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The room smelled of buttercream, and the breath of the two of them also smelled of buttercream.

Jing Yan’s head had turned hot, and he thought in a trance, Qiao Xiaoxi is so sweet and soft, just like a small cake, is the cake so delicious…

Just as he couldn’t help but want to turn around and push the person against the wall, he suddenly felt like something was stuffed into the palm of his hand.

Gently, small, itchy.

Jing Yan was stunned, backed away, lowered his head, and saw a piece of bright yellow fluff lying on the palm of his hand, curled up, and looking very cute.

“What is this?” He looked at it curiously, knowing that it must be from Qiao Xi, and he already felt it was a little bit cute.

“It’s the feather closest to my heart when I am in animal form!” Qiao Xi smiled, “Our bird clan has this tradition, that is… If you want to be with a person forever, you must give him the feather closest to your heart!”

Jing Yan was taken aback.

Qiao Xi said embarrassingly: “The feathers sent by the normal bird tribe are basically red or white. I, I have a special animal shape, so this feather is yellow…”

Before he finished speaking, Jing Yan grabbed his hand, and his eyes were piercing: “Qiao Xiaoxi, are you proposing back to me?”

Qiao Xi swallowed his saliva, and said shyly, “Well… it’s your birthday present, and it’s also for you. This means…”

In fact, each orc clan had its own traditions, the royal family of the wolf clan had it, and the clan of the bird clan also had it. Qiao Xi felt that Jing Yan couldn’t do this kind of thing alone, and it was Jing Yan’s birthday, so he had to do something.

He hugged Jing Yan’s waist and said sweetly, “Jing Yan, happy birthday!”

Jing Yan took a deep breath, looked at the seemingly fragile and cute little fluff in the palm of his hand, carefully closed his hands, and suddenly gritted his teeth, while saying: “I regret it! I shouldn’t have just danced just now. If I had known, I would have proposed on the spot!”

Qiao Xi blushed.

Although what they did was almost equivalent to getting engaged, it was still different since Jing Yan had not formally proposed.

“Don’t be in such a hurry.” Qiao Xi couldn’t laugh or cry when he saw Jing Yan’s regretful expression.

How long had they been dating? Although they had the heart for each other, it was still too early to really get married.

“I want to get married! I want to marry you! Both of us are over eighteen years old, we can get married now!” Jing Yan hugged Qiao Xi and howled.

Qiao Xi laughed lightly.

After howling for a while, Jing Yan glanced at him again, and said in a particularly sneaky tone: “Qiao Xiaoxi, otherwise let’s take a bath together, I still have cream in many places on my body!”

Thinking of the benefits just now, Jing Yan’s little heart felt ” Plop plop” jump.

Qiao Xiaoxi took the initiative… It was really surprising, Jing Yan couldn’t wait to order 17 or 18 cakes right now! Long live the cake!

“…” Qiao Xi blushed and whispered, “Stop licking, lick it yourself!”

Jing Yan: “Woo!”

The benefits were fleeting, what a pity!


Thinking of the little fluff in the palm of his hand, Jing Yan felt sweet again.

He raised his hand, kissed the little fluff, and said in a hoarse voice, “I like this gift very much, Qiao Xiaoxi, and I will keep this feather well!”

Qiao Xi’s heart was soft: “Yes.”

They would go on well.

As April approached, the temperature at night was no longer so cold.

More than a dozen people were nestled in several wooden houses, and they were awakened by a roar at six o’clock in the morning.

Rubbing their eyes in a daze, they came out. Everyone looked around, but they didn’t see the source of the sound. In the wooden room, there was only a human figure, Jiao Yue, who was preparing breakfast.

He looked into the distance and said, “It seems to be coming from the other side of the lake. It sounds a bit like Chris’s voice. Hei Yu flew there just now.”

Everyone looked at each other.

The snake prince who slept in the same room with Jing Yi said: “Speaking of which, Chris seems to have left with Ye He last night but he never came back.”

Ed, who had just come out of Jiao Yue’s room, was yawning while scratching his hair. Hearing this, he was startled, and suddenly woke up: “You, what did you say?! The two of them haven’t been back? All night?!”

After Jing Yan and Qiao Xi entered the house last night, Chris was also secretly taken away by Ye He.

Ed originally wanted to follow, but Princess Black Bear stopped him, saying that he would be struck by lightning if he disturbed other people’s relationship. He gritted his teeth and endured it. He wanted to go to Jing Yi’s room to sleep and wait for the couple, but Jing Yi’s room was full of people, so he resentfully moved to Jiao Yue’s place.

Later, he was too sleepy to wait, and he thought that they would come back eventually, but finally he couldn’t resist the sleepiness and closed his eyes…the result! The result was now them telling him that Chris and Ye He didn’t come back all night!

What did his brother do with the wild man!!

The prince of the Snake Clan said awkwardly: “Well… I didn’t seem to see the two of them when I woke up in the middle of the night last night to go to the toilet.”

But he was sleepy at the time, so he didn’t care.

And young couples…it was normal to stay out at night!

Ed couldn’t take it!

He called Sparta, and immediately walked into the depths of the forest in a threatening manner: “I’ll go find them!”

Qiao Xi and Jing Yan were also woken up at this moment and after thinking about it, they followed along with everyone to see what had happened, and at the same time, they were afraid that some brother-in-law drama would appear later and they would miss it, cough.

However, brotherhood did not exist. When the group of them arrived at the lake, they saw Ye He and Hei Yu under a tree, and on the tree… a big leopard lay on its stomach!

The big leopard was covering its head with its two paws, and was still roaring, looking very annoyed and broken!

“… Chris? You have transformed?!” Everyone was surprised.

In one night, the little leopard turned into a big leopard!

After Ed was stunned, he immediately stepped forward and grabbed Ye He’s collar fiercely and shouted: “What did you do to him?!”

Normally, Chris would have been happy like a fool after discovering that he had transformed, how could he be like a little daughter-in-law like he was now!!

Seeing Ed grabbing Ye He’s collar, Chris quickly lowered his paws, teary-eyed and nervous, but when he met the man’s gaze, he limply let out a “uh”, looking very suspicious of a leopard’s life.

“Chris, what’s the matter?” Qiao Xi walked under the tree, glanced over him worriedly, turned his head and frowned as he asked Ye He, “What’s the matter?”

Chris: “Ahhhhh.” He roared back to the sky, startling everyone.

“Chris,” Ye He looked up at the little leopard and said helplessly, “come down quickly, everyone is worried about you.”

“Chris, how did this guy bully you, tell me, I’ll beat him up for you! ” Ed roared without looking back.

Chris broke down and shouted: “I don’t need you to beat him up for me… and don’t go over! Don’t go over!”

The leopard suddenly jumped down and blocked the black bear princess, and Hei Yu from flying over quickly.

Chris frantically kicked the grass behind him with his back foot, as if trying to cover up something.

Princess Black Bear originally just wanted to go to the lake to wash her face while watching a play, but now she paused and raised her eyebrows: “What what? What’s in it?”

Hei Yu struggled to come up with a word: “… …is the scene of the crime.”

Everyone: “?”

Ed’s eyes were bright, he threw away Ye He’s collar when he saw this, and strode over there, wanting to see what his brother was hiding from him.

Chris retreated a little in panic and shouted: “Don’t come here! Stop! Ed!!!”

Seeing that Ed couldn’t be stopped, Chris panicked: “Ye He!”

Ye He straightened his collar and said: “Ed.”

Ed paused.

Under the tense atmosphere, Ed twisted his body hard and stared at the man.

Ye He walked over slowly and said, “A week later, I’ll visit the Leopard King and Queen.”

“…What are you doing?” Ed doubted, “Go to my parents to apologize?”

Chris lowered his head, but his hair had blown up.

Ye He stood beside Chris, and glanced at the big leopard, with a little tenderness in his eyes.

He paused every word: “Propose marriage.”

Ed: “…”

Everyone: “…”

No, why did the topic suddenly change like this?

“I, I don’t want you to be responsible…” Chris said weakly.

Ed was struck by a bolt from the blue, and he was tremblingly looking at Chris in disbelief.

What did he mean by that?

Chris was stared at by so many eyes, so he collapsed again, lay down on the ground, covered his face with his paws and said, “Woooooo… I was drunk last night! It’s all because of that glass of wine!”

Ye He heard, then after a pause, he narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “Are you regretting it?”

The petrified crowd: “…”

Hearing the man’s slightly cold tone, Chris trembled, feeling even more aggrieved, and broke down: “I, My butt hurts, my whole body is sore, everywhere hurts! And I was seen by Hei Yu!”

The snake prince was shocked and asked Hei Yu: “What the hell did you see?”

Hei Yu quickly explained: “It’s not that it’s not suitable for children! It’s just that the two fell asleep and didn’t see me!”

Damn, so the scene of the crime referred to that scene?

Wait, they remembered that before leaving with Ye He yesterday, Chris still had a lot of cream on his body, but now it was clean, did he go down and wash it or… Fuck it, by the way, even though the weather was already not that cold anymore, but doing it outside (bare?) for the first time was too exciting, wasn’t it?!

Chris was going crazy!

Hei Yu saw that he and Ye He were lying and sleeping together in a disheveled condition with his own eyes! He was still fucked by Ye He! Although it felt as if a door to a new world had been opened, it really hurt!

And—why did he change under such circumstances!

Did the so-called “transformation” really mean “transformation”? The kind that happened when changing from virgin to adult???

Chris was so messed up, so broken, that he wanted to hit his head on the ground.

Ye He looked at him for a while, then he sighed, knelt down, and stroked his head.

Chris: “Well…”

Ye He simply hugged the big leopard’s head in his arms, raised his eyebrows and said, “After getting married, can’t we see each other every day?”

Chris: “But the butt hurts… …”

Ye He: “I’ll be gentler next time.”

Chris: “I want to be on top…”

Ye He: “You can try.”

Chris: “…Are you threatening me?”

Ye He: “No, you can try it, I’m serious.”

Chris: “…”

He didn’t know why, but he was getting more and more emboldened.

Chris just felt aggrieved. He was with Ye He yesterday, and he was infatuated with the kiss. He thought that if he didn’t drink that glass of wine, he could still argue with Ye He about the role, but the result was that he became the one below since he was in a daze.

Unhappily, he rubbed his big head against Ye He’s chest.

Seeing his obviously aggrieved face and still not forgetting to act like a baby, Ye He finally raised the corners of his lips.

He stroked the big cat’s head for a while, then suddenly moved to the cat’s ears, and whispered: “Chris, you were very sweet last night.”

Chris: “!!!”

He froze.

Ye He deliberately elongated his tone, making it ambiguous and low-pitched: “It’s so sweet and cute, I can’t help but still think about it.”

Chris: “…”

The voice is too sexy, and my ears are shaking.

After a while, everyone watched in silence as the big leopard leaned into Ye He’s arms again, rubbing its head against the man’s face, neck and chest, whimpering, but…it didn’t look like it had collapsed, it even seemed to be smelling something delicious??

Jiao Yue turned his head and looked at Ed, who had knelt on his knees at some point and was staring blankly at the big leopard: “…Are you all right?”

Ed was out of his body and couldn’t answer.

Hei Yu flew to Jiao Yue’s side and said, “…let him process.”

Jing Yan stared at Ye He’s figure.

Qiao Xi felt strange and asked him: “What are you looking at?”

Jing Yan concealed: “No, it’s nothing…”

Seeing that Ye He and Chris were still hugging each other after a long time, he was extremely anxious. Then he turned around sneakily and sent a message.

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