TBVSR Ch. 63: Parental Love!!!

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In the evening, Jiang Manyi returned home from work, and said to Jiang Yu in high spirits: “Xiao Yu, let’s go out for dinner tonight, and Mom will invite you to the Global Center for a big meal! Let’s celebrate.”

Jiang Yu, wearing an apron, came out of the kitchen, with a plate of delicious twice-cooked pork with garlic shoots[1] in her hand.

“Mom, I’ve already prepared the meals.”

“I still have the good fortune to eat the meal made by my daughter!” Jiang Manyi put down the bag and glanced at the food on the table, then she praised Jiang Yu: “The craftsmanship is good.”

Jiang Yu came over, sat next to her, and squeezed her shoulder: “Mom, you have worked hard these years, I have grown up, and I will take care of you in the future.”

“Come on, you still take care of me, just don’t let me worry about you.”

Jiang Manyi picked up the chopsticks and was about to pick up the braised pork when Jiang Yu secretly turned on the TV and played the 15th anniversary of Cheng Ye’s debut a few years ago concert.

Hearing his singing, Jiang Manyi’s expression flickered a little unnaturally: “Why did you put this on?”

“I put it on casually.”

Jiang Manyi picked up the remote control and said, “Then I will tune in the TV series.”

“No need.” Jiang Yu snatched the remote control: “Cheng Ye’s song has a lot of atmosphere, I have always liked him.”

Jiang Manyi forced herself, and ate in silence.

Cheng Ye’s concert was very lively, and he also looked like a superstar. Whether it was his smile, his singing voice or even his casual actions, he could cause bursts of cheers and exclamations from the audience. He was a typical atmosphere group player.

Jiang Yu asked casually: “Mom, what do you think of Cheng Ye?”

Jiang Manyi asked sensitively: “What about him?”

“This star should belong to a singer of your generation, do you like him?” Jiang Yu observed her expression: “I mean, do you like his songs?”

“I didn’t hear much of his songs.”

Jiang Manyi pounded the rice in the bowl with her chopsticks, feeling a little depressed.

“I remember you used to like singing. When we went to KTV, you always hogged the microphone.”


“What do you think of Cheng Ye?”

Jiang Manyi put down her chopsticks: “You always mention him. What is so good about him?”

“I really like listening to his songs, so I was just chating casually. Mom, why are you so sensitive?”

“How can I be sensitive.”

Jiang Manyi glanced at the radiant man on the stage, then quickly withdrawing her eyes, she bowed her head to eat: “His vocal range is very wide, and he can easily sing all kinds of songs, but these years he mainly focuses on pop songs and love songs. In fact, his best…is still rock. He debuted with rock, but unfortunately later gave it up.”

“Yes, pop music is the mainstream demand after all.”

“It’s not easy for people to stick to their original aspirations and dreams.”

A familiar melody came from the TV, which was Cheng Ye’s main love song, it was also the song that made him an instant hit when he debuted that year.

He said in concert more than once that this song was dedicated to his only first love in this life, and also his favourite girl.

Jiang Manyi thought of the call that no one answered today.

She later found out that the call was from Haicheng.

Jiang Manyi looked at the man in front of the TV screen again.

Was it him?

How could it be him…

After so many years, with his status, how could he still contact her.

Jiang Manyi lowered her head, chewing the rice without tasting it.

Jiang Yu observed Jiang Manyi’s absent-minded expression, and she became more certain that Jiang Manyi must have had a relationship with Cheng Ye.

If what Cheng Ye said was true, Jiang Manyi was really his first love, and he never fell in love again.

Then Cheng Ye was her father!

Jiang Yu looked at the man on TV. He sang and danced on the stage, exuding an unparalleled charm.

She had a father, and Cheng Ye was her father…

Jiang Yu’s eyes turned slightly red, she pretended to go to the bathroom, closed the door, and wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Over the years, she had asked about her father more than once, but Jiang Manyi always lied to her, saying that he went to Shenzhen to work hard, that he might be married, and that he didn’t know about her existence…

Dad didn’t remarry, and dad was still thinking of her, wanting to get her back.

Jiang Yu turned on the faucet, patted her face with cold water, took out her phone, and sent Qiu Li a text message—

“Ah Li, are you free these few days?”

Qiu Li: “After July, I found a part-time job as a tutor?”

Jiang Yu: “Graduation trip! Are you interested?”

Qiu Li: “Where are you going?”

Jiang Yu: “Haicheng, go to the concert.”

Qiu Li: “Not interested.”

Jiang Yu: “Then where do you want to go?”

Qiu Li: “Everest?”

Jiang Yu: “…”

“On June 27th, there will be a Cheng Ye concert in Haicheng, I want to see it.”

Qiu Li: “Who is Cheng Ye?”

Jiang Yu: “A singer I have loved since childhood, I grew up listening to his songs.”

Qiu Li: “Male?”

Jiang Yu: “You are even jealous of celebrities!”

Qiu Li: “…”

“I don’t want to go.”

Jiang Yu: “Then I’ll go alone.”

Qiu Li: “Oh.”

Jiang Yu: “I’ll go alone, eat alone, watch the concert alone, and go back to the hotel alone after the concert… [poor]”

Qiu Li: “Do you want to stay in a hotel?”

Jiang Yu: “I can’t sleep on the street.”

Qiu Li: “Then I will book a room.”

Jiang Yu: “?”

In the evening, Jiang Yu told Jiang Manyi that she would go to Haicheng for a graduation trip with her boyfriend in the next two days.

Jiang Manyi readily agreed, helped her pack the suitcase, and said with a sigh: “I’m really envious, it’s nice to be young, you can fall in love vigorously, and you don’t have to think about too many other things. Mom, at your age, also liked a boy.”

Seeing that Jiang Manyi took the initiative to mention this topic, Jiang Yu naturally would not let go of the opportunity, and hurriedly asked, “Is that my father?”

Seeing her saying a few words, Jiang Manyi who couldn’t mention her father, was very helpless.

But it was impossible for her to tell Jiang Yu that she was not her biological daughter and her biological father was Xie Yuan.

She simply made the mistake and said, “Yes, it’s your father.”

Jiang Yu sat next to Jiang Manyi, took her hand, and asked, “Mom, how did you and my father meet?”

“Why are you asking this?”

“I’m just curious.”

Seeing the curiosity flickering in the little girl’s eyes, Jiang Manyi simply put down the clothes in her hand, and said to her: “At that time, your mother was about the same age as you, selling and singing outside the university to make money…”

Because her younger sister deprived her of the opportunity to study, Jiang Manyi had no choice but to leave her hometown early and come to Beicheng to work hard.

Very young, without any skills, only a God-given good voice, so she sang in a bar and dance hall outside the university.

Later, by chance, the school held a Mid-Autumn Festival performance. Jiang Manyi went to give Jianlibao to his best friend Bu Tanyan, and then saw that guy Cheng Ye…

During the school’s Mid-Autumn Festival performance, the big square was full of leaders and students. And he was performing one after another singing and dancing programs that met the aesthetics of middle-aged people.

Cheng Ye’s band, on the other hand, set up a drum set on the opposite side of the stage of the cultural performance, and a group of hot-headed rock youths directly fought against the Mid-Autumn Festival performance.

The thundering rock and heavy metal, the roaring shouts, and the burning youth and passion of the teenagers…successfully attracted all the young students.

They left the big square one after another and ran to Cheng Ye’s band, cheering and shouting.

The school leader looked very ugly, and immediately asked the security guards to drive away Cheng Ye’s band.

That was the first time Jiang Manyi saw the young man on stage, wild and rebellious like a rock, with a wanton smile on his face, shouting loudly, “You don’t let me on stage, are you afraid that I will rob you of the limelight!”

“Why can’t rock music be officially performed!”

“Rock and roll never dies! Long live youth!”

The beat of the drum set hit Jiang Manyi’s heart deeply.

From childhood to adulthood, she had assumed the responsibilities and obligations of the elder sister at home, taking care of her younger brothers and sisters at home, and she had tolerated everything and never complained about the injustice of fate.

Until she heard the wild rock music beating from the drum set, saw the rebellious boy who dared to openly challenge the authorities and clamoured for the invincibility of youth…

The sleepy soul that had been sleeping for more than ten years seemed to wake up overnight.

She began to question fate: ‘Why?’

It was also from that time that Jiang Manyi no longer sent money to her family, and no longer helped her parents to raise her younger siblings…

She had already sacrificed her chance to go to college for the family, and she no longer wanted to be dragged down by the family and ruin her own life.

So, Jiang Manyi started to earn money and spend it on her own, started to buy cosmetics and learned to dress up, and started to make her life more comfortable, and often went to the music department of the Art Academy as an auditor.

At the same time, from the mouths of the surrounding classmates and Bu Tanyan, she also got to know about the so-called “super villain” of the Art Academy-Cheng Ye.

This guy was a big celebrity in the school. First of all, looking at the entire art academy, with his good looks and temperament, the school grass could not be anybody else…

Secondly, this guy’s rebellious character and unruly behaviour caused headaches for the entire academy leaders.

At that time, the girls in the art college treated bad boys like “Cheng Ye” with crazy infatuation.

The same was true for Jiang Manyi, she almost fell in love with Cheng Ye at first sight.

She went to every one of his band performances, whether it was in bars, squares or underground passages, silently watching among the crowd, watching him from afar with unconcealed excitement.

Every cell in her body was cheering for him.

Later, after a performance, Cheng Ye actually stopped her: “Hey! What’s your name?”

Jiang Manyi looked around, then pointed to herself: “Did you ask me?”

Cheng Ye smiled, revealing his cute dimples: “Is there anyone else here?”

His performances were watched by no more than ten people each time, and the girl in front of him came every time, so of course he had noticed her.

“I…my name is Jiang Manyi.” She blushed all of a sudden, as if she had been favoured by an idol, and stammered, “I’m your fan, and I just… like your…songs. “

“Brother Ye, let’s go.” A bass player behind him called him.

He lit a cigarette, turned around and said, “You guys go first, I’ll say a few words to my fans.”

Then, he walked up to Jiang Manyi, while looking at the rushing river opposite Binjiang Square: “Let’s walk together?”

Jiang Manyi stiffened her neck and nodded, “Okay.”

Cheng Ye walked in front with a cigarette in his mouth, and Jiang Manyi followed behind him, her heart pounding.

He glanced at her sideways, and said with a smile, “Are you hot?”


“I heard you like me?”

“Who said that!”

“The little swan in our college said that her best friend likes me, and asked me to give it a chance. I asked her, who is your best friend, and she said I will find out slowly.”

Cheng Ye looked at Jiang Manyi: “Sure enough, I found out, you are always there in every one of my performances.”

Jiang Manyi almost choked on her own saliva, blushing, wishing she could just jump into the river and die! She liked Cheng Ye, but she absolutely didn’t want to be known by him! Bu Tanyan was a college student, and Cheng Ye was also a college student, but she… what was she, she dropped out of high school and now worked to make a living.

There were so many excellent girls in the school who liked him, what qualifications did Jiang Manyi have…

This humble liking could only be hidden deeply in her heart, and could not be discovered!

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore! I’m sorry!”

After she finished speaking, she wiped away her tears with her sleeve, turned around and ran away. That was the first chat between the two.

She apologized to him for her liking in the past six months.

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