KHSW Ch. 227

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The corners of Ling Xi’s lips curled slightly, “Green waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. The environment is the foundation of our survival and development. Our modern society pursues natural, economic and social harmony, and ecological advantages can be transformed into economic and development advantages, this is the first ‘treasure’ we found.”

Hearing her words, the director was slightly taken aback, yes, why did he ignore this point?

“According to what you mean, have you found other treasures?”

“The second ‘treasure’ is ‘love’. In this small mountain village, we saw the beauty of human nature. Our first stop was an old man’s home. Although only the grandfather and grandson depended on each other, the love between them touched us virtually, including the child’s love for his parents.

“Our second stop was Sunshine Primary School. In that rudimentary teaching building, there were 32 college graduates who went to support teaching. What they gave to the children was not only educational help, but also spiritual guidance, this love needs to be passed on, so for me, this is also a ‘treasure’.”

Liming looked at Ling Xi with adoration like a “little fan”.


Seeing the director applaud, the other accompanying staff members and several groups of guests also applauded.

“Congratulations to Ling Xi and Liming’s team, you have successfully completed this mission…”

“Sister, if it weren’t for you this time, we would have become drowned chickens like them.”

As soon as Ling Xi finished handling her private affairs, Liming came to find her.

“You are also very good, otherwise this is fine, how about you be my little brother in the future? I can cover you.”

He was a very simple big boy, kind, gentle, and considerate. The first feeling he gave her was that he was kind without reason.

Liming’s eyes froze for a moment, then he nodded in a daze, “Okay.”

Hearing his agreement, Ling Xi rubbed his hair with her hands, “It might look better if it is dyed back to black.”

Liming’s hair was messed up, and his heart was also slightly messed up, so he had to cover it up by brushing his hair, “Sister, you messed up my hair.”

When Ling Xi returned home, it was already dark.

“Xiao Nuo, mother is back.” Ling Xi shouted impatiently as soon as she walked into the house with her luggage.

In the end, there were only two dogs waiting.

“Have you been obedient at home these two days?” She gently patted their little heads, then got up and walked to the kitchen, “Honey, I’m back.”

After waiting for a long time, there was still no movement, “Could it be that they haven’t come back yet?”

After walking into the bedroom and unpacking all the luggage, she finally heard the sound of a car outside the door.

Seeing the lights in the house, he knew that Ling Xi had returned.

Ling Xi had just walked down the stairs, “Honey, are you surprised to see me?”

Xu Yizhi walked towards Ling Xi before he even took off his coat.

Although he wanted to see her urgently in his heart, his steps seemed calm and he walked in front of her gracefully.

Ling Xi originally thought that he would say the word “surprise”, but she didn’t expect him to suddenly stretch out both hands, put them casually on the handrail of the stairs, and suddenly approach her.

Xu Yizhi’s familiar aura rushed towards Ling Xi’s nose.

She heard that there was a guy called “bi dong[1]“, is this considered a “ti dong[2]” now?

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[1] [bì dōng] v. Wall + slapping sound. Originally “kabe-don” [かべドン] in the Japanese anime, this Internet slang term refers to a man forcing a woman against a wall with one hand OR leaning against a wall, making a slapping sound, and leaving the woman nowhere to go.

[2] Ti dong or Stair + Slapping sound. A pun on bi dong.

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