RCFS Ch. 156: Surprise 2

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Ye Yunxi was excited by the fierceness of the golden eagle, and she had started liking the golden eagle more and more: “But what?”

“But, you have to be able to tame it.”

The method of taming had to be continued for at least seven days and seven nights!

In other words, if the training was less than seven days, it would be meaningless. Could Ye Yunxi persist?

Mo Yuxiang shook the sweat off his head and snorted.

The golden eagle was such a top-quality bird of prey, it shouldn’t have been given to this little girl, because she sure couldn’t even tame it, why should she get to raise it?

When the time came, her head would be crushed by the golden eagle, it would surely be ridiculous!

Such soft girls were only suitable for raising kittens, small hamsters, and not golden eagles. It was better to give it to people who could domesticate it, such as his Young Master Di, who was very suitable because he was strong enough!

For Ye Yunxi, Mo Yuxiang looked down on her, just this weak person, seven days and seven nights?

Hehe…, if you don’t sleep all night, you have to get down the next day, right?

Tame the eagle? He still didn’t know who would be the last one standing!

“You don’t need to be so troublesome, I can train it right away!”

Ye Yunxi licked the corner of her mouth excitedly, and her words distorted Mo Yuxiang’s handsome face.

No matter how fierce the beast was, she could train it and subdue it in a short time!


“Let it out!”

Sister wants to play with it.

Release it?

Mo Yuxiang looked at the golden eagle in the cage that kept rushing towards him in shock, and saw the iron cage that was bumped into was also crumbling. Mo Yuxiang was momentarily dumbfounded.

How difficult was it to catch a golden eagle that could easily kill even wolves?

Even this young bird was lured far away with great difficulty, and it was brought back only after the bait was drugged. Otherwise, let alone bringing the bird back, anyone who caught the golden eagle would have to die in the grassland!

But now, this girl actually wanted to let this raptor out!

Fuck, are you kidding me?

No, no, this carelessness would kill someone, could she bear the consequences?

“Don’t be arrogant!”

Mo Yuxiang couldn’t help but stop her, but his honourable young master had already opened the cage.

Mo Yuxiang: “…”

Fuck, trough, trough, trough!

Young Master!

Do you know how King Zhou died?

You are such a wise and powerful person, you must not short-circuit your brain!

While he was complaining, the young eagle seemed to sense a burst of life. Its fierce eyes stared at the open cage door. It did not fly away in a hurry like other birds, but like a king, calmly, step by step walked out.

“Be careful.”

Di Junxie backed away silently, leaving the home court to Ye Yunxi, but Mo Yuxiang was going crazy.

This was where it started?

No greeting at all?

Di Junxie! What should he do if someone dies!!

He looked at Ye Yunxi and then at Di Junxie, hesitant to speak.

Forget it, Young Master Di has turned on the pampering mode now, and he couldn’t listen to anything. He would definitely splatter three feet of blood in a while, so he should call 120 first!!!

As soon as he took out his mobile phone, Ye Yunxi had already started contacting the system.

“Hey, exchange for items.”

Okay! Host, you now have a 25090 Awesomeness XP, what items can I exchange for?


This whip has its own magic skills and physical skills. This system recommends that it is best to use magic skills to deal with it!

The system’s eyes were shining, the host was about to start earning Awesomeness XP again! It would recommend the best props to the host, so that she could win the Awesomeness XP with a winning attitude!

“Ordinary whip.”

System: “???”

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