KHSW Ch. 226

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What caught their eyes were two teaching buildings, both of which were two-story brick-and-concrete bungalows, both of which looked dilapidated. Although Ling Xi has already imagined their conditions, she did not expect it to be like this…

On the way into the school gate, there was a pool full of deep water. The playground was full of mud. Between the two teaching buildings, there were two table tennis tables made of cement. The two new basketball hoops on the playground were covered with a lot of mud.

After Ling Xi and Liming found the principal, they explained their purpose for coming. Under her leadership, they visited the two teaching buildings.

“There are more than 500 people in our school, but there are only 16 classrooms. There is an office and meeting room, two classroom dormitories, and the cafeteria and library over there.”

Pointing to the bricks and cement piled up around the playground, “This year, more than 200,000 yuan was allocated to build the fence and the toilet at the corner.”

What they saw was just the surface.

“Principal, can we spend the morning with these children?”

“That’s great, the kids will love you.”

Liming slightly pursed his lips. Although he had participated in so many episodes of the show, only this time made him feel extraordinary.

From Ling Xi, he saw the brilliance and beauty of kindness.

“Welcome our new classmates.”

The children clapped happily.

Looking at the immature but vague faces, Ling Xi felt a soreness in her heart.

“Okay, let’s continue with the class…”

In one morning, Ling Xi had learned that many of them were left-behind children, and their parents did not come home all year round.

Since the playground had not been repaired, the children could only chase and make trouble downstairs in the teaching building, or chat around in the classroom.

“Brother and sister, are you from the city?”

“Are you teachers here to teach? There were many teachers like you before.”

“Brother and sister are both good-looking, just like people on TV.”

The children were curious about everything about them.

Seeing Ling Xi blending into the children, Liming’s eyes softened.

“Go to the toilet quickly, go to the toilet quickly, there is a long queue again.”

Hearing the voices of several children, Ling Xi and Liming also followed out, and sure enough, they saw a long queue outside the toilet.

So, they randomly asked a child, “Do you do this every day between classes?”

“That’s right, sister, you don’t know, our toilets are smelly and dirty, and maggots will grow in them in summer, and once I saw rats in them.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it too, it’s really disgusting.”

Hearing their description, Ling Xi trembled slightly, she no longer wanted to imagine that kind of picture, “Okay, needless to say.”

A whole morning passed like this, and her heart felt like a heavy stone. Although at first, she wanted to do charity to avoid something that would happen in the future, but now, she really wanted to help them…

“The following are Ling Xi and Dawn’s groups, please tell me the treasure you found.”

Liming said: “Sorry, we didn’t complete the task, and we are willing to be punished.”

Ling Xi tugged at Liming’s arm, “Wait a minute, I found it.”

Liming looked at her suspiciously, hadn’t they been in school all the time?

The director was also surprised, this time he broke the rules and posed a difficult problem, did she really get the answer?

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