KHSW Ch. 240

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Hearing Chi Jingyu’s words, Ling Xi’s complexion gradually became serious, “Has he already started showing his feet?”

It seemed to be earlier than that time period in her previous life.

She just heard Chi Jingyu chattering: “Fortunately, the development project he saw was just a copy, and he didn’t really touch our company’s core development project, and I also found a problem, he implanted a new type of virus.”

“Is it true that as long as Yizhi uses that computer, all data will be transmitted to another connected device that avoids the firewall?”

Chi Jingyu looked at Ling Xi in surprise, “That’s right.”

“Then can you do it?”

“For someone as powerful as me, of course…impossible.”

Ling Xi remembered that Yizhi said that before he knew Jingyu, Jingyu had hacked his computer, and his level should be pretty good.

“Did you tell Yizhi about this?”

“Not yet! Didn’t you say that we should keep this matter a secret for now? Sister-in-law, what shall we do next?”

“There is progress…”

Xu’s Group Corporation.

Chi Jingyu, Yang Huilin and Ling Xi walked into the hall together.

When the employees of the company saw Chi Jingyu, they all bowed respectfully and said, “Hello, Mr. Chi.”

“Mr. Chi, good morning.”

When she saw how magnificent the company was, Yang Huilin felt a little excited, especially when she heard them call her son “Mr. Chi”, she felt a sense of pride.

When they entered the elevator, Yang Huilin asked excitedly: “Son, I didn’t expect the scale of the Xu Group to be so large? Mom is proud of you to be the vice president of the Xu Group. I didn’t expect that my son is so good.”

Hearing Yang Huilin’s praise, Chi Jingyu felt a little embarrassed, “Mom, my sister-in-law is still here!”

Ling Xi glanced at him with a smile, “He’s already pretty good, don’t be embarrassed, Auntie, Jingyu’s ability is still very good, otherwise he wouldn’t have been promoted to vice president.”

Yang Huilin also laughed, behind this smile was her gratitude to Ling Xi.

When Secretary Yang saw Chi Jingyu, he also saw two people behind him. One of them was the wife of the president, and the other was probably the mother of the wife of the president.

“Knock knock—”

Hearing the knock on the door, Xu Yizhi said “Enter” without raising his head, and continued to look at the document at a glance.

“Xu Yizhi.”

Because Jingyu’s mother was there, Ling Xi was embarrassed to call him “husband”, so she called him by his name directly.

Xu Yizhi suddenly raised his head and a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes, “Why are you here?”

“You don’t want me to come? Well, I’ll go back first.” She turned around to leave.

But Xu Yizhi got up quickly and grabbed Ling Xi’s arm, “You know I didn’t mean that, I’m very happy.”

Ling Xi turned her face away and snickered for a while, and when she turned her face back, she disappeared without a trace.

“Okay, let me introduce you, this is Jingyu’s mother.”

Only then did Xu Yizhi notice that there was someone beside her, and slowly stretched out his right hand, “Hello, Auntie, I’m Xu Yizhi.”

Yang Huilin wiped the sweat from her palms on her clothes a little nervously, and then stretched out her hand, “Hello, hello, I’m Jingyu’s mother, Yang Huilin.”

Yang Wei, who just brought tea and was about to enter the door, was taken aback…

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