IHSB Ch. 50: Brother’s Friend

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It was almost time to go to bed at night, Nuan Nuan was wearing a set of one-piece hamster pyjamas, with fluffy slippers on her feet, as she ran to her big brother’s study with a light pink rabbit doll in her arms.

Nuan Nuan pushed the door open, it was unlocked like in the morning, then she tiptoed in and closed the door gently.

The study was very quiet, only the sound of typing on the keyboard could be heard. Under the light, Gu Nan was sitting upright, and the black shirt on his body made him look more stern.

The well-defined lines of the facial features made his face more three-dimensional and recognizable, and his serious expression appeared very good-looking in Nuan Nuan’s eyes.

She ran over taking small steps in slippers, her voice was very soft, but she obediently didn’t make any sound when she got to her elder brother’s side.

“Why didn’t you go to bed?”

Gu Nan held out a hand, and put his slender fingers on the little girl’s shoulders to gently bring her to his side.

Nuan Nuan obediently followed the strength of her big brother’s palm, hugged the rabbit doll and lay on his slender thigh, her delicate little chin was resting on the back of her hand, as she looked up at her big brother with her big black and white eyes, and her curled eyelashes cast a nice little shadow under the eyelids.

“Brother, I’m going to bed.”

Her brother had been working for a long time.

Her mother said that after working for a long time, he would be very tired, and he might get sick, which was very uncomfortable.

Gu Nan pinched the back of the little girl’s neck with his slender fingers. He was indeed a little tired because he hadn’t rested since he came back.


He said okay in a short, cold voice. Then he stopped his work and pinched the bridge of his tall nose. When he got up, he also picked up the little girl lying on his lap.

“Nuan Nuan is sleeping with brother today?”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, nodded obediently, her beautiful eyes full of smiles.

Hugging her big brother’s neck, Nuan Nuan leaned against him, her fluffy soft hair arched around her brother’s neck, as she yawned a little sleepily, and closed her eyes.

The big brother who was cold to others, was very warm to Nuan Nuan.

Entering her big brother’s bedroom, Nuan Nuan opened her eyes and looked around curiously. Unlike the little brother’s room which was full of dazzling collections, the big brother’s room was very monotonous, not only the layout was monotonous, but the color was also very monotonous. All black.

The whole atmosphere fit her big brother’s temperament very well, it looked cold but had a kind of noble luxurious feel.

The bed was very big, Gu Nan put the little girl on bed, and Nuan Nuan stepped on it with her bare white and small feet.

The color of her pyjamas was beige, and her overall look was soft and cute, which was a bit out of place with everything in this room, but it seemed to have injected fresh vitality into this cold room, making Gu Nan’s room have a touch of agility.

As the owner of this place, Gu Nan did not reject this freshness.

“Brother will go take a bath, don’t run around.”

The little girl nodded obediently, opened her small mouth, and a soft, waxy voice that smelled like milk rang out in the room.

“Nuan Nuan will be obedient.”

Gu Nan rubbed her little head, took his pyjamas from the cupboard and went to the bathroom.

After the elder brother left, Nuan Nuan sat on the bed obediently, with her two short legs dangling from the edge of the bed, and she obediently did not run around.


Gu Nan’s phone beside the bed vibrated, Nuan Nuan hiccupped in fright, blinked her eyes, rolled her short legs sideways onto the bed, and crawled over on the big soft bed.

Staring at the vibrating cell phone, it seemed that someone was calling.

Her brother was not there, so she could only hold the phone with both hands, quickly jump out of bed and put on her slippers, then she took the phone and ran to the door of the bathroom with her short legs.

“Brother, brother, your phone is ringing.”

Standing at the door, Nuan Nuan shouted into the bathroom in a childish voice.

“Tell him, I don’t have time now.”

Gu Nan’s cold and hard voice came along with the sound of water, Nuan Nuan obediently stretched out a finger and clicked the green button on the phone screen.

When she called her father before, her mother taught her that the green button was for connecting, and the red button was for hanging up.

As soon as it was connected, a lazy and magnetic male voice came from inside.

“Gu Nan, when did you return to China without notifying your brothers, do you want to go out and get together?”

Nuan Nuan, “Big brother said, he doesn’t have time now.”

Instead of Gu Nan’s voice, there was a soft and waxy loli milk voice coming from the speaker.

He was so frightened that he almost lost his grip on the phone in his hand.

He took a serious look at the contact displayed on the phone, and it was indeed Gu Nan’s number. How could there be a child’s voice coming from the phone?

“Who are you?”

Shen Yujin’s sitting posture was much more correct, and the little milk voice on the phone started talking again.

“I’m Nuan Nuan, brother’s younger sister.”

Shen Yujin, who heard a milky voice, felt that he could smell milk through the screen.

“Sister? How old are you?”

Shen Yujin became interested, and instead of hanging up the phone, he asked the child.

Gu Nan actually gave his mobile phone to a child to play with, ha… It’s been a long time.

Nuan Nuan stood at the door of the bathroom without leaving, with two small hands holding a black mobile phone much larger than her palm, she replied very seriously.

“Nuan Nuan is five years old.”

“Five years old…”

He suddenly remembered the recent news in the circle was that the lady of the Gu family had been found.

When the Gu family lost their daughter back then, Gu Nan almost turned the whole Lincheng upside down, since he was his especially good buddy, he saw how Gu Nan became more and more cold and confusing because of this incident.

He knew that Gu Nan hadn’t given up looking for the little girl all these years, and the Gu family hadn’t given up either. He didn’t expect them to find her.

Thinking of the rumours in the current circle, Shen Yujin snorted. Even if the little girl was found back with a vulgar appearance where she did not understand etiquette and rules, she was still the treasure of the Gu family.

But he didn’t expect that this little girl would pick up his phone call by mistake. With just this soft, waxy and cute little milk voice, Shen Yujin could imagine what kind of cutie she was on the other side. The little girl must not be born badly.

He really wanted to see this little girl from the Gu family.

“Nuan Nuan, what is your brother doing now?”

“Brother is taking a bath now.”

So good.

This was Shen Yujin’s deepest impression of Nuan Nuan, a kind of temperament unique to children that could be felt just by listening to the voice.

Today’s children, like his little nephew, had a loud and unreasonable voice, and it hurt his forehead when he heard it. It was rare to hear a child speak so softly.

He wanted to see what this kid looked like.

“Well, I’m your big brother’s friend. I have something to ask him. Now I will hang up the phone and send a video call later. Nuan Nuan can help me answer it, okay?”

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