5BKCM Ch. 31

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Gu Yuan boldly invited her two roommates to a big meal, and when she finally saw the bill, it was only over a thousand, which was really cheap, and she paid the bill without blinking an eye.

The two roommates ate tremblingly at the beginning, afraid that Gu Yuan would not be able to pay the bill, so they didn’t even dare to order more food. Later, they saw Gu Yuan take out three black gold cards in one breath and make gestures to study which one to swipe first, and they also muttered who gave it to her. Who gave it to her, thinking about this they took a deep breath. Looking at the cards that Gu Yuan casually put in her side pocket, they looked at each other, and became more and more sure that their roommate might have a lot of background, and after that, they ate so much and they were so moved that they were about to cry.

Gu Yuan was so rich, Gu Yuan treated them so well! Star Eyes.jpg

After lunch, they had basic performance training class in the afternoon. The class was taught by a well-known teacher named Lu Yan. This teacher Lu Yan casually mentioned after class, saying that Xingying Entertainment would be filming a large-scale costume TV series recently, and for the heroine they planned to use a newcomer, and were currently casting: “You can try it if you are interested.”

After teacher Lu Yan said this, everyone was excited, and they all asked about it, and some boys even asked about the actor.

Teacher Lu Yan smiled and said: “The male lead has been selected, it is Luo Juntian, but you can try supporting roles.”

But this was the main project of Xingying Entertainment this year, and the director they had chosen was the famous Ning Sanyue. So, even the supporting roles were also in demand. The reason why everyone was asked to try for the heroine was because the director had decided to use a new heroine to bring a new look to the screen.

When the people below heard the name Luo Juntian, they immediately boiled over, and several girls screamed: “I’m going, I’m going! Juntian is waiting for me!”

Even the two roommates beside Gu Yuan became excited instantly and stars flashed in their eyes: “Let’s go too, we must go, even if we don’t get selected, maybe we can see Luo Juntian!”

Gu Yuan was dumbfounded when she heard that: “Luo Juntian?”

Chen Yuting nodded sharply: “Right, right, it is Luo Juntian?”

Afraid of exposing her ignorance, Gu Yuan silently took out her phone and started searching for Luo Juntian.

A lot of news popped up soon, and after a quick scan, she finally knew.

In this information-advanced society, small traffic and powerful stars emerged endlessly, but Luo Juntian was a legend among legends in the film and television industry. It was rumoured that Luo Juntian was born in a medical family, and at first he was only a member of a male singing group launched by a cultural and art company. At that time, Luo Juntian was only thirteen years old, and Luo Juntian was the lead singer. It became popular all over the country, was highly sought after, and once created a music miracle. Later, when Luo Juntian was eighteen years old, something happened to this music group composed of three big boys, and it disbanded. Luo Juntian stopped singing, crossed into the entertainment industry, and started filming. His first TV series was highly acclaimed, broke the history of the highest ratings in the year, and won many awards at the same time. In the next few years, he set new highs one after another. After that, he also participated in many movies and created a box office myth.

Luo Juntian was now twenty-four years old. At the age when other people of the same age might have just stepped into the society not long after graduating from university, he had already become a highly sought-after and powerful actor. His superb acting skills and perfect appearance had attracted many people. He didn’t know how many fans were chasing after him.

What made the fans most regretful was that their Juntian hadn’t sung with a golden voice even after eight years.

The actor Luo Juntian, who was attracting worldwide attention and had thousands of fans, actually wanted to take over this TV series? The last time he filmed a TV series was two years ago!

It was no wonder that this group of female students were screaming, this guy’s position was similar to that of Lu Zhiqian, and he was much younger than Lu Zhiqian, the veteran vegetable gangster.

After class, a group of people were naturally eager to try it out. After inquiring about it, they were quite tight on time, so they didn’t dare to delay. They all went back to change their clothes and put on makeup and went straight to Xingying Entertainment.

Originally, Gu Yuan wanted to go there with Chen Yuting and the others to watch the excitement. Who knew that the school office would ask her to review her detailed admission information and confirm it, it had to be done at the time of admission but it was delayed till now. When she came back from doing that, Chen Yuting and the others were already gone.

In fact, Gu Yuan didn’t have much interest in Luo Juntian at first, but she was thinking about the opportunity she missed before she fell asleep, and always hoped to have another chance to make up for it, so that she could start again.

Now she was not in a hurry, holding an umbrella, she walked out of the school gate, ready to take a taxi.

Who knew this point, a taxi was really hard to get, she stood on the side of the road waving for a long time, but didn’t see a car.

While thinking about what to do, a car suddenly drove past, splashing a burst of water on her, with mud and fallen leaves in it.

Gu Yuan wanted to hide in a hurry, but it was too late, and the hem of her skirt had become dirty.

Gu Yuan looked at the skirt with some annoyance, her skirt was dirty, she couldn’t even think about going to the audition now!

The car that drove away quickly backed up again, and stopped in front of Gu Yuan, the window came down, and a smug face appeared inside.

Gu Yan frowned: “Huo Sijia?”

It turned out to be Huo Sijia who was driving the car, and there were a few classmates who were close to Huo Sijia sitting next to them, and now they were laughing at her dirty skirt.

“Isn’t Gu Yuan’s family very rich? Why don’t you drive, and you want to take a taxi there?”

“Hey, Gu Yuan, do you have the money to buy Chen Yuting and the others a bag, but you don’t have the money to take a taxi?”

“What about the new dress, you guys are so good or bad, you actually make fun of him!”

“Wow, VL’s new style is amazing, why is it so dirty, what a pity, what a pity, what a pity, what a pity!”

Several partners laughed at Gu Yuan, and Huo Sijia was obviously was also in a very good mood, and she raised her eyebrows and said, “You can ask your patron to drive you there. This is a trivial matter for you, right?”

“Luxury car hahaha…!”

Gu Yuan snorted coldly, too lazy to talk to these women.

It was just a group of little girls, harming others and not benefiting themselves!

The group laughed and drove away. Gu Yuan stood alone in the hazy drizzle holding an umbrella, looked at her dirty skirt, and sighed, she should go back.

Desperately meditating in her heart, she thought that when the heaven would send a great mission to man, they must first suffer their will, their muscles and bones, their body and skin, until their body was empty, until their behavior was disordered, so…, so she had to be t tolerant… As she was thinking this, a lazy voice came into her ear: “So pitiful?”

Gu Yuan looked up and saw a bright red sports car in the slanting wind and drizzle had stopped in front of her, and through the lowered car window, she could see her son Nie Yu holding the steering wheel, looking at her with raised eyebrows, and there was a mocking smile in his light brown slender eyes.

At this time, Gu Yuan was not in the mood to parry wits and courage with her son Nie Yu, so she just glanced at him indifferently, then without saying a word, she planned to go back to school with her umbrella in hand.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Nie Yu poked his head out and shouted helplessly.

“It’s nothing!” If it was Ji Qisen now, Gu Yuan might hold her son and cry aggrievedly, but it was Nie Yu, let’s forget it.

This son was not caring enough, he was far from a little padded jacket and couldn’t be counted on, that was, he was the soy sauce in her life.

“Get in the car!” Nie Yu shouted angrily, looking at her back without turning her head.

“Why?” Gu Yuan didn’t understand, she was upset, couldn’t this son of hers be quiet?

“I’ll send you there.” Nie Yu said very irritably: “Weren’t you just about to take a taxi, can’t I take you there?”

Gu Yuan was stunned for a moment, looking at Nie Yu who was annoyed and pulling at his hair.

Under Gu Yuan’s gaze, Nie Yu turned his face away, looking arrogant and cold, and his tone was also grumpy: “I never pull people casually, if you don’t want to get in the car, then it will save me trouble!”

Gu Yuan, after a pause realized and didn’t hesitate for a moment, then she ran over quickly: “I want to get in the car, I want to get in the car! You are your mother’s favourite son, let me get in the car! I want to get in the car!”

After getting in the car, Gu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and then returned to the demeanour of being a mother, and began to tell Nie Yu: “You are not my father, but I am your mother, son, so be careful when you speak in the future.”

Nie Yu glanced at Gu Yuan and said with disgust: “What’s the matter, the clothes are also dirty.”

Gu Yuan shrugged: “It’s okay, they accidentally got dirty.”

Nie Yu snorted coldly: “Don’t lie, I’ve seen it all.”

“So you came a long time ago? Huh, you just watched your mother being bullied, and you didn’t care?”

Nie Yu held the steering wheel: “You didn’t let me take care of it. You don’t treat me as a good son!”

Nie Yu snorted: “Yes, Ji Qisen is your good son!”

Gu Yuan: “Hey, Nie Yu, you are so awkward.”

After a while, the car drove past the intersection, and Nie Yu, who was looking ahead, suddenly asked, “Who was that woman who was driving just now?”

Gu Yuan: “My classmate.”

Nie Yu: “Why are they bullying you?”

Gu Yuan: “Who knows, little girls are always bullying, and crowding others out.”

Nie Yu: “Very good.”

Gu Yuan: “Very good? Your mother was bullied, and you tell me it’s good?”

Nie Yu: “Look ahead.”

Gu Yuan was puzzled, and hurriedly looked forward, but when she saw it, she was frightened.

Nie Yu suddenly accelerated and drove the car straight ahead. The car in front was obviously Huo Sijia’s car.

“Hey, stop!”

Gu Yuan yelled: “What are you doing, do you want to die?”

Nie Yu didn’t even answer, and drove the car directly, drifting diagonally, and then there was a sharp sound of brakes, and the sound of thumping metal friction.

Gu Yuan screamed loudly, then she closed her eyes and held her head in fright, as if the world was ending.

Nie Yu roared: “Stop shouting, it’s okay!”

Gu Yuan opened her eyes tremblingly, only to see that she was okay, her son was okay, and her son’s car… was also okay.

Outside, Huo Sijia’s car was severely scratched, the door was crooked, there were scratches on the side of the car, and the people in the car had turned pale with fright, and were trembling and screaming incessantly.

They could still scream, and they were all okay…

Gu Yuan was relieved, it’s okay if no one was killed.

Nie Yu raised his eyebrows calmly, and looked at the girls in the car over there with a confident smile.

Huo Sijia saw Nie Yu’s side first, because it was raining and the light was bad, and Nie Yu was in the car again. She didn’t see Nie Yu in the driver’s seat clearly, but instead saw Gu Yuan who was looking up.

Huo Sijia screamed: “It’s Gu Yuan, it’s Gu Yuan who hit us!”

Several female students next to her were crying.

“Gu Yuan asked someone to hit us with a car, she wants our lives!”

“God, call the police, call the police, we have to call the police!”

“Did she want to kill us by hitting us with the car!”

Nie Yu smiled lazily, and said, “Mom, are you satisfied with what you saw?”

When Gu Yuan heard this, she felt thunder rumbling above her head, what a crime, what was this? Also, where did her son find these ancient lines?

“What are you doing?”

“I’m here to avenge you. Didn’t they bully you?”


Gu Yuan’s eyes widened, she was so shocked that she couldn’t speak, this, was this avenging her? Direct luxury car hit luxury car?

Was he crazy?

But Nie Yu said contemptuously to the pale-faced girls on the opposite side: “See, it’s great to have money. A broken car like yours is a plastic toy when you meet a luxury car. Are you afraid?” Then he started the car quickly and left.

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