GLR Ch. 18

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For today’s corn and carrot dumplings and yam spareribs porridge, Su Yemu also drew two lotteries. The winners were ‘Tasteless Food’ and ‘I Am Legend’. When the system announced the results, the audience wailed again.

Crying, it’s not me again.

Hahaha, hit, hit, love the anchor, love the empire.

Master, I am Erha, have you seen me? I have already applied for a study tour by phone, and I will be able to find you when the school approves it.

System: ‘Carnivore’ sent a ‘Captain’, everyone, come to [Gourmet Live Room] to pick up fighters!

System: ‘Erha’ sent a ‘Captain’, everyone, come to the [Food Live Room] to pick up fighters!

Gifts kept coming in, blowing up the screen.

Eating the dumplings one by one, Mr. Chen who stood behind Su Yemu, curled his mouth, raised his chin to the terminal, and gave out two silent hehe…

I saw, saw, he is despising us, he is despising us.

+1 in front, not only despise, but also seduce, ah, ah, so angry!

Want to climb over the terminal, point the laser gun at him, and ask him to hand over the dumpling.

Bobo he despises us.

Su Yemu turned his head, and Chen Lao was eating bitterly. When he noticed Su Yemu’s gaze, he raised his head with an innocent face: “What’s wrong?”

Su Yemu looked at the terminal, then at Chen Lao, and he was rendered speechless for a moment.

Inexplicably worried, afraid that the anchor will be cheated.

Same as before, but what should I do? Alas, I can do nothing but worry.

The dazed anchor is so cute, ahh…, for the sake of making the anchor show such a cute expression, I’m letting you go, otherwise, hehe…, the butcher’s knife is ready.

The barrage became cheerful again, Su Yemu was puzzled, he always felt that something happened in these few minutes that he didn’t know.

“So that’s the end of today’s live broadcast, see you tomorrow!”

Wait, host, you’re not smiling yet!

Ahh…, I’m obsessive-compulsive, anchor, you haven’t smiled yet!

The screen went black in an instant, and a bunch of barrages that wanted the anchor to smile were still floating on the black screen, but they could only float, the anchor had logged off.

The group of viewers secretly decided that tomorrow they must say in advance that the anchor had not shown a “terrible smile” at the last moment for several episodes, and they missed it inexplicably.

After turning off the live broadcast, Su Yemu packed two servings of food and handed it over to Ah Sha. Today Ah Sha was still cold and domineering, and didn’t speak to Su Yemu.

Su Yemu squatted at the door of the spaceship and watched Ah Sha eat, and then started talking to him again. This time Su Yemu talked about his interesting stories at grandma’s house. He was very naughty when he was young, and one of his favourite things to do was to pluck chicken feathers, until one time, when he was plucking chicken feathers, a goose suddenly rose up and chased him all over the village, so he quit this little hobby.

“Ah Sha, you can’t tell anyone about this!”

Su Yemu smiled sillily at Ah Sha, got up and went home.

After Su Yemu came back and had dinner with Xiao Nan, he began to teach Mr. Chen how to roll the dough. It was not difficult, but it took time to practice. After Mr. Chen learned how to do it, he said goodbye to Su Yemu. Then they made an appointment for a month later, when Su Yemu would go for the Neptune Exam.

After Mr. Chen left, Su Xiaonan took out a paper and pen and handed it to her brother: “Brother, write a recipe. From today onwards, I will supervise you until you finish writing a book.”

Su Yemu suddenly had a headache, there were a lot of dishes in the meeting, and it was really not easy to copy the manuscripts, but seeing Xiao Nan’s determination, Su Yemu could only get started.

Su Yemu had practiced calligraphy since he was a child and writing with a brush never troubled him. When the vigorous and powerful official script fell on the paper, Su Xiaonan, who was sitting beside Su Yemu, turned pale, and slowly tightened her hands on her lap, then her face returned to warmth, revealing a relieved smile.

From dusk to dawn, Su Yemu recorded all the food made during this period in detail, and with Su Xiaonan’s reminder, he also wrote down the usage of some ingredients.

“Xiao Nan, is it all right…”

Su Yemu turned his head and saw that Xiao Nan had fallen asleep on the table, with a heroic look between her brows, adding a bit of determination to her immature face.

Su Yemu put down the pen, carefully picked Xiaonan up and sent her back to the room, and covered her with the quilt: “In the future, with your brother here, you can grow up slowly.”

After closing the door, Su Yemu stretched himself, and was about to go back to the room, when there was an urgent knock on the door, Su Yemu checked the time, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening, and immediately became vigilant.

“Xiao Nan, I’m Jiang Xiaoyu.”

Su Yemu asked the terminal to connect to the door monitor, and opened the door after confirming that it was them.

Father Jiang’s face was very anxious, first he looked around vigilantly, and then he said: “Neptune sent troops down to investigate. They didn’t say why, but they seemed to be looking for someone. I thought about it. The only stranger in the world is that idiot, if you are found at that time, you must remember not to have anything to do with the idiot.”

Su Yemu and Su Xiaonan were both brothers and sisters who grew up under his watch, he had seen Su Yemu help A Sha, seeing that their family’s life was getting better, he couldn’t have an accident just because he delivered a few meals to the fool.


“Hey, what are you doing?”

Before Su Yemu had finished speaking, a strong light came over, and a man in military uniform led a group of soldiers to stride over, looking at the four of them, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Mother Jiang smiled flatteringly at the general, and said, “Sir, we just received a message from Su Yemu saying that his sister had a fever, and he didn’t know what to do, so he asked us to come here.”

The man glanced at Su Yemu and said, “Do you treat him as a three-year-old child, or me as a three-year-old child?”

As a therapeutic device? Fever was not considered a disease in this day and age.

“Sir, you don’t know something. Su Yemu was not clear-headed before, but recently he recovered, so he still doesn’t understand a lot of things!”

After mother Jiang finished speaking, the officer’s gaze fell on Su Yemu again, with a cold face, confused eyes, blinking from time to time, it seemed that the brain was indeed just right.

The Su family house was searched again, and seeing Su Xiaonan blushing while buried in the quilt sound asleep, convinced them a little, and then they questioned Su Yemu about some things, and left.

The soldiers left Su Yemu’s house and entered the night again.

The adjutant finally couldn’t help but say: “General Allen, according to the calculated orbit, the most likely place for the marshal to land is the planet Saier, but now we have been searching for five days and found nothing. Should we go to another planet instead?”

Before coming to Saier, they had already searched for him on other planets. If they couldn’t find him again, they had to consider two other possibilities: one was that the marshal was still wandering in the universe, and the other was that he had been sucked away by a black hole.

Allen shook his head: “Keep looking. Tomorrow I’ll go see Boss Hei. The power of Xeroxing is under his control, maybe he knows something.”

The planet, waiting for their rescue. As for the royal family saying that they would send guards to help find the marshal, Allen had reservations about entrusting the marshal’s safety to them.

After the soldiers left, Jiang family also left. The first thing Su Yemu did was to look for 033 everywhere. Speaking of which, 033’s presence was quite low. On weekdays, he would clean up the table and the kitchen after they finished eating, and then quietly just stayed in the corner, motionless, not knowing what he was doing.

When the soldiers searched the house just now, Su Yemu didn’t see it.

“Brother, are you looking for 033? It’s under my bed.” Su Xiaonan woke up when the door was knocked just now, and opened the door secretly. Hearing the general ask if he had seen any mechas, Su Xiaonan woke up. Xiao Nan asked 033 to hide under the bed, wondering if 033 was the mecha they were looking for, so she felt it was safer to hide it first.

“033, turn around!”

“Yes, master.”

The lines of its fuselage were rigid and smooth, and there was a cold glow surrounding it when you looked closely. It didn’t look like a family robot; it could fit an adult inside.

In the final conclusion, 033 was not a mecha, maybe it was just a home robot of particularly good quality.

After she reached a conclusion, 033 ran to the corner and stood there again. Su Yemu sent Xiao Nan back to the room and went out.

There were chirping insects in the dark night, Su Yemu trotted to the abandoned spaceship, and there was no sound inside.

“A Sha, A Sha.”

Su Yemu whispered a few words, but no one answered, so he turned on the lighting of the terminal, and bent down and got in, but he was suddenly hugged from behind and fell to the ground. There was a pain in the neck, and someone seemed to have bit him tightly. Su Yemu took a breath and tried to turn around. A huge manic thought rushed into his sea of consciousness, cold, sad, and full of killing intent…

This was, what? Whose emotion was this? Why could he feel it?

There was a stabbing pain in his head, and Su Yemu passed out.

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