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In addition to recording the Dongnu Country’s special edition of “Through Life” on Wednesday this week, Jiang Zheng also had another task, which was to temporarily save the scene, by replacing a senior who was unable to record the show due to illness and participate in the “Shining World” variety show as a judge. This boy group idol audition variety show was to be broadcasted throughout the summer.

With the help of Han Yi the night before, Jiang Zheng finally memorized the information of the 50 contestants, and went to station B’s Weibo to find related topics and study them carefully.

“Shining World” adopted a combination of judges’ scores and public scores, and the one with the most votes would be promoted. In the end, the program group would select 9 young brothers who were excellent in singing and dancing to make their debut.

At present, the program had entered the fifth episode. Through the first five brutal challenges, the bottom 25 players were eliminated. In the sixth episode, 5 players would be eliminated from the remaining 25 players.

Different from other talent shows, the competition system of “Shining World” was simple and rough, but if you fail to pass the challenge, you would be eliminated without any chance to return to the stage. Eliminating five players in each game was very cruel.

So when they heard that in the sixth episode, one of the judges was replaced by the picky Jiang Zheng due to a sudden illness, all the contestants went crazy.

You must know that each of the four judges had a full score of 10 points, and the scores of the 60 public judges were only 1 point each, adding up to 60 points. It could be seen that the weight of the judges’ scores was very high.

In addition, the old man Jiang Zheng was replacing had lived for a long time in this industry and had thus become more and more kind and impartial. As long as he could see the effort, he was very willing to give high marks. To put it nicely, he never offended anyone, but to put it bluntly, since he gave everyone the same score, he was dispensable.

Jiang Zheng was different. This person’s usual style was wanton and uncontrollable. If she didn’t like anyone, it was fine for the group to give a low score. They were afraid that she would give one point for this and one point for that, and it would be really over.

As soon as the news that Jiang Zheng was going to be a temporary judge was released, someone immediately posted a post saying that the remaining 25 young brothers from “Shining World” went to the temple to worship together. The purpose was naturally to seek good luck and avoid Jiang Zheng.

Jiang Zheng, who heard the news, said: We will wait and see.

Finally, the day of recording the show came. When it aired on Friday, the show lasted three hours, but Jiang Zheng had to record it for a whole day.

First up was the opening dance.

The 50 people selected by “Shining World” all had a foundation in dancing and singing. After the training of the first five episodes, the opening dance of the sixth episode had obvious achievements in terms of overall cooperation and personal charm.

In order to pay tribute to Jiang Zheng who had come to save the scene, the opening dancers had chosen the title song “Quenching” from the album “Fire” she released when she was 20 years old. On the surface, this song described the karst flowing, forming and then becoming invincible under the tempering of fire, but actually it wanted to express her opinion about attitude and self-confidence. Because there was a fire in the chest, which had nowhere to go.

Just in line with the theme of “Shining World”, 9 out of 50, tempering and gold selection.

In addition, the song itself was a screaming song with a bursting style. When 25 sunny and charming boys walked on the stage, the scene was like a walking hormonal ark.

Jiang Zheng sat on the judges’ seat with a calm face, playing with her pen carelessly.

After the opening dance, the host announced the start of the individual competition.

The individual competition of “Shining World” was not about taking turns to perform on stage but choosing a small partner in advance. Those who were confident could go on stage and slay the whole audience alone or form a temporary team with other players to choose songs which they choreographed by themselves.

There were five people on the field first. One of the boys named Yu Mingzhi was the most popular so far in this season of “Shining World”. The judges liked him, the public judges liked him, and the number of fans who followed him online were also very impressive.

The other four were ranked lower in the first five challenges.

Yu Mingzhi’s fans saw that his brother didn’t dislike the other four, and that he took the initiative to choose them to perform together on the stage, and were deeply moved by his kindness on the spot.

They liked it because he was supporting poor students and helping poor students reveal their strength under the halo of a top student and because he had the self-confidence that he would not be held back.

Yu Mingzhi deserved to be the king of popularity. After the performance, they could only hear the crazy shouts of his fans. The other four had few fans, and even if they made some noise, they were severely suppressed.

At the end of the performance, the five handsome people stood in the center of the stage. And Yu Mingzhi stood in the most eye-catching C position, with his chest rising and falling, as he smiled and waved to his fans in the audience.

The host invited the judges to comment.

Judge 1 was a member of the first-generation boy group, once brilliant but now broken up. However, his influence was still great, and the program team invited him because of his industry status and professionalism.

He praised Yu Mingzhi as soon as he came up, great, very good, and finally said, “If you were born more than ten years earlier, then I might not have had the opportunity.”

This evaluation was quite high, Yu Mingzhi’s fans immediately started cheering again.

Yu Mingzhi quickly bowed in thanks.

Seven out of ten sentences of the next two judges praised Yu Mingzhi, and the remaining three sentences were not enough for the remaining four people.

Yu Mingzhi had a modest smile on his face, but his eyes kept glancing at Jiang Zheng’s face.

She sat with a half smile, but her expression was not much, and he couldn’t tell whether she liked his performance or not.

Last night, he asked an elder to pass a message to her. As for the effect of the message, the elder did not dare to vouch for it. But no matter what, he thought that it would be easier for everyone to hang out in this circle, if they gave each other some face, and gave way to each other.

Even the devil Jiang couldn’t escape this rule.

Besides, at this stage of the competition, he, Yu Mingzhi, was already sure to make his debut. As long as Jiang Zheng didn’t talk nonsense, it would make his debut journey even more perfect.

Seeing Jiang Zheng pick up the microphone, the respect on his face became more obvious, and his waist bent even deeper.

“Who choreographed this dance?”

The other four pointed at Yu Mingzhi.

Jiang Zheng sighed, “Although you are a temporary group, I haven’t seen the team spirit that should be coordinated and motivated in you.”

Others: “…”

“Your name is Yu Mingzhi, right!” Jiang Zheng shrugged and said, “When you choreographed, you took too much time for a solo, and the other four seemed to have come to make up the numbers, to cheer you on, or to play soy sauce…”

Yu Mingzhi: “…”

The other judges laughed dryly twice, and someone tried to smooth things over with Yu Mingzhi.

Jiang Zheng didn’t give them a chance at all. Instead, she pointed to another boy and asked, “Your name is Zhou Yan?” He looked at her dumbfounded.

“Aren’t you ashamed to use your dancing skills to play soy sauce?”

“You are so good looking, don’t you think it’s a pity to always hide behind others?”

“Also, I want to hear you sing the chorus of the song just now.”

The director was confused, Yu Mingzhi was confused, and the audience was confused.

Zhou Yan was only assigned to one of the lyrics, which was very short and did not show his singing ability.

Now Jiang Zheng suddenly asked him to start the chorus. He was quite capable and knew the song by heart, so he opened his mouth and began to sing the chorus.

Jiang Zheng kept nodding, “So why do you want to play soy sauce?”

The first group of performances ended in such a dramatic way.

The contestants waiting in the background were trembling, not knowing what kind of ghost Jiang Zheng would make with her poisonous tongue when they came on stage.

However, the next style of painting was as follows.

“This contestant, you are not suitable for singing high notes. Your falsetto is too thin and not powerful enough. But your alto is very healing and magnetic… Yes, that’s how you sing. It’s very good. Next time there is a new song, remember this comment.”

“Little brother, do you know? You have an unparalleled ability, that is, every step you dance seems to land in my heart. It would be best if you didn’t break your voice when you sang just now. I will become your fan the day you stop singing.”

“Little brother, your face is very attractive. Your brows and eyes are soft and heart-warming. That’s why I can bear your dance which was like a class exercise.”

Blowing rainbow farts and poking people’s hearts at the same time. She used their strength to make the hearts of the players on the stage flutter, and they were dying.

Avoiding the camera, Jiang Zheng took a sip of water to moisten her throat.

Suddenly the phone screen flickered.

She glanced over.

Ji Muye: [The wild flowers outside are so beautiful? Changing the wall so soon?]

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