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Not far away, Ye He, who was stroking the big leopard, felt the phone vibrate in his pocket, and took it out to have a look.

Jing Yan: “How did it work? Cream? Was it cream?”

Ye He replied with a half-smile: “Yes.”

Jing Yan was shocked when he saw the text message.

The same cream, why was the result so different!!!

All in all, on the morning of the second day of Jing Yan’s birthday, there was a big gossip in the forest.

Regarding this, Jing Yi, the last one who woke up in a daze, didn’t know anything, and only jumped up and down in surprise at Chris who had turned into a big leopard!

After coaxing the big leopard and cleaning up the “crime scene”, Ye He’s group safely returned to the wooden house, walked towards Hei Yu under everyone’s admiring eyes, and said, “He seems to have a high temperature just now.”

“Yes,” Hei Yu said, “it should be better now, right?”

Ye He nodded. He woke up just now and felt that Chris’ body temperature was a little abnormal. When he saw the other party had turned into a big leopard with his own eyes, he guessed it was metamorphic fever.

After all, although they rested in the open air last night, they didn’t sleep for long, and instead spent more time sweating.

Afterwards, he wiped Chris clean, kept him in his arms, and wrapped him in the remaining clothes of the two of them, so that he would not catch a cold.

Just before Chris left the lake, he touched his head and felt that the temperature had dropped, but he was just thinking about it, so he had to check with someone with experience.

Jiao Yue heard the words and said: “It’s okay, let the doctor come and check it out.”

“But why did you suddenly change?” Jing Yi ran over, and when he heard this, he was puzzled, “Didn’t you say that you might have to go through a few more years before you officially transform after the first metamorphosis fever?”

“There will also be special circumstances. It is not impossible to metamorphose after the second metamorphosis fever. It may be because the body is stimulated, ahem, or there may be no reason at all, just a sudden metamorphosis. But in this case, the metamorphosis is normal. It came relatively quickly, and the orc may be in a coma for a week when they encounter this situation, Chris… really has a great physique.” Hei Yu said.

Everyone: “…”

That was, not only did he not pass out, but he even exercised.

How to put it, he felt that both Ye He and Chris are amazing.

But Jing Yi was confused: “What do you mean by ‘the body has been stimulated’? Is it the same stimulation as Qiao Xi’s back then?”

Seeing Ye He, he was running towards him from a distance. Chris: “…”

Qiao Xi: “…”

Others: “…”

This was really a pot that couldn’t be opened.

Jing Yan looked at Qiao Xi with piercing eyes.

Qiao Xi was excited, blushing and whispered: “No matter what kind of stimulation I receive, I won’t transform, so I don’t need stimulation!”

He, he was not ready yet…

Jing Yan: Hey, what a pity!

However, Chris changed, and that question appeared immediately—

“Then are you going home?”

Jing Yi asked depressedly that night.

At this time, most of their friends had gone home, and Ed had been in an out-of-body state, and was sent to the flying car by Jiao Yue and A Xue with the task of “bringing the good news to the Leopard King and Queen himself”. But Ye He stayed.

He had just sat down next to Chris.

Because of the sudden increase in size, Chris himself was a little uncomfortable, so he turned into a human form at this moment.

As soon as the man came over, he hugged him. Chris turned to look at him. Ye He was about to drink water, but he also looked at him and leaned over to kiss him.

Jing Yi: Hurt X2

Chris thought about it.

He fled to Jing Yan at the beginning just for the sake of transformation. Now that the transformation was successful, he really had no reason to stay any longer, not to mention that his parents missed him very much.

But Chris was actually a little used to staying here, and he was really reluctant to go.

“I…” He hesitated and didn’t know what to do.

Ye He reminded: “Anyway, I’m going to see your parents next week.”

Chris wanted to say that he would go back first and come back later when he had time. It was impossible for Ye He to face his father and mother alone.!

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