KHSW Ch. 228

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Although she had had so many “experiences”, when Xu Yizhi approached her, Ling Xi’s heart still thumped like a deer. Perhaps, Xu Yizhi was her Achilles’ heel!

The man lowered his head unhurriedly, thena shadow blocked the light in front of Ling Xi.

“Wow woof woof—”

“Wow woof—”

At a critical moment, two dogs came to make trouble, barking at the two of them non-stop, Xu Yizhi’s body froze, didn’t he ask Nanny Zhang to lock them up in a cage? Did she forget it today? Or did Ling Xi open the dog cage?

His face darkened, thinking about whether to continue, but Ling Xi pushed him away.

Smirking inwardly, she gave the thumbs up to the two dogs secretly. These two dogs were really clever.

“Honey, why didn’t Xiao Nuo come back with you?”

Xu Yizhi took off his tie slowly. If it was anyone else, he would definitely not be able to show them such a sexy look, “Grandpa likes to be with his great-grandson very much, so Xiao Nuo has been staying at Grandpa’s house for the past two days.”

“That’s it, then I’ll call Xiao Nuo first.”

“He must have already gone to bed now, as tomorrow he has to get up at five o’clock for morning classes and martial arts, and he doesn’t go to school until eight o’clock.”

“That’s right, will this disturb Grandpa’s rest?”

“No, grandpa also has the habit of doing morning exercises.”


“Gulu…” Ling Xi’s belly rumbled at the right time.

“Haven’t you had dinner?”

Ling Xi blinked. She seemed to have told herself before that no matter how busy she was, she had to eat on time. After all, her stomach was finally healed by him, and then she said in a flattering and coquettish tone, “Umm…, I was in the car just now, and I didn’t eat during the show! Husband, how about you make a bowl of instant noodles for me?”

Xu Yizhi stretched out his hand, but Ling Xi took a step back subconsciously, and he finally put his hand on the top of her head, rubbing her hair like a kitten, “Didn’t I say that? Your stomach is not good. Well, no matter how busy you are, you have to eat on time.”

Ling Xi seemed particularly irresistible to such an intimate gesture and gentle tone, “Husband, I know I was wrong, and I promise to eat on time in the future.”

Seeing Ling Xi’s facial expression, Xu Yizhi’s cold face melted slightly.

“I’m going to cook for you, what do you want to eat?”

Sure enough, it was still her husband. One second, she was worried about whether she would be criticized by her husband, but the next second, she was captured by his overwhelming tenderness.

“If you want to eat meat, any meat will do.”

“How about dog meat?” After speaking, he turned his attention to the two dogs playing around.

Ling Xi also followed his gaze, “…”

When did Yizhi learn to joke? And it was still such a cold joke.

When passing the two puppies, Xu Yizhi purposely walked away, not even looking at them.

While lying on the bed, Ling Xi thought of the incident in the small mountain village again. Those who had never experienced it may not have such a deep feeling, but the impression left on her was too deep, as long as she thought of it, her heart would turn sour, ” Husband.”

“Still can’t sleep?”

“I can’t sleep, can you chat with me!” Ling Xi turned sideways lightly, since the last time, Xu Yizhi almost wiped ~gun~go~fire, she didn’t put the “teddy bear” in the middle again.


“By the way, the day after tomorrow is the wedding of Ou Mengxue and Chi Jiayang.”

Xu Yizhi’s heart skipped a beat, and he waited quietly for the next sentence.

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