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“I said, even if you want me to save the demon, at least open the seal. How can I break such a high-level seal now.” Mi Wan said speechlessly, she was in a state of exhaustion of spiritual power, okay, and he sent a ninth-level seal, what did he mean?

Fan Chen was startled at first, then his face became hot again, he couldn’t help coughing in embarrassment, but his mood subtly improved. He raised his eyes and looked at the opposite window. Mi Wan was lying on the window sill in milky white pajamas: “I was negligent, I will open it now.”

Fan Chen raised his hand on the white eggshell, and after pouring enough demon power, a layer of golden and complicated lines emerged on the white eggshell. With the covering of the lines, the eggshell gradually became transparent, and then disappeared in a ray of light, revealing a palm-sized white fox inside. The white fox floated in mid-air and without the shackles of the seal on its body, it grew bigger little by little, and finally became the size of a normal fox, and fell back onto the vine.

Fan Chen waved his hand again, and the vines dragged the white fox skillfully across the wall until the fox landed on Mi Wan’s window sill.

“It’s troublesome.” Fan Chen knew that Mi Wan had agreed to save the little fox.

“I said, did you forget something?” Mi Wan took the little fox and asked again.

Fan Chen was taken aback, thought for a while and added: “Thank you.”

Mi Wan suddenly rolled her eyes, thank you for nothing, she roared: “You go to a doctor for treatment, don’t you pay the consultation fee?!”

After realizing it, Fan Chen quickly asked, “How much is it?”

“I still don’t know what’s going on with this little fox. I’ll talk about it when I find out. But since we know each other well, I can give you 50% off.” Mi Wan laughed.

Fan Chen, who had never cared about money and was going to double the consultation fee last night, suddenly changed his mind when he heard Mi Wan’s reason for the discount: “Okay.

“Good.” Mi Wan said again.

“No hurry.”

No hurry? There was no hurry, yet he still put it on my windowsill overnight.

“Then I’m hanging up, I have to go to school later.” Mi Wan hung up the phone, then she turned and went back to the house.

Standing in front of the window, Fan Chen suddenly understood why people always liked to seek help from others. Because this feeling of being helped was actually quite good.

After breakfast, Mi Wan put the little fox in her schoolbag and took it out. When she arrived at school, she went to her pet hospital first. It was not yet nine o’clock, but Xu Zhuang and Sparrow Jing had already come to work.

“Morning boss.” The two greeted Mi Wan with smiles when they saw Mi Wan coming in.

“Morning.” Mi Wan nodded, walked over and opened her schoolbag, then she brought the little white fox out. Just as she was about to pass it to Sparrow Jing, a hand suddenly stretched out from the side, and quickly snatched the little fox away.

“This is a white fox?! Oh my god, it’s really a fox.” After confirming the species of the animal in his arms, Xu Zhuang called out a series of exclamations, “It’s so beautiful, it doesn’t even have any stray hairs, and it still has such soft fur. It’s so smooth, and it’s even more beautiful than processed fur.”

“Hey…what about processed fur?” As a demon, the sparrow spirit felt uncomfortable when he heard the word processed fur.

“Sorry, I’m just making an analogy. In fact, I also oppose humans wearing fur.” Xu Zhuang quickly explained.

“Give me back the fox.” Xu Zhuang couldn’t see it, but the sparrow spirit recognized it at a glance. It was a fox demon, but for some reason, it was sleeping deeply.

“I’m a doctor, let me take care of it.” With the keenness of a doctor, Xu Zhuang quickly discovered the problem, “There’s something wrong with this fox, why has it been sleeping all the time.”

“It’s sick.” Mi Wan explained.

“Then I’ll check it out.” Xu Zhuang heard that such a cute fox was sick, so he didn’t dare to delay, he just carried the white fox and went to the treatment room in the back.

“Boss, the little fox was taken away by Xu Zhuang, is it all right?” Sparrow Spirit asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, Xu Zhuang likes animals very much, so he won’t hurt it.” Mi Wan said, “This little fox has a weird body and won’t wake up in a short period. Just pay more attention.”

As for what to pay attention to, it was natural to pay attention to others. He could not let Xu Zhuang find out that what he was treating was not an ordinary fox.

“Okay.” The sparrow spirit said clearly.

“I’m going to class, I’ll come back at noon.” Mi Wan turned and left.

It was already January, and there were only a few lessons left in this semester. The teachers had begun to frequently mention the final exam in class. What Mi Wan heard made her scalp tingle, and she wished she could catch a demon to come here to help her steal the test papers, but fortunately her conscience stopped her.


Mi Wan sighed deeply when another teacher said to remember to review after class.

“You’re worrying about the final exam again.” Jin Mingxuan, who came to deliver Mi Wan’s review notes, said after hearing this sigh.

“Well, do you think the teacher will give me some sympathy points because I only attended half the semester?” Mi Wan asked.

“The less attendance, the stricter they are.” Jin Mingxuan punctured Mi Wan’s daydream.

“Let me die.” Mi Wan slammed her head on the table anxiously.

Jin Mingxuan found it funny, then he handed the notebook in his hand to Mi Wan and said, “Don’t worry, the teacher doesn’t want us to have to make up the exam, so the final exam won’t be too difficult, and most of the questions are already done by us. You can read these notes first. Also, ask the class monitor to give you a probable test paper, and you can pass it.”


Jin Mingxuan whispered: “The monitor often goes in and out of the teacher’s office, so his choice of questions are very accurate.”

Mi Wan with bright eyes, suddenly turned her head to look at the door of the classroom, and sure enough, she saw that the monitor was following the teacher to the office again.

After the class in the morning, Mi Wan went back to the pet shop with the newly obtained review materials. As soon as she walked to the door, she heard the quarrel between Xu Zhuang and Sparrow Spirit inside.

“How can you take it in?” Xu Zhuang seemed very angry.

“Why not, isn’t this an animal?” Sparrow said.

“Then how do you want to treat it?”

“How do I know, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a money collector.”

“Then why don’t you ask me, if you can’t cure it later, I’ll see how you explain it to others.”

What kind of strange animal had been collected? Mi Wan walked in curiously. Xu Zhuang, who was arguing with the sparrow spirit, saw Mi Wan come in and dragged Mi Wan to ask for an opinion: “Boss, you come to judge.”

“What’s wrong?” Xu Zhuang had always been a mild-tempered person, and it was the first time Mi Wan saw him arguing with someone.

“Little sparrow just admitted a few fish.” Xu Zhuang said anxiously, “I don’t know how to treat fish at all, so I just asked the little sparrow not to accept it, but the little sparrow even took the doctor’s fee, isn’t this terrible, what should we do?”

When Sparrow Jing came to work in the pet shop, he gave his name, but because Mi Wan called Sparrow Jing Little Sparrow all day long, Xu Zhuang unconsciously forgot Sparrow Jing’s real name, and called Little Sparrow as well.

Mi Wan glanced at the sparrow spirit, and the sparrow spirit gave her a helpless look. Mi Wan immediately understood that the box of fish should be fish demons.

“It’s okay, I will treat it.” Mi Wan had no choice but to say.

“Boss, do you know how?” Xu Zhuang was startled.

“Well, I’m pretty good at raising fish, so I probably know something.” Mi Wan changed the subject, “What, did you check that fox?”

“I checked.” Xu Zhuang’s attention was immediately diverted, and with a downcast expression he said, “This little white fox is in very bad health. Its internal organs are weakened to varying degrees, and it is very dangerous.”

“Then take good care of it.” Then leaning forward, “I’ll go and see those fish.”

“I’ve already taken the fish inside.” As he spoke, Sparrow Spirit accompanied Mi Wan to the back room. The key point was that the treatment funds had already arrived in advance even before the diagnosis.

Walking to the door, the two heard the voice of children talking inside.

“Yaya, don’t be sad. If we can’t even be cured this time, I will marry you when I grow up.” A boy said.

“Really?” a girl said in a low voice, “Even though I’m so ugly.”

“Nonsense, Yaya’s scales are the most beautiful. If you can successfully transform, you must be prettier than Lingling.” The little boy argued loudly.

“Both of you can’t transform your upper body, so it’s just right to make a pair.”

Since the upper body itself can’t transform, Mi Wan imagined the picture. A fish, transformed into a human form, but the upper body is still a fish… um… too spicy for her eyes. Mi Wan couldn’t help but shake her head, and throw out the picture in her brain before pushing the door and going in.


There was a sound of water, and the little fish frys who had been making noise just now all dived to the bottom of the water, disguising themselves as ordinary fish. After discovering that it was the sparrow spirit mentioned by the elders in the family and a beautiful human female, the group of lively young fry swam back to the surface of the water and greeted the sparrow spirit through the fish tank.

“Hello, Brother Sparrow.”

“Okay, the person next to me is the master who can cure you, please hurry up and call her.” Sparrow Spirit said.

“Hello, beautiful sister.” The little fish frys shouted in unison.

“Hi, you guys.” No matter what picture she had made up just now, Mi Wan was still in a good mood when she heard the innocent voice of the little fish fry. She turned her head and said to the sparrow spirit, “Move them into the bathtub and show me the shape change.”

The sparrow spirit nodded, carried the tank containing the five small fish to the bathtub in the bathroom, upended the tank of water in the bathtub, and poured the five small fish fry into it.

Looking at the five fish in total, Mi Wan couldn’t help but think of Yu Feihang. He seemed to have said at the beginning that half of the cubs in their aquarium had degenerated, but there were only five cubs in this half? Wasn’t it too little.

Just as Mi Wan was thinking wildly, the little fish frys in the bathtub had already lined up and turned into human shapes one by one. Mi Wan turned her head to look, and suddenly covered her mouth with her palm to prevent herself from laughing on the spot. She didn’t know if these five small fish frys had negotiated, but the degenerated forms of each of them was different from the other.

They almost all looked like five, six or seven-year-old human children. One had a fish head and a human body, one had a human body and a fish tail, one was half human and half fish, very symmetrical, and there was one with half a fish tail and half human body. The last one’s transformation was the most successful, his limbs were intact, his scales had receded, but the problem was his facial features, his human face had the facial features of fish, but it was full of joy at this moment.

The little fish frys seemed to notice the smile that Mi Wan was trying to hold back, and each of them shrunk their bodies and lowered their heads in low self-esteem.

“Excuse me, let me check it out for you, which one of you will come first?” Mi Wan didn’t do it on purpose, the main reason was that these fish tickled her laughter bone.

“I’ll do it.” The little fry who was half fish and half human came over. Mi Wan remembered the conversation she had just heard outside the door and guessed that this was the boy who was going to marry Yaya when he grew up. Judging from his transformed facial features, he may be a bit far from a handsome guy when he grew up, but he looked responsible.

“Give me your hand.”

After Mi Wan finished speaking, a white and tender human child’s arm and a pitch-black fin appeared in front of her eyes.

Pfft, I really want to laugh. No, I have to endure it, I can’t hurt the little fish’s young heart.

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