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Da da da – the sound of running from far to near.

Ding Hong was wearing a down jacket and slippers, running towards this side with a face full of anxiety, panic and fear.

When she saw the scene on the ground clearly, her bright eyes widened, her lips trembled, her feet became unsteady and she fell to the ground. But she didn’t stop, she quickly got up and started running towards Yue again.

“Don’t go…he will…” Someone reminded, but it was too late.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Ding Hong squatted beside him, and murmured while feeling choked up, then she reached out to touch him and stopped a few centimeters away, her fingertips trembled slightly, and water dripped down her body, “Follow me, go back, okay? Don’t torture yourself like this, you will die!” Even she herself didn’t know why she said these words, she just followed the thoughts in her heart.

When she saw this person for the first time, she was shocked and amazed. He was cold and noble, arrogant and cruel, but he couldn’t hurt her and even protected her. She didn’t see it with her own eyes, but somehow she knew it. When he jumped out of the window early in the morning, she woke up with a start.

Between him and her, there was a kind of magical power that was implicating and binding.

Just like this time, seeing him on the verge of death, she would feel pain, as if she was having a heart attack, and it was difficult to breathe.

“I won’t bind you, I won’t order you, I beg you.” After saying these words, Ding Hong’s beautiful eyes were already filled with tears, which were washed away by the rain.

The sound of the rain hitting the ground blurred the girl’s cries, and the black cat in the boy’s arms opened its eyes in confusion, and saw the stranger standing in front of it, so it started twisting its body cautiously. This tiny force caused the person on the ground to move.

He slowly raised his head and opened his eyelids. His blood-red eyes had regained their luster, full of the oppressive sense of power of the past. An inexplicable wave swayed inside, and water droplets hung from the densely long eyelashes, shaking one’s heart into infinite magnificence.

A kind of sarcasm teased by fate appeared in his eyes, and he sighed with a chuckle, “Who the hell are you?” Why should my fate be connected with you, a weak human being.

“My name is Ding Hong!” Ding Hong laughed through tears, “Yue, are you alright? That’s great!”

The girl’s face was covered with rain, but because of her embarrassed look, her bright smile was even more dazzling.

Yue watched indifferently, “Remember what you said…”


The untimely sound of a motor drilled into her ears.

[His Majesty! Be careful–!] Five Treasure exclaimed in his mind.

The sound woke up Si Huang who was immersed in the play, her expression changed instantly, and when she turned her head to look, her eyes were stinging from the rain and strong light, but her sensitivity to danger made her insist on not closing her eyes.

A champagne-colored car was rushing over at a high speed, and the distance of tens of meters was almost covered in the blink of an eye.

“Ahhhh!” More and more screams sounded, and there was the sound of objects being knocked to the ground.

In the chaos, Si Huang clearly heard Yu Xi and Xu Wanjun shouting their names, and telling him to run away in horror.

At this time, it was too late to dodge even with her skills, but where was Jiang Yajing?

Jiang Yajing was still maintaining the squatting and kneeling posture she had to use when acting, which made it inconvenient for her to move.

She also sensed that something was wrong, so she squinted her eyes in discomfort, and turned her head to meet Si Huang’s eyes.

Si Huang saw that she was not panicked, her eyes trembled but she was calm. She stretched out her hands and pushed towards Si Huang forcefully, without any hesitation.

Si Huang’s eyes deepened, and she nimbly and swiftly grabbed the hand she pushed over and pulled hard, Jiang Yajing was pulled into her arms, and then they rolled to the right without stopping.

The front of the car and Si Huang’s body narrowly passed by.


The sound of wheels screeching to a halt.

[His Majesty! Turn over!] Five Treasure’s tone was mechanical, short and cold, like ice water pouring over Si Huang’s mind.

Si Huang could hear it clearly, and immediately did the action it reminded.


Si Huang felt a tingling pain on her left shoulder and smelled gunpowder smoke from the tip of her nose.

It was a gun!

She let go of Jiang Yajing, put the black cat in her arms and said without looking back, “Stay here.” Then she ran out.

Jiang Yajing stared at her with wide eyes, her mouth slightly opened but he left before she could speak.

The champagne-colored car was not far away, and the black pistol fitted with a silencer could be seen through the open window. Vaguely, she heard the murderer in the car swearing, “Fuck!” Then there was the sound of the car starting.

“Five Treasure!” Si Huang’s eyes were getting darker and darker, and she asked calmly, “Is there any way to hurry up.”

[Yes!] Five Treasure’s voice was as cold as hers.

The moment the voice of the Five Treasure sounded, Si Huang felt a warm current in her body, and her legs became lighter.

While sprinting, she grabbed the umbrella on the ground with one hand. This was a long umbrella with a pointed head.

Si Huang felt that the sight line of her eyes had also become farther, and she could see the movement of the champagne-colored car clearly. Then she raised the sharp long umbrella in her hand and pointed it at the wheels that hadn’t fully started.

“Bang bang—” two consecutive gunshots sounded.

[Left, squat down!] The voice of the Five Treasure came almost at the same time.

Si Huang expressed his absolute trust in it with her physical behavior.

A bullet flew past her ear, and another hit the ground behind her as she crouched.

“Ah!” An unfamiliar scream came to her ears.

The champagne-colored car was already leaving.

“More than one person.” Si Huang gritted her teeth, it was too late to compare the positions of the long umbrella in her hand, and it was too difficult to shoot through the spinning wheels. While squatting down, she turned over and stood up again, looked at the moving car, took a big stride, and projected the long umbrella in her hand with all her strength.

The rear window of the car was punctured, and a figure could be vaguely seen, with a ferocious and shocked expression, and screams came out.

[…] There was no sound in her head, but Si Huang felt a trace of self-blame, anger and unspeakable emotions from Five Treasure.

She wanted to comfort it, but a new change had taken place ahead.

A pitch-black coupe rushed out from somewhere and collided with the champagne-colored car without hesitation.

With a loud bang, the front of the champagne-colored car was smashed into pieces, and the body also fell to one side. Looking at the black coupe again, it was safe and sound except for a little damage to the front.

This dramatic change was beyond everyone’s expectations.

The black coupe didn’t seem to have arrived suddenly, but it had stayed there for an unknown amount of time and had come out without anybody noticing.

“Si Huang, how are you?”

“Your Majesty! My God, how could this happen!”

A group of people who came back to their senses immediately gathered around Si Huang and kept scanning her over. If everyone hadn’t known that Si Huang didn’t like being touched by others casually, they would probably have already started checking her body for injuries.

“I’m fine.” Si Huang wiped her cheeks and hair with a big towel while walking towards the scene of the car accident.

No matter how everyone wanted to stop him, they couldn’t stop him.

The battered door of the champagne-colored car was slowly pushed open, and a bloody figure struggled to climb out.

When the man raised his bloody face and looked around, Si Huang recognized his identity.

Wang Ma’s only son, Wang Cong.

Wang Cong also saw Si Huang, with resentment and fear in his eyes, he climbed out of the car even harder, groping his body with one hand.

He held the black object in his hand, causing the crowd to scream again. He had a gun in his hand!

Si Huang quickened her pace, but before she could make a move, the man who came out from behind the black coupe kicked him on the head. The force was so great that Wang Cong’s neck could be heard snapping.

Seeing Wang Cong’s eyes wide open as he lost his breath, Si Huang calmed down unexpectedly.

She believed that there was a real mastermind behind all of this, as Wang Cong couldn’t get a pistol with his skills.

The man who kicked the dead man was Chai Liang. He picked up his mobile phone and made a call. He casually explained the current situation, explaining that the mob had killed people. Hanging up the phone, he raised his head and smiled at Si Huang: “Young Master Si, I wonder if you still remember me? We met once in the elevator in Xiangyuan, Yangcheng City.”


“Second Young Master is here, be sure to show your face.”

Xu Wanjun and the others followed, and upon hearing what Chai Liang said, Yu Xi said, “I’m sorry, Si Huang must have been quite frightened by such a big event today, so it’s really not suitable for him to attend the appointment, why don’t you wait for Si Huang to recover, and then we will invite the Second Young Master to thank him for his help this time.” This person was not a good citizen at first glance, how could they let Si Huang go with him.

Chai Liang still smiled and said, “Second Young Master came here specially to see Young Master Si this time and has been waiting here for more than an hour.”

“Who is your Second Young Master?” Jiang Yajing also came over and stood beside Si Huang. Her maintenance implication was obvious.

Zhou Jian couldn’t stop her even if he wanted to.

Chai Liang didn’t respond to Jiang Yajing’s words but kept his eyes on Si Huang.

Si Huang nodded, “Wait for me to remove my makeup.”

Chai Liang: “Second Young Master has been waiting for a long time.”

Si Huang ignored his words and asked Yu Ling to bring over the makeup remover. First, she took off the cosmetic contact lenses, and then used a special makeup remover to wash off the beautiful patterns on her face. After washing with clean water four times in a row, the facial makeup was completely washed off.

Chai Liang’s patience was exhausted, and he thought to himself: If the second young master gets angry, not only will this boy be unlucky, but he will be unlucky too. He urged: “Hurry up, it’s almost done.”

Si Huang put down the towel he was using to wipe his face, and a clean and delicate face was revealed, which made Chai Liang’s facial expression slightly stiff. Fuck, evildoer turned into an elf!

“Si Huang, it’s not easy to take off the props for hands and ears.” Yu Ling wondered.

In order to make the props realistic, they were all glued on with special materials. To take them off and wash them off, you had to use special potions and techniques, and it would definitely not be done in a short while.

“That’s it.” Si Huang said, then turned her head and extended her hand to Jiang Yajing, “Give me the cat.”

“Ah?” Jiang Yajing was startled, but still handed over the black kitten that was cuddling in her arms over.

The little black cat seemed to be terrified or perhaps frozen, its body was trembling. Si Huang gently wiped it with a towel, then wrapped it in her arms.


Everyone looked at her for no reason.

Si Huang raised her head, “Go back and rest first.”

Everyone wanted to say something, but Si Huang had already followed Chai Liang to the black coupe.

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