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At six o’clock in the afternoon, Mu Yiqi packed his briefcase and put on his coat to get off work.

Seeing him walk out of the office, Secretary Gao said calmly: “General manager, don’t forget to go to the exhibition tomorrow. I put the ticket on your desk, have you seen it?”

Mu Yiqi gave her a funny look, and joked: “Is it my brother’s order again? Are you my secretary or my brother’s secretary?”

If it was an ordinary secretary, she would have been frightened by Mu Yiqi’s words. It was absolutely inappropriate to take one person’s salary and listen to another person’s orders.

But Secretary Gao didn’t raise her eyelids, and said seriously: “Master Xi said that once the young master is gone, you will become a caveman. So, I can’t help but stare at you.”

Mu Yiqi was helpless and heart-warming.

Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming had been abroad for ten years, and they didn’t come back many times, but Mu Yixi always kept one eye on Mrs. Mu, Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan. Ever since Mu Jiurong had an accident and almost died at the hands of Xu Qingli, his attachment to his career had become a little less than before. In recent years, seeing that Mu Yiqi was gradually able to take charge of his own affairs, he began to gradually let go of some of Mu’s affairs, and took Mrs. Mu out for vacations from time to time. Mu Yixuan had a strong heart, and after marrying Qin He, she firmly held her husband in the palm of her hand. The couple were very happy and they had a son and a daughter. They lived happily together, and they didn’t need others to worry about them at all. Only Mu Yiqi, who had been married to Bai Ying for seven years because of a private agreement, so the two lived their own lives after marriage without interfering with each other and would only walk together when they needed to cooperate. Even when giving birth, the couple did not have physical contact, and the two parties produced sperm and eggs respectively, then used scientific means to produce a child through surrogacy. Moreover, they did not evade their responsibilities to raise the child, and both of them took turns taking care of them. Until a year ago when Bai Ying met her true love and filed for divorce, to which Mu Yiqi readily agreed, and in turn helped Bai Ying resist a lot of pressure from the Bai family.

Mu Yiqi was not at all anxious to find a second spring after he became single again, it was as if since he had a son, everything was fulfilling, except for work and taking care of his son, he did nothing else. His son Mu Qijun was also very close to him.

But other people couldn’t see him being single. Men from the Mu family rarely got divorced after getting married. This was one of the reasons why the Mu family’s family style was so upright. Mu Yiqi’s insistence on agreeing to divorce Bai Ying had angered many people. However, Mu Yiqi’s support was the previous and current patriarch. His elder brother Mu Yixi also had extraordinary influence overseas in the Mu family, and he was also fully supporting him. He himself was also outstanding and was set to become the next head of the Mu family. With such weight, there were indeed not many people in the family who dared to challenge him, at most they relied on their seniority to sell their old age and recite a few words. After the divorce, some people planned to let him marry the daughter of another family again, so as to bring benefits to the family again. But this time, Mu Yiqi no longer agreed to it. And those who had influence on him, such as Mrs. Mu, didn’t want to force him at all, and she even blocked the pressure from Mu Jiurong for him.

Mu Yixi, on the other hand, couldn’t see his life of being too innocent and ignorant. He felt that he had lived a monk-like life after divorce, so he paid attention to any suitable activities around him from time to time and ordered Secretary Gao to keep an eye on him and remind him to partake in such outside activity.

Mu Yixi’s exact words were: “You fall in love and get married or not, but you are not allowed to stay at home as an otaku all the time, you must live a healthy life.” If he was not obedient, he would return to China in person to make Mu Yiqi obedient——Mu Yixi’s taekwondo skills had not fallen, the strength of an eighth-dan black belt was not a joke.

Mu Yiqi listened to his brother the most since he was a child, and he was also used to being taken care of by his brother. Mu Yixi spoke for his own good, so Mu Yiqi had no choice but to obey. His complaint to Secretary Gao was a joke. Secretary Gao was a bit older than him, and he had nothing to say about her ability. She was willing to be his secretary and stare at these trivial matters, largely because of Mu Yixi’s face.

He did not go back to Yilian Garden since his family was not there, instead Mu Yiqi returned to the apartment he bought, just like before Mu Yixi had a house that belonged only to him, which could be used for him and Feng Weiming to live together. After the divorce, Mu Yiqi also created a small world for him and his son.

His son Mu Qijun was six years old this year, and it was his turn to live with his mother Bai Ying from yesterday. Mu Yiqi had sent him, his bodyguard and nanny to the plane.

There was a clear contrast between the liveliness when there was a child and the coldness after the child had left. When Mu Yiqi returned to the apartment, he saw the cleanliness of the room, and missed the mess when his son was there.

Maybe his brother was right, his life had become really boring this year.

The next day, Mu Yiqi put on casual clothes and sunglasses, and drove to the exhibition hall alone in a low-key manner.

In fact, Secretary Gao gave him two tickets, but Mu Yiqi didn’t want to take anyone with him. It felt weird to bring a man, but he was afraid of being misunderstood by the other party if he took a woman. After all, even when he was married, he couldn’t stop other people from coming up to him with various purposes to seduce him, let alone after he resumed being single after divorce.?

This time, the exhibition hall was holding a sculpture exhibition. Most of the exhibits were modern sculptures of different sizes and shapes, and the smooth and fine finished products were amazing.

Mu Yiqi was born in a family with first-class taste. He thought that this sculptor named Mo Xingzhi could become famous both at home and abroad, and he really had the ability. His works were worth collecting.

He stopped in front of a work called “Confusion” and walked quietly to it alone.

“How is it, do you like it?”

As soon as the other party’s peaceful and quiet voice came out, Mu Yiqi suddenly turned his head to look over –

Yan Yu’s smiling face came into view.

Time seemed to love Yan Yu very much. Mu Yiqi’s face had grown mature and strong with age and experience, but Yan Yu, who was several years older than him, was still the same, just like the last time Mu Yiqi saw him, looking at him, he felt relaxed and peaceful, and the years in between were forgotten.

And this lightness could also represent indifference and hardness.

“Yan Yu…” After all, Mu Yiqi hadn’t seen him for eight years. Since Mu Yiqi got married, the two had tacitly disconnected.

“Long time no see, Xiao Qi.” Yan Yu said softly. His attitude was not like that of a friend who had lost contact with him for eight years. He was naturally familiar with him as if the two were still close friends as they were many years ago.

Mu Yiqi found that he was also very calm, and his whole body was in a strangely peaceful state. He said: “Well, it’s really been a long time. This is your exhibition? It’s very good.”

“After so many years, I finally achieved something.” Yan Yu said.

Mu Yiqi was a little surprised that Yan Yu would say such utilitarian words. At first he learned sculpting and went to the mountains to practice, and almost became a monk. Afterwards, he settled down in a small shop to create, not for fame or profit at all. While being nameless also, he was safe and at ease. Unlike what he said now, it seemed that creation had a purpose?

“How did your name become ‘Mo Xingzhi’?” Mu Yiqi asked. Alright, he didn’t need to have his own name, how could he change it to something like this. If Yan Yu’s name was printed on the ticket, he would not have come. He deliberately avoided news of Yan Yu for this many years. Otherwise, since Yan Yu was the elder brother of his brother-in-law Qin He, it would be strange that he didn’t hear about Yan Yu.

“If I didn’t call myself that name, would you come?” Yan Yu seemed to see through his thoughts.

Mu Yiqi looked away in embarrassment, but immediately reacted and frowned at him.

What’s the meaning? He said as if it was for him?

“‘Mo Xingzhi’, this is my confusion. I don’t know whether I should do it or stop it.” Yan Yu looked at his work with his head tilted. Over the years, he had brought out all the emotions he had experienced in his two lives and poured them into his works. Those experiences made him stop no matter what he did in his life. He used “Mo” to tell himself not to think about it, to live his life peacefully, and not to do unnecessary things. But when things came to an end, he felt unwilling.

No one knew how much impact Mu Yiqi’s marriage brought to Yan Yu back then. The relationship between the two was established when they were young. Originally, Yan Yu was interacting with Mu Yiqi and others for Qin He’s sake, but later on, his friendship with Mu Yiqi became deeper than anyone else. Mu Yiqi had feelings for him that he shouldn’t have had back then, Yan Yu tried every means to dispel his thoughts but failed, and finally made it clear that the relationship between the two was no longer possible.

At that time, Yan Yu felt that he might have few special feelings for Mu Yiqi, but it wasn’t that kind of feeling. But after Mu Yiqi alienated him, and moved step by step towards engagement and marriage, he felt uncomfortable, but because of all the things he had experienced, he rationally recognized the huge gap between them, and did not take any steps and just gave up. If you can’t forget it, just escape and stay away.

However, there was a bit of unwillingness that could not be ignored in his heart. Even though he was alive, life was like stagnant water. The only chance he had to try to live differently was given up by him.

If one day, someone like Mu Yiqi appeared, and he was moved again, would he still give up because of reality? Would that person also disappear because of his inaction?

Yan Yu couldn’t accept it.

He was not really as innocent as he appeared to be. Otherwise, he would not have experienced so many twists and turns in his previous life.

When he worked hard and achieved success, and someone showed favor to him, Yan Yu felt that his interest faded again. He couldn’t be moved.

The only one he had never forgotten was Mu Yiqi.

So, when he heard that Mu Yiqi divorced, he came back.

Yan Yu thought: No matter what the result is, I have to fight for myself once.

No regrets.

Mu Yiqi said: “You always knew what you wanted.” He was so decisive when rejecting him back then. While he was young at that time, he really suffered a big blow, and he was in tears when he recalled it. But now he also knew that Yan Yu’s decision back then was correct. Even if he had accepted him, they couldn’t have been together forever. Yan Yu was passive and did not like to fight, and it was impossible for him to completely disregard his responsibility for him. Yan Yu was the one who refused, so that Mu Yiqi would not have to be a villain in the future.

“Perhaps.” Yan Yu said, “Is there a work you like? I’ll give it to you.”

Mu Yiqi was taken aback, never expecting that the topic would suddenly jump to gift giving. He was interested in buying one or two for collection, but… why did he just give it to him? As far as he knew, Mo Xingzhi’s works were very valuable, one piece at least cost millions.

After the long-lost “friend” reunite, did they give such an expensive gift?

“What do you mean?” Mu Yiqi looked at Yan Yu’s expression probingly. He was not the innocent little boy from back then.

Yan Yu seemed a little embarrassed. He hesitated for a moment, then said softly: “Mu Yixi told me that if I pursue sincerely, maybe I still have a chance. Xiaoqi, do I still have a chance?”

Mu Yiqi was dumbfounded!

This, this, this… Mu Yixi? Pursue? Chance?

What Xiaoqi? Who was your little Qi? What more chance do you want?

Yan Yu: “Xiao Qi, I like you. Please give me a chance to pursue you.”


Mu Yiqi’s face turned pale. He stared at Yan Yu in disbelief, then all the pretended calm was broken.

This time, it was his turn to turn around and run away.

Yan Yu looked at his back and thought lightly: It seems that it will take time.

But what he lacked least was patience.

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