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But when they saw the child who was carried out of the car by Gu Nan, they had to smile, after all… this was the daughter of the Gu family.

“Wow, woof, woof!!!”

Rhubarb ran over wagging his tail, and Nuan Nuan faintly heard someone yelling.

“Where did this dog come from?”

“Where’s the housekeeper? The dog they let in here is disgusting.” A boy standing among them even kicked Rhubarb with his feet in disgust.

Rhubarb dodged, and grinned at the group of people who appeared at home inexplicably.

“Wow, woof!” Rhubarb didn’t bite because Nuan Nuan wouldn’t let him, but it could scare people.

“Get out! Stinky dog!”

Nuan Nuan pursed her mouth a little unhappy, but Gu Nan’s face had already darkened.

“Rhubarb, come here.”

Amidst the screams of several people, the soft voice made them look very embarrassed, especially when they saw Nuan Nuan hugging the big yellow dog intimately, their expressions were embarrassing, and at the same time, their eyes flashed with disdain and sarcasm.

Sure enough, she had grown up in the countryside, she even brought a native dog as a pet.

“Oh, you are Nuan Nuan, right? We are your uncles and aunts. Come on, let me introduce you. This is your cousin. Our Lingling is about the same age as you, and we are all relatives. It will be good to have more fun with each other in the future.”

The middle-aged woman had a warm smile on her face, she could speak eloquently with one mouth, if Gu Nan was not standing beside Nuan Nuan, she would have embraced Nuan Nuan warmly.

Although she was very enthusiastic and kind in both her tone and her actions, Nuan Nuan took Rhubarb and hid behind her big brother vigilantly, holding his long leg tightly with a small arm, pursing her lips and drooping. She didn’t speak.

She didn’t like these people, although they were smiling, Nuan Nuan could feel the malice from them, and…they bullied Rhubarb, Nuan Nuan didn’t want to forgive them.

The little girl stroked Rhubarb’s hair with her fingers, and let the woman talk for a long time without answering a word.

Now the woman shut up embarrassingly under Gu Nan’s cold gaze.

“This child, why are you still so introverted?”

Gu Nan’s voice was indifferent, “Please let us pass.”

He said polite words, but his tone was commanding. He had no patience for them.

However, Nuan Nuan’s performance was a bit beyond his expectation. Normally, even if the little girl was bullied by Gu An and Gu Mingli, she would have no temper at all.

Regarding Nuan Nuan’s attitude, Gu Nan not only didn’t think there was any problem, but felt very relieved.

“Let’s go.”

The slightly cool palm rubbed her warm and fluffy short hair, and the tone was much gentler than when talking to other people.

Nuan Nuan knew that her big brother was not angry because of her impoliteness, and now she was completely relieved, so she raised her delicate face and smiled crookedly.

“Big Brother.”

At this time, Nuan Nuan especially wanted to call Big Brother, who stood by her side to protect her.

Gu Nan bent down, and hugged the soft little girl among the inconceivable eyes of those people, the condensed temperament around his body had softened visible to the naked eye, although he was still expressionless, but anyone with eyes could see that he had given the little girl all the tenderness in his body.

Seeing this, the middle-aged woman glared at her little daughter with resentment. If Lingling could please Gu Nan, their family would definitely have been living the life of a master by now.

After all, this was the heir of the Gu family, so how much did a Gu family cost so much.

Gu Wan, a girl standing beside the middle-aged woman, looked at Nuan Nuan with jealously. Seeing Gu Nan like this, she took two steps forward and shouted to Gu Nan.

“Big brother.”

With a gentle voice and pitiful eyes, Gu Wan looked at Gu Nan with a cute face.

“We heard that you’re back, so we came here to see you.”

Gu Nan walked past her indifferently, without saying a word, and ignored her.

Gu Wan only felt embarrassed, but she didn’t dare to resent the powerful Gu Nan, she only hated Nuan Nuan.

Before Nuan Nuan came back, although the eldest brother was indifferent to their family members, he had never been so excessive.

At this moment, Gu Nan paused and turned around, seeing this surprise flashed in Gu Wan’s eyes and she opened her mouth to call for someone, but then she heard Gu Nan glance at the young boy next to them with an indifferent gaze.

“Get out next time.”

The boy’s frightened legs gave way and he almost knelt down.

The middle-aged woman felt distressed seeing her son’s pale face from fright, but she didn’t dare to touch Gu Nan’s brow directly.

“Gu Nan, this…Tengda didn’t do it on purpose, he didn’t know that dog…”

Gu Nan didn’t want to listen to her anymore, and left with Nuan Nuan in his arms.

At this time, Rhubarb seemed to know that Gu Nan was avenging him, so he was no longer afraid of approaching him, instead wagging his tail, sticking out his tongue as if he was laughing, he followed his pace.

Gu Wan was so angry that she clenched her fists, and her fingernails were dug into her flesh. In Gu Nan’s eyes, they as relatives were not as important as a dog!

“Nuan Nuan is back.”

As soon as Mother Gu saw Nuan Nuan, she took her over with a gentle smile, holding her daughter and winking at her son.

“Why did you let Nuan Nuan be bullied?”

Gu Nan was expressionless.

Mother Gu: “…”

Forget it, she didn’t expect any expression to appear on her son’s face.

The family at the back walked in, and they didn’t look as enthusiastic about picking up people as they were before, they even had forced smiles on their faces.

Mother Gu was happy when she saw it, she hugged Nuan Nuan and said with a smile.

“Thank you for picking up my son so enthusiastically. You are more enthusiastic than me as a mother. You are too polite.”

The middle-aged woman looked at Gu Nan and held back. This little bitch, the Gu family was really unfortunate to marry such a woman in, you must know that she was her cousin! It was impolite to disrespect the elders, and the sons and daughters she gave birth to were unvirtuous and had no tutoring at all.

Mother Gu blocked everyone’s face and said warmly, “Mom’s little baby, remember, if someone bullies you, you must tell your mother, or your brother and grandpa. No matter what the reason is, our family is always on your side.”

What’s wrong with her being an above-board protector?

Just because your daughter still wants to be adopted by us as a daughter? What a fool’s dream.

As long as she thought of the false persuasion and moral kidnapping performed in front of her by these people every day during that time, so that Gu Ling could be adopted as their daughter under her and her husband’s name, Mother Gu felt disgusted, and moreover each of them would act like an elder while doing so. They were just picking soft persimmons, why didn’t she say it when her husband and son were around?

Fortunately, her precious daughter had been found, and they were mad at them!

When entering the main room, Nuan Nuan found that there was an old woman talking to Grandpa Gu with a smile on her face, and Grandpa Gu had a straight face, and his majestic appearance was a little different from the grandfather in his impression.


Nuan Nuan called softly, and Grandpa Gu laughed immediately, completely different from before.

The luxuriously dressed old lady had calculation and disgust flashing in her eyes seeing Nuan Nuan eyes, but she quickly covered it up and put on a warm and kind smile.

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