of that family, he would probably turn a blind eye to it.

Mother Gu had guessed right. Gu Linmo called his assistant to order him to take back several projects from the hands of Gu Chengcai, the old woman’s son. The old man happened to pass by and heard it. In the past, he would think of their past relationship and let his son treat them lightly, but now, he just opened one eye and closed one eye[2], pretending not to hear, and walked slowly with his hands behind his back.

He had to feed some milk to Nuan Nuan’s cat. The cat had no temper and was soft and fluffy to the touch.

Gu Linmo watched his father walk by but not say anything, and immediately laughed.

“Dad, you’re back~”

Seeing her father coming in, Nuan Nuan jumped off the chair and ran over, shouting in a childish voice and looking very well-behaved.

Father Gu’s heart softened into a ball, and he thought how could there be such blind people who couldn’t like an obedient daughter like her.

“Nuan Nuan, drink milk, and eat some fruit.”

Feeding his daughter every day was a very satisfying thing.

Nuan Nuan nodded softly and said, “Okay.”

Holding the cup of milk in her two small hands, Nuan Nuan seriously took small sips and drank it. She would drink such a big cup in a long time, but she liked the sweet taste of milk.

After drinking a cup, it seemed that her whole person had a strong milky fragrance.

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[2] Willfully ignore something.

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