KHSW Ch. 225

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The warm sunshine woke up the beautiful small mountain village. From a distance, it looked like a green emerald covered with a layer of golden powder.

A new day was coming, and their recording would continue…

“Grandpa, are the people in this photo your son and daughter-in-law?”

Ling Xi looked at the photo in her hand. If she wasn’t face-blind, she would be able to distinguish these two people at this time. She had seen these two people before.

“That’s right, my son’s name is Gong Dehai, my daughter-in-law’s name is Zhao Li, and the baby in my arms is Gong Ziming. When they left, they left this photo.”

Ling Xi thought for a moment, then silently took out her mobile phone and took a picture. It would be a good thing if Ziming’s parents could be found through this TV program.

Ling Xi and Liming found some clues in the mission prompt. They found that one of the signposts inside was a school. After asking, they realized that there was only one elementary school here, so they followed them all the way. Today, there was an extra follow-up director behind them.

“Ziming, do you have to walk such a dangerous mountain road to go to school every day?” Fortunately, they prepared a pair of flat shoes in advance, which were now coming in handy. There was an extremely narrow and steep road, and one could easily fall down if they were not careful.

The little boy was bouncing around in front of her with a tattered cloth bag on his back, and he was wearing a pair of dirty cloth shoes that were about to be torn. “Yes, sister.”

Liming carefully guarded behind Ling Xi.

There was a long silence. The little boy suddenly asked Ling Xi, “Sister, do you think my parents will come back to find me?”

“Ziming’s parents just went out to work, and when they earn enough money, they will come back to pick you up and grandpa.” She said this, but herself didn’t believe it.

His parents had been out for so many years, would they really come back?

In fact, she understood this situation very well. No one wanted to live in such a poor valley for a lifetime, except for some old people who did not want to resettle in a different place.

Ziming’s eyes were still gloomy, “Sister, you don’t need to comfort me, my parents will not come back, I know.”

The sentence “I know” made Ling Xi’s nose and eyes sore.

Liming stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder, “Do you still remember what your brother said, as long as your next test score is still the first in the class, your brother will take you to the TV, and then you can tell what you love on TV.”

“Well, I remember, I will definitely take the first place in the class in the exam.”

Ling Xi glanced at Liming, and admired him in her heart, this big boy was not bad.

Now that they had a filming director behind them, they could be regarded as being on TV, so they asked casually: “If you were on TV, what would you most want to say to your parents?”

“I just want to say, ‘Mom and Dad, I have grown up, if you are not happy living outside, come back, I will study hard, and I will support you in the future’.”

Hearing Gong Ziming’s words, both Ling Xi and Liming were touched. He had a sense that ordinary children of the same age didn’t have.

There were tens of thousands of left-behind children. Through such a program, their parents might get to know that no matter whether they were fed or not, as long as their parents were by their side, they would have the warmth of home and the belongingness of home. Ling Xi had finally found its meaning, perhaps, this was one of the “treasures” they had to harvest.

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