CFCS Ch. 228.2: Ending (3)

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Bian Qing was imprisoned in the heavenly prison. He thought he had found a very secret place to preserve his body and the rest of his soul, but he was still found by Shang Wang’s subordinates and brought back to the heaven.

Bian Qing thought that after Jing Yang’s soul disappeared, his soul would come back, but he didn’t expect that all his souls would never come back. Although he would get a piece of memory after each life, knowing that things didn’t go as he expected, and since he was captured by Shang Wang’s subordinates, even if he wanted to do something, it was impossible.

Bian Qing was hung in the air by iron chains. He was tortured every day in the prison. Today’s torture had just ended, but he heard the sound of the prison door opening again. When he opened his eyes and saw that the person who came in was Jing Yang, his eyes widened immediately, and his body shook involuntarily.

“Put him down.” Jing Yang ordered.


Bian Qing was put down, but because of his incomplete soul and being tortured every day, he couldn’t even stand up, and collapsed to the ground as soon as he was put down.

Jing Yang didn’t care whether he was standing or lying down, anyway, except for Shang Wang, he was not used to looking up at anyone, so he let the soldiers guarding the prison put him down.

“The Goddess of the Snow Mountain has been wiped out. Shang Wang did it himself.” Jing Yang looked down at him and said, “None of you thought that Shang Wang would really kill the Goddess of the Snow Mountain.”

He really never thought Shang Wang would destroy the Snow Mountain Goddess, and he thought that even if Shang Wang got to know the truth, for the sake of Snow Mountain Goddess’s father, he would not do anything to the Snow Mountain Goddess, and the Snow Mountain Goddess was the only one who would be able to save him.

“You really inherited all your mother’s character. You mother and son’s strong jealousy and stupid thinking are exactly the same.” Jing Yang said sarcastically.

“Shouldn’t I be jealous?” Bian Qing said weakly, “I’m also the son of the Heavenly Emperor, why is there such a big difference in treatment from you?

“You don’t want to understand. If you really don’t understand, then I will show kindness and tell you personally.”

“Even if you and I have the same father, we are fundamentally different.” Jing Yang said, “My mother is the Empress of Heaven. She is not only the official wife of the Heavenly Emperor, but also an existence that can enjoy the same honor as the Heavenly Emperor. Not only was my birth upright, but I was also the prince of destiny. And you, you were born by your mother using dirty tricks. It’s just a product of a dirty mother.”

“You are not allowed… to insult my mother!” Bian Qing gritted his teeth.

“I’m just stating the facts. It seems that you and your mother don’t understand what it means to be respected by others. You must first respect yourself. You have done unbearable things, but you don’t seem to feel insulted. Is that possible? Are you laughing?”

Bian Qing stared and said nothing.

“You should already have memories of those previous worlds, right?” Jing Yang said, “How does it feel to be defeated by me in every life, and to be stepped on by me and unable to resist? This is called self-inflicted evil.”

Bian Qing knew it was no longer possible for anyone to save him. Instead of being tortured all the time, it was better to end everything here. “If you have the ability, you kill me!”

“Kill you? Wouldn’t that be too cheap for you?”

“What exactly do you want?”

“I want to send you into the Thunder Tower and let you reunite with your mother. Isn’t this your long-cherished wish? Now that I have fulfilled your wish, you should thank me.”

He hadn’t reacted yet and didn’t understand what he meant by sending him to reunite with his mother.

“You are now in a state of incomplete soul, immortal or human, and you probably won’t live long, but I don’t want you to die to get relief. So I let Shang Wang open the Thunder Tower and asked him to lock you and your mother on the same floor, in this way, not only can you meet, but you can also endure the pain of thunder and punishment together. There is no time flow in the Thunder Tower, so you will always live in the same day as your mother and will never die.”

Jing Yang squatted down, smiled and said to him, “Not only will you mother and son be reunited soon, but you can also watch each other suffer, and feel each other’s pain physically and mentally at the same time. Isn’t it interesting? You don’t need to thank me too much, you deserve it.”

“You…,” Bian Qing didn’t know whether it was because of anger or fear, but his whole body was shaking, “You are so vicious, yet you can become the prince of heaven, it’s so unfair for others to call you naive.”

Jing Yang found it very funny and said, “Do you regret that you only found out now that I was so vicious? You and your mother belong to the type of people who only allow themselves to do things, and when others fight back, they are vicious. Your mother killed my mother, and you almost killed me. Compared with you mother and son, what is my viciousness?”

“Haven’t you finished?” Shang Wang walked in.

“It’s over.” Jing Yang stood up and said, “For a person like him, no matter how much you say, he won’t regret his mistakes, he will only think that God is unfair.”

“Then don’t waste your saliva with him, I’ll let the Heavenly Soldiers throw him directly into the Thunder Tower.”

Jing Yang saw that since Shang Wang had come in, Bian Qing’s eyes had been looking at him, and there were many inexplicable emotions in his eyes.

Jing Yang turned around and hugged Shang Wang’s waist, looking up at him.

Shang Wang held his face and kissed him, and the two kissed for a long time before they separated.

Jing Yang turned his head to look at Bian Qing and found that the hatred and jealousy in his eyes was almost making his eyes bleed, thinking that this person would not change at all, he smiled indifferently, and said to Shang Wang, “Send him to the Thunder Tower.”

Bian Qing was dragged by the heavenly soldiers to the outside of the Thunder Tower, Shang Wang used divine power to open the stones of the Thunder Tower, and directly sent Bian Qing to the top level of the Thunder Tower, allowing him to reunite with his mother.

When Bian Qing reached the top floor of the Thunder Tower, he immediately found a person lying on the ground, but that person was already bloody, and he couldn’t see what she looked like at all.

“Mother?” Bian Qing tried to call out, because the Snow Mountain Goddess had told him that there was only his mother on this floor.

The person lying on the ground opened her bulging eyeballs and looked very scary. She got up from the ground and sat down with difficulty, then looked at Bian Qing motionless.

“Mother, I am Bian Qing, your son.” Bian Qing said cautiously.

“Son…” Yu Ji had been here for tens of thousands of years, and she had already lost her mind, but when she heard the word son, her brain immediately became clear, because after so many years, her only thought was that her son had come to save her.

“You, you are, my son? Have you come to pick me up?” Yu Ji’s voice was hoarse as if there were sand in her throat. She crawled excitedly towards Bian Qing, leaving a trail of blood on the ground.

“I…” Bian Qing didn’t know what to say at the moment.

“Heavenly Emperor, Heavenly Emperor forgave me and asked you to pick me up, didn’t he? Didn’t he?” Yu Ji’s almost deformed face could still show the look of expectation.

“No, the Heavenly Emperor…” Bian Qing gritted his teeth, but still couldn’t speak.

The thunder punishment in the Thunder Tower would only be suspended for a short time every day, and then it would be carried out the rest of the time. So before Bian Qing had time to say more to his mother, the thunder punishment had already begun.

“Ah! Ah!!!” The mother and son screamed at the same time.

Jing Yang looked back when he heard the screams, thinking that this mother and son would live forever in thunder and endure the torment where their life would be worse than death, so he was in a very good mood.

But when he thought of his mother and not knowing when she would come back, he was not very happy.

“What’s wrong?” Shang Wang looked down at him, “Are you acting out a sad mood again?”

“I’m just in a sad mood, don’t talk nonsense again.” Jing Yang rolled his eyes at him. When he regained his character, would he still acknowledge that he got into all sorts of emotions when he was having convulsions.

Shang Wang reached out to hold Jing Yang’s hand, but Jing Yang patted it away and whispered, “Be careful, so many people are watching, what does it look like?”

Shang Wang knew that he was always more vigilant than him in front of people. Seriously, looking at him with a smile in his eyes, he wanted to raise his hand to touch his head, but held back.

“Do you think my mother can come back?” Shang Wang asked in a low voice.

“Do you miss her?” Shang Wang asked as he walked.

“I haven’t even seen her.” Jing Yang said a little downcast.

“You’ve seen her before. She even hugged you and showed off to me. At that time, she was very happy to show off to me that she and your father gave birth to a very beautiful son. She also said that you inherited all the advantages of her and your father’s appearance.”

“Then I don’t remember, I was so young at that time.” Jing Yang said, and suddenly became sad, “It would be great if my father could bring her back soon.”

Shang Wang turned to look at him but didn’t speak.

“If she comes back, I’ll let her give me a younger brother after she recovers, and then I won’t have to be the prince, and I won’t have to be an emperor in the future. In this way, I can be with you in an open and honest manner, and nobody will stop us.” Jing Yang said his thoughts.

“Is this what you want?” Shang Wang stopped, looked at him and said.

“…Yes, I actually don’t want to be a prince at all.” Jing Yang said.

“It seems that I’m going to have to help the Heavenly Emperor…” Shang Wang said to himself, and then continued to move forward.

“…” Jing Yang froze for a moment, then chased after him and asked, “What do you mean?”

“It’s not interesting.” Shang Wang quickened his pace.

“What’s not interesting, you explain clearly to me.” Jing Yang reached out to grab him and asked him to stop and speak clearly.

“In public, don’t gossip.” Shang Wang deliberately prevented him from being caught.

“Stop for me…” Jing Yang shouted angrily, chasing after him regardless of his image.

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